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Frostburg State University
Frostburg, MD



The juror is Paul Runyon, Associate Professor and Photography Program Director at Drexel University.




Odesa Photo Days 2019 StandPoint


It took a while for Odesa Photo Days festival team to come up with the theme for 2019. We’ve decided initially that we want to focus on process of creating illusions and artificial realities, fakes and manipulations on the internet and election campaigns, in media and everyday life. We do not intend to criticize things and events related to the times of new media technologies and relationship development, but plan to emphasize the versatility of reality and its perception. It all depends on a context and standpoint, from which one or another artificially created phenomenon is regarded. As always, Odesa Photo Days is looking for standpoints from all over the world.

“Standoint” exposition is a combination of authors’ visions of versatility of the world and multiple ways for comprehending reality. We accept photo series of any stylistics: documentary, reportage, fiction, fantasies. We prioritize author’s story and originality, expression integrity.




Dek Unu Magazine – January 2019 Issue


 Accomplished photo artists are invited to an international open call for submissions for the January, 2019, issue of Dek Unu Magazine.  Non-profit, non-advertising Dek Unu Magazineprovides respectable and respectful publication for fine photography in all genres and techniques. Each monthly edition ofDek Unu contains an 11-image portfolio and an in-depth interview with only one artist – themed, curated, and focused by each artist alone.  There is never a fee for artists to submit and we promote selected artists extensively on web and social media. To see what we have published in the past, back issues are at:




Specto Art Space Inspiration: Studies & Source


Art is a process, yet we so often only see the finished product of that process. We want to explore that process from beginning to end. We want to know where the work started. The song, poem, photo, experience, memory, the source that inspired the finished product. Works will be presented along with the source material that inspired them.

This exhibition will be available in a slideshow during Superfine! DC 2019.

Best in show award winners will have their work included in our booth presentation at Superfine! DC 2019.



WAV Moving Lab European Cultural Center Venice


WAV – Venice Audio-Visual Show welcomes you to the first year of celebrating music and audio-visual art forms from all over the world.

WAV – Venice Audio-Visual Show welcomes you to the first year of celebrating music and audio-visual art forms from all over the world.

We accept photography that is connected to music such as dance or an event or a concert. Single photos accepted only. There is no production time restriction for this category.



The Masur Museum of Art 56th Annual Juried Competition

Masur Museum of Art
Monroe, LA


The Masur Museum of Art’s Annual Juried Competition showcases recent work of contemporary artists across the United States working in any medium.

Juror:  Catherine Futter, Director of Curatorial Affairs at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art



Incandescent Issue Fifteen


Incandescent is a photography zine that features color analog work by emerging photographers. It is curated and produced by Pine Island Press.  To submit, email up to 12 examples of your work and/or a link to your website. The last day to submit is December 30th.  No submission fees!




Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Center
Minneapolis, MN


Twentieth century French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson described   the   decisive   moment   as   ‘the    simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression.”

While the concept of the decisive moment is often associated with dynamic, synchronic activity captured in an instant – it may just as well apply to the photographic image that records a thoughtful moment of fleeting solitude or calm. All subjects, genres, capture types, black & white and monochromatic, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

Juror | David L. Parker



“Figures” International Call For Artists and Writers by ArtAscent


“Figures” International Call For Artists and Writers by ArtAscent

Figures of human form. Figures of life, imagination, history, mythology and allegory. In costume, in none. In lightness, in darkness. In dignity, in shame. Of everyday, of me, of you. Share your FIGURES with words or images.



2018 OPEN CALL Award | The Independent Photographer


The 2018 Open Call Photography Award is now open for entries and we are delighted to announce that it will be judged by the renowned Visual Director of Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue: Alessia Glaviano.

Regardless of genres, this month we encourage all photographers to share with us their best images. Fine art, landscape, street, documentary, portrait, still life: there are no boundaries and you are free to submit any kind of work.

We want you to challenge us and respond to the theme in as many inventive ways as you can imagine: Edit carefully and show us what you’ve got!



Analog Forever Magazine “Synchronicity: Experiments in Coincidence”


Online Group Exhibition: “Synchronicity: Experiments in Coincidence”
Juror: Tim Scott

Tim Scott writes: For this exhibition we are looking beyond specific formats and into the limitless possibilities of alternative film stocks and processes. We want to see how your experiments with film bring out the unique magic of your surroundings and in your art. The goal of this exhibition is to show how diverse a set of images can be even if they are all created with similar or varying degrees of the same technique(s).



L.A. Photo Curator Call for Entry “Solace”


L.A. Photo Curator Call for Entry Theme: Solace

Curator: Jody Miller (LensCulture as one of “21 Great Female Photographers”.)

sol·ace säləs
noun:  comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.
“she sought solace in her religion”
synonyms: comfort, consolation, cheer, support, relief
“they found solace in each other”
verb:  give solace to.
synonyms: comfort, console, cheer, support, soothe, calm
“she was solaced with tea and sympathy”

Miller says, “What about your imagery inspires solace? Gives you solace? In these troubled times, art can help to heal our “spiritual virus”. I want to see the images that bring peace and comfort, cheer, support and relief to you.”



Open Call: In the In-Between Seeks Portfolios for Publications


In the In-Between welcomes project submissions for portfolio features, interviews, and photobook reviews. All submissions remain on file for 1 year and are reviewed 4 times annually. All photographic genres are considered for publication, and we value work that demonstrates new, innovative, and critical approaches to photographic authorship.



Specto Art Space Portfolio Prize 2018


Specto Art Space is proud to announce our new opportunity, the Portfolio Prize 2018. This prize offers a once in a lifetime chance to artists working around the world, regardless of education or experience level. One Best in Show Award winner will receive a 36×36 inch square of wall space in our booth at Superfine! DC 2019, Washington, DC’s best fine arts fair!


Four artists will be juried into our print rack. They receive a free limited edition print run of their work, which Specto will print, mat and package for sale at Superfine! DC! Artists set their own prices.



6th Open Call Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts

Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts
Providence, RI


The 6th Open Call for Entries: – A Juried International Photography Exhibition
A juried open call for contemporary voices in photography

Juror:  Aline Smithson





Darkroom Gallery
Essex Jct., VT


 It’s about water.

For this exhibition we’re looking for creative depictions of anything Wet. This could include  water in its other guises, as ice or steam.  The subject matter of the photos you submit can be virtually anything as long as water or wetness is included. For example, think of the ways a surface is transformed by a gloss of water, the many ways of picturing water droplets, and the ways in which water is used in technology.  Be aware, also, of the demands people are placing on water, making it a scarce and valuable resource in many parts of the world.  Floods in some places, droughts in others. This is a wide open theme that should be accessible to most who shoot photos; show us your best.

Juror: Elizabeth Opalenik





How do we process our past, capture our present, and envision our future? For the artist, these questions can lead to a plethora of subjects and explorations. Anything and everything has a past, present, and future, and we want to see what you can make of it. We are looking for artists to show us a piece of your past, a captured moment that seems to embody your present, or your highest hopes or greatest fears for tomorrow.

Any combination of the three will be accepted, we just want the imagery to in some way tell us your story of beginning, middle and end.

Best in show award winners will have their work included in our booth presentation at Superfine! DC 2019.




A Smith Gallery
Johnson City, TX


she :  girl, daughter, mother, lady, matron, gentlewoman, gal, sister, feminine, madam, miss, grandmother, damsel, mademoiselle, lassie, princess, female, femme ……

A couple of years ago we put out a call for entry entitled “She.” The two intervening years have been both maddening and empowering for women.  Is it possible to celebrate, examine, interpret, release, exhort, explain, animate, illustrate or annotate the current way of women through image making?  Let us see.

Juror for “she” will be Joyce Tenneson, photographer and teacher.


01/07/2019 “Blue 2019″ is proud to announce the international art call for an exhibition and Fine Art Grant “Blue 2019″.

Blue 2019” The art created of any subject that is enhanced by the use of the color blue, whether it is a single dot of blue or a completely blue image.  The color blue should enhance the narrative of the works subject as blue can imply many emotions, symbolisms or feelings, from the blue marble we call earth to our emotions expressed in Blues music. Blue can express the future, good feelings, happiness, prosperity, ocean or sky, and we can feel blue, etc. It can be used to enhance, emphasize or be a focal point in the art. The artwork can be expressed from representational, expressionistic, surrealistic and or abstraction.





Photographers from all over the world are invited to submit photographic works that tell and document situations and conditions inherent to the current natural world by touching the theme on environmental protection and pollution. Particular consideration will be given to those photos that will be able to valorize the natural environmental heritage.



ONE SHOT Works Made in One Sitting

Manifest Creative Research Gallery
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, presents an open call for artwork exploring the theme of works made in one sitting.
Whether it be an ‘alla prima’ approach to painting, a spontaneous drawing, an inspired collage, or some other form of artwork, one can only marvel at such works done with grace, precision, aggressive passion, and finality—ultimately all in one sitting. Regardless of whether it was the result of a brief moment, or a long day of labor, a work of art made in one sitting tells a truth often hidden by other more refined works.With this in mind, we are eager to see what this truth looks like, and how it may vary from artist to artist, work to work. All types of work are welcome, including traditional and non-traditional approaches in any media, and any subject, non-objective, abstract, conceptual, etc.

A Color Moment

PhotoPlace Gallery
Middlebury, VT


A successful color photograph finds color as an essential element. Without color, the impact of the image would be significantly reduced. When used well, color coalesces with the other elements of the image to create an atmosphere, an emotional response, a sense of place. Effective use of color can take your breath away, zing your eyes, grab your heart, and celebrate light.

The photographs in this exhibit will be chosen less for technique and more for the pure passion captured in a moment in which color is a key element.

Juror: Arthur Meyerson



Maryland Federation of Art “Street Scenes”


Show us what resonates with you in towns and cities, large and small; people, shops, traffic – anything at all that evokes a distinctive sense of a place. Streets, lanes and country roads tell the stories of communities. Who and what we see there defines a place in our memories. Entries are open internationally for MFA’s (Maryland Federation of Art) online only exhibition. Following exhibition guidelines, any 2-D or 3-D work is eligible for entry.

Juror: Melanee Harvey, Howard University



Cultural Center of Cape Cod WANDERLUST


The Cultural Center of Cape Cod invites photographers worldwide to submit images to our online competition, WANDERLUST. All winners will be displayed in our online gallery.

Capturing the essence of a culture and foreign land is a great challenge for any photographer, travel is all about seeing the world in new and different ways. Every destination has a story to tell, it is the senses and energy that we try and preserve through these images. Show us travel photography through your perspective, whether it is the next town over or on the other side of the globe. Any and all methods of capture and process are welcome.



Light Sensitive

Art Intersection
Gilbert, AZ


Art Intersection presents Light Sensitive, an annual juried exhibition of images created using traditional darkroom and historical and alternative photographic processes and methods.

As our juror this year we are honored to have Christopher James.




Jadite Gallery
NYC, New York



This call is about images in which one of these colors stands out as a critical element of your photographic composition.  You will determine which of the three colors RED, YELLOW or BLUE represents each image you submit.  They can be black and white photographs with a single point of color, red, yellow or blue monochromes, or any image where red, yellow or blue stands out as a focal part of the photograph. Is the blue sky the most important part of your image, a red umbrella or maybe a big yellow flower? Have you modified a print to be all shades of red?  This is a theme to have fun with.

The New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, color etc.).

Juror:  Steven Perloff




A Smith Gallery
Johnson City, TX


Has photography ever really been disconnected from Science? From the invention of the pinhole camera about one thousand and twenty years ago by the Arab mathematician, physicist, and Astronomer, Ibn al-Haytham, up to today’s use of radiology to produce works of art, science and art have been inseparable. Photography is the perfect intersection of Art and Science.


“The Art and Science movement is not new, yet its reach is currently building momentum. More than producing aesthetic images derived from scientific data, science-inspired artists find connections that reflect a common purpose – one that integrates the authenticity of science and the communicative power of art. The sci-art movement promotes dialogue and offers a platform in hopes of improving the world in which we live.”

Juror for “art+science” will be Linda Alterwitz, artist and photographer.



ALL ABOUT PHOTO 2019 The Mind’s Eye Open Theme


Our fourth edition of the All About Photo Awards invites photographers from around the world to submit their best work for consideration. In reference to Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photo essay, The Mind’s Eye investigates the depth and thoughts behind each image.

“To take photographs means to recognize – simultaneously and within a fraction of a second – both the fact itself and the rigorous organization of visually perceived forms that give it meaning. It is putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis”.
Henri Cartier-Bresson



Magnum Photos Submissions 2019


Magnum Photos is leading the way with its selection process and have opened their 2019 submissions. The call for the new generation of international talent to join the Magnum family, recognized as one of the finest accolades in the industry will be open until 31 January 2019.  The submissions process encourages the growth and development of future icons and provides a platform for up and coming photographers to showcase their work, together with their voice and unique perspective.

Renowned for some of the worlds influential names within photography, Magnum hopes to attract future photography icons to join the prestigious collective, which in total takes four years to become a Magnum photographer.



LoosenArt Mag and Gallery STRANGER THAN FICTION


LoosenArt: Call for Exhibition│Accepted media: Photography, Visual Designers

The will of man in recreating worlds through which to plunge and surprise him self has always been witnessed through the means dedicated to art. Especially today, with photography and new digital media, not only the artists but any individual, has available means that allow us to recreate fictional reality more and more illusory and more easily.

The present call, on the contrary, proposes to collect works that are able to surprise us through aspects belonging to the real world. Often the reality we perceive of the world, of an environment, situation, person, etc., reveals an unusual dissimilarity from the normal, overcoming our fantasies and becoming motive not only for perplexity, even of singular interest, curiosity and surprise.



Fine Art Photography Awards – 5th edition


Art is born out of passion. Fine Art photography is a perfect instrument, which allows a person to communicate with the world and share their vision. It results from the author’s deep sensitivity, a need to express feelings through image, a unique view of the surrounding reality. It can be spontaneous, but it can also be a conscious and deliberate manifesto. FAPA is searching for photos born out of passion – your passion.

The competition is open to everyone, amateurs and professionals alike. Entries are welcome from any country in the world. Your work will be judged by an international panel of high profile photographers.

The winners of the Professional and Amateur sections will receive the titles: Professional Fine Art Photographer of the Year, Amateur Fine Art Photographer of the Year and $5000 in cash prizes.



Reclaim Photography Festival 2019 OPEN CALL BEAUTY IN IMPERFECTION


Reclaim Photography Festival returns to the UK from April to June 2019. The programme will include responses to our open call: Beauty in imperfection: reclaiming our aesthetic sensibility.

In this year’s open call, the festival sets out to explore the aesthetic value of Wabi Sabi, as described by Koren, by proposing that there is beauty to be found in imperfection, impermanency and incompleteness, thus creating an aesthetic consciousness.

Participants are encouraged to respond to this theme through the use of analogue and cameraless photography (including historical and alternative processes) or digital photography (including photo painting, photo-montage and digital printing skills). We hope to attract images in the form of:

* portraiture – self, individual or group;



Photo Grant and Residency in Sweden


Gamleby Photo Grant is a €2500 cash prize that will be awarded four times a year to international photographers. In addition to financial support the granted artist will receive free accommodation in Gamleby during a four week period, technical assistance by the local school and the opportunity to share their work with the local community trough exhibitions and artists talks.

Gamleby Photo Grant is a scholarship that aims to support photographic art from all parts of the world. The Gamleby Association for Photography with its seat in Gamleby has initiated the establishment of this scholarship. Through the scholar holders and their work, the diversity of photography, produced and visualized in Sweden, will increase.



LoosenArt Mag and Gallery “Urban Lights”


It is a need made known since the most remote past that of man to illuminate his streets, squares, contexts of social life and community: rom lanterns that indicated the way to go, to the ones that indicated an hospitable place in which stop. Every means created by man to illuminate is therefore not only useful for the orientation of one’s own spaces, but also a means of bringing messages, it is at the same time synonymous with energy, testimony of life and the presence of man himself.


Today are the neon, the illuminated signs, the lights of shopping centers, of the streets, squares, buildings, etc. to bear witness to this ancient means.


This call will collect works that tell of the world of today urban contexts, in the relationship between man, his environment and the means he created to give light.





Being described as “One of the best photography festivals in the world” (Capture Magazine), the biennial Belfast Photo Festival provided the perfect platform for gaining exposure to an international audience, with previous editions having welcome over 100,000 visitors from all over the world.

Belfast Photo Festival is offering artist’s/photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work in the main Festival gallery alongside some of the biggest names in the field of photography and have their work taken on tour to be exhibited at the 2020 Photo Schwiez (Zurich, Switzerland)

The theme has been left open to remove any restrictions; submissions must be photographic or lens-based but can include incorporations of other art forms with the photographic medium (i.e. performance, painting, sculpture, music, literature etc). Being keen to support all disciplines of photographic practice, entries are encouraged from professionals, students and amateurs both nationally and internationally.



“Art Olympia 2019”


Art Olympia is an open art competition held as a biennial event with the goal of discovering talented artists from around the world and supporting their art activities. Approximately 160 artworks (80 from Japan and 80 worldwide) will be selected and undergo a final review in Tokyo by a panel of esteemed judges invited from around the world.