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Eric Bickford

This week I am featuring emerging photographers that will be participating in Review LA, hosted by Center. Today’s post features Eric Bickford and Philip Condit.

If were you to meet Eric Bickford during his day job, you would never guess his is other life as an poetic observer. Working in a world of construction and heavy machinery, Eric’s images are the surprising result of looking at the world with a unique artist’s sensibility.

“Having failed to find brilliance where I thought it was, I take great pleasure in locating beauty where it seems least likely to appear. Take the swirl and clang of heavy construction. Days may pass with nothing but chatter and grime, then suddenly…furtive beauty winks and glitters: unintended, unexpected, almost hidden. Things arranged ad hoc, then quickly disarranged;
transitory compositions new, unplanned; A sudden confluence of tools, materials, the angle of sunlight and other things make artful shambles, arranged then quickly disassembled, used up, carried off.”

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