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Kristina Smith, Water Stain, Youngstown, OH

Tracey N. FreemanCollodion Flytrap, Rockport, ME 

Charlotte WoolfView of Willis Tower from River North high-rise, Chicago, IL

Gina DeGideoMoon + String of Lights, Gilbert, AZ

Rana Nicole YoungHeaded HomePortland, OR

Andrew Call, Russian Ridge, Woodside, CA

Sarah R Lavigne, Untitled, Marlboro, VT

Hayden NeaseFission, Charlotte, NC

Brian Schneider, Yucca – White Sands, White Sands National Monument

Dawn Blanchfield, I’m a Man Now Tanta, Lincoln, CA

Bea Fresno, Morning Delight, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Ron Cilizza, Chase Street Winter Sunrise, Hampton, NH

Warren Harold, Pink Lemonade, Houston, TX

Pekka Nikrus, Hello Spacecow, Lahti, Finland

Robert Hutinski, Untitled, Celje, Slovenia

Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., Room With A View, New York City, NY

John Marshall Mantel, Centre Street, New York

Rusty Anderson, Millie the Weimaraner, Houston, TX

Txuca, All Day ‘Rainando’, Brooklyn Queens Expy I-278, New York City, NY

Jordan Leitner, Milwaukee River, Milwaukee, WI

Cary Benbow, Summer Silhouettes, Greenfeild, IN

Bronwen Hyde, Spring Masquerading as Winter, London, UK

Steve Gubin, Sale, Chicago, IL

Sofia Rossi Bunge, Ganesha, India, CH

Jonathan Alcorn, Dusk Ride, Venice, CA

Dee-dee Drewrey, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

Richard Hartgan, St. Patrick’s Street, Cork City, Ireland

Catherine Finsness, Untitled, New York City, NY

Megan E Dunbar, Drop Your Film, Bozeman, MT

Marquez Bell, Good Times, Dearborn, MI

Joan Lobis Brown, Waiting For Summer, Lewes, DE

Vicky Stromee, The Travelers, Tucson, AZ

Sean Perry, The Chrysler Building, New York City, NY

Fran Forman, Untitled, Housatonic, MA

C. Gary Moyer, Coater, Seaside Heights, NJ

Phil Marty, Through the Looking Glass, Evanston, IL

George McClintock, Selling Zappa on 8th Avenue at 23rd Street, New York, NY

Hillary Atiyeh, Oaks Park, Portland, OR

Nick Schietromo, Untitled, Braintree, MA

Yorgos Efthymiadis, Outdoor Toilet, Iceland

Mary Ellen Bartley, Skylight Prints on Floor, Wainscott, NY

Linda Morrow, Bosque Pond, Long Beach, CA

Yvette Meltzer, A Skylight View of Chicago, Evanston, IL

Julia Vandenoever, Morning Thoughts, Boulder, CO

Edgar Landeros, A Short Term Effect, Ventura, CA

Wiqan Ang, So Seattle, Issaquah, WA

Claudia Kraus, Serpentine, London, UK

Christa Blackwood, Happy Cloud, Delray Beach, FL

Laura Glabman, Dylan, Delray Beach, FL

Charlotte Steinway, East River or East Berlin, New York, NY

Lindsey Catherine Cortese, Lush Lehigh, Bethlehem, PA

Noelle Swan Gilbert, On Route, Los Angeles, CA

John Rafferty, Cardiff

Kathleen B. Donovan, Separate Worlds, Taos, NM

Connie Rosenthal, Dancing Ladies, SantaFe, NM

Silvino Ganzález Morales, 7am, Soacha, Colombia

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