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Frank Hamrick: When the light becomes eternal


©Frank Hamrick, Lauren

Frank Hamrick creates photographs (and artist books) that sit in a space of history. Using tintypes to tell his stories, his images are traces of time and memory, filled with omissions and corrupted spaces. He has recently created a limited edition, artist’s book, When the light becomes eternal that features 14 tintype photographs altered by moving subjects, shifting light, failing equipment, recycled materials, as well as contaminated, homemade, and exhausted chemistry conveying something more than had originally been intended. The book’s title, based on a toy drone’s poorly translated instructions, refers to photographs recording the light reflecting off subjects. The tintypes, made in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee, feature outdoor portraits of blurred, shadowed, and washed out individuals, as if they were experiencing the 2017 eclipse, which also appears in the book. The cover art is relief printed on handmade cotton rag paper.

The book has recently been added to the Amon Carter Museum of American Art’s book collection. When the light becomes eternal can be purchased online at or at


©Frank Hamrick, When the light becomes eternal, Cover art

When the light becomes eternal is on view July 15 through September 2 at the Yeiser Art Center’sArt Through The Lens” exhibition in Paducah, Kentucky.

In addition, the “Cyanotype Quilt” that was made last year in collaboration with four MFA graduate students at Louisiana Tech University School of Design, will be included in the exhibition. Emerald McIntyre, Jacob Moffett, Jennifer Robison and Paul Wolfe all worked on the 8×8’ quilt and it features each grad student’s work rendered in cyanotype on various colors of cotton fabric radiating out from my artwork in the center 2×2’ area.

Hamrick presented a lecture about making the quilt at the Society for Photographic Education’s 2022 South Central Chapter Conference in Bossier, Louisiana. This past year he has exposed his students to monochrome photo processes on colored substrates to further push the outcomes of these antique methods.
This spring the quilt was selected for Best in Show at the Masur Museum of Art’s 60th Annual Juried Exhibition by juror Jovanna Venegas, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at SF MOMA.

©Franj Hamrick, Cyanoptype Quilt

Frank Hamrick’s artist’s books unite his photography, writing, papermaking, and letterpress relief printing. His tintypes have appeared in album packaging for Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, and Kevin Gordon. Frank’s work has been spotlit by NPR and Oxford American Magazine and collected by institutions including the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the Seattle Art Museum. Born and raised in Georgia, Frank has lived in New Mexico, Maine, and Italy. Frank is currently a Professor and MFA graduate program coordinator at Louisiana Tech University’s School of Design in Ruston.

Instagram: @frankhamrickart

©Frank Hamrick, Mom and Harold


©Frank Hamrick, Eclipse


©Frank Hamrick, Dorm Demolition


©Frank Hamrick, Patterson Creek


©Frank Hamrick, Old Book

06 _violet_and_libby_frank_hamrick

©Frank Hamrick, Violet and Libby


©Frank Hamrick, xxx Sunflower


©Frank Hamrick, Rawlings Guitar


©Frank Hamrick, Brent Bishop


©Frank Hamrick, The Marshall


©Frank Hamrick, Hideaway Clothe


©Frank Hamrick, Finagin and Jim


©Frank Hamrick, Tivoli Circle, New Orleans

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