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The 2021 Family Gatherings Exhibition, Part 2

©Jo Ann Wanamaker “The Ciampis, 1960s", Long Island, NY.  @joannwanamaker

©Jo Ann Wanamaker “The Ciampis, 1960s”, Long Island, NY. @joannwanamaker

Elizabeth Bailey_In The Kitchen

© Elizabeth Bailey, In The Kitchen, Kennewick, WA IG:@elizabeth_bailey01


© Lisa McCord, Family in Living Room, Rotan, AR IG: @lisamccord


©Rusty J. Joerin, Toast to my Parents Wedding Day November 30, 1946, Peter Pan House London UK, Photographer unknown, IG @woodsgift

Marta Feinstein

©Marta Feinstein, How Many People Does It Take To Do The Dishes? Los Angeles, CA IG:

Family Gatherings

©Yvette Meltzer, Smokers in the Family, Chicago, IL, IG @yvettemaxine

Annette LeMay Burke - Rumpus Room

©Annette LeMay Burke, Rumpus Room, San Mateo, CA IG: @atelierlemay

832 N Redondo Drive West, Anaheim CA 92801

© John Hesketh, Last Christmas, Anaheim, CA Taken Dec.1964 and recontextualized 1990. IG @ jchesketh

Color photograph of a mink coat with a photo of a woman surpised by a man with a mink coat on top of it in sepia.

©Jan Arrigo, Surprise! Surprise! vernacular hybrid


© Karla Guerrero, wedding 63, Mexico City, MX, IG: @karlagtfoto


©Mikayla Shuster, Family Contact Sheet, Hampshire, IL IG: @mikayla.shuster


©Camille Lenain, The Kameleddines, Chambéry, France IG: @camille.lenain


©Maureen Bond, Wish, Los Angeles, CA IG: @maureenbond


©Hans Matzner, March, 1967, Milwaukee, WI

Carolina Dutca

©Carolina Dutca, Nonna, Bender, Moldova IG: @dutca_sidor/


©Kelly Koide, Firefighter, São Paulo, Brazil IG: @kellykoide

2019 Thanksgiving Wilson

© Susan Lapides, 2019, The Last Thanksgiving Together, Providence, RI IG @susanlapides


©Natalie Obermaier, Pop-pop’s funeral, Catonsville, Maryland IG @kobramaier


© Ana Valiño, Madrid , Spain Ana´s birthday, 2020 Dominican Republic @ana_valino


©Emily Wall, Tin Foil Dinners, Warblers Hideaway, Michigan @emilyannwall


©Catalina Aranguren, on the dock, Lake Hoptacong, NJ, IG: @caranguren

Sarah Grethe_Family Gatherings

©Sarah Grethe, Sonja, Sometimes the sky above us is open, Nussdorf, GER IG:@sarahgrethe


©Shannon Leith, Heather and Emmy, Los Angeles CA, IG: @shannon__fisher

Image 10-18-21 at 11.36 AM

©Debra Ginsberg, Cape Town, IG: @debgins

Janet Milhomme_Celebrating

© Janet Milhomme, Celebrating, Accra, Ghana @jmilhommephoto

image0 (1)

©Juliana E Muchinyi, Note the reflection of DMX’s global family gathered at Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York for the his Celebration of Life service held Saturday April 24th 2021 captured on this rider’s helmet. His family held a private ceremony the following day. IG: @aluche_events_


©Taryn Birrer, Learning to Shoot, Carbanado, WA, @tbirrer2


©Vincent Cervantez, Holy Bonds, Detroit, MI IG: @vincent_cervantez


© Sherwin Rivera Tibayan, Tsinelas, Las Vegas, NV, IG:@_practicepracticepractice_

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