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Tom Griggs: Herida y Fuente


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Photographer and writer Tom Griggs has created a stunning visual narrative of the liminal spaces that exist between two people when they are apart – the dark places that exist in memory or desire and the slivers of light that hold hope and possibility. His new book, Herida y Fuente, represents a period in his life when meaningful decisions and personal goals created a wedge in a new relationship, a relationship that eventually existed thousands of miles apart. This narrative speaks to the source of his wounds and addresses the fallout and repercussions of those decisions, the desolation and loneliness of living apart, and the quiet beauty of life out of focus.

In Latin America, you can purchase Herida y Fuente from the publisher, Mesæestándar, everywhere else, it can be purchased directly from the photographer for $30 including shipping by emailing


©Tom Griggs, Herida Y fuente Cover


©Tom Griggs, Herida Y fuente spread

Tom Griggs is a photographer, editor, educator and writer born in the United States and based in Medellín, Colombia since 2010.

He has exhibited his photographs internationally including shows in New York City, Berlin, London and Belfast. His work is included in the Permanent Print and Picture Collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia, the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City and private collections.

His most recent project, a collaboration with Paul Kwiatkowski entitled Ghost Guessed, was on the 2017 shortlist for the Kassel Dummy Award and will be published by Mesæstándar in 2018. His previous project, Herida y fuente, was also published by Mesæstándar and was a FoLa finalist for photobook of the year in 2017.

He is Founding Editor of the website fototazo. His online collaborations with Alec Soth, Hannah Frieser, and Jaime Permuth have investigated South American photography.

He is a nominator for the Prix Pictet and the Magnum Foundation Fund and has been a jury member for Critical Mass and the Gomma Photography Grant. He holds an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

In Medellín, he has taught primarily between the University of Antioquia and the Bellas Artes University Foundation.


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente

Herida y fuente

These images explore the evolution of my relationship with my wife Ana through difficult years of spatial separation that raised in both of us questions of timing and fidelity, happiness and sacrifice.

As we fell in love, we also chose to complete our graduate degrees at separate schools half a continent apart. The result was two years of hotels and airports, ecstatic reunions and long periods of trying to maintain the thread of connection through our phones and the promise of a next visit.

Looking back, I see that the camera became a way for me to navigate these years by giving this disorienting experience a narrative and by giving voice to my depression and doubt.

These photographs are specific to our relationship, but also reflect a broader, shared experience of contemporary life. We are more frequently spending time apart from those we love for extended periods in order to pursue our opportunities for work and education. Those decisions have consequences for every relationship.– Tom Griggs, Medellín, Colombia


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente


©Tom Griggs, from Herida Y fuente

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