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Altered Realities

PhotoPlace Gallery
Middlebury, VT


Photography is wonderfully capable of altering reality to suit the photographer or, as juror Brooke Shaden puts it:

“An artist’s task is to see differently—to create work that shows our common reality with a twist. We don’t necessarily create something entirely different or unfamiliar, but use our lens to skew what is expected. Photographs in Altered Realities illustrate the photographer’s manipulated world to accommodate their artistic vision. In them, our equilibrium is disturbed, the characters are unpredictable, and we rethink our bearings.”

All capture methods and processes are welcome.

We are very pleased that photographer Brooke Shaden will jury and curate this exhibition.



The ODYSSEY Exhibition

The Pennsylvania Center for Photography
Doylestown, PA


Our AMERICANA Exhibition is morphing into The ODYSSEY Exhibition!

Whatever you shoot and wherever your photographic journey has taken you is eligible for entry. Landscapes? Fine! Wildlife? Fine! People? Fine! Sports? Fine! Still Life? Fine! Macro? Fine! Street photography? Fine! Happy images? Fine! Sad images? Fine! Shot in America? Fine! Shot outside America? Fine!

The only requirement to enter is that the images need to be good! Really, that’s all – don’t over think it!



stARTup Art Fair San Francisco 2019

Hotel Del Sol
San Francisco, CA


stARTup Art Fair San Francisco is a contemporary art fair for independent artists working in all media, including photography.

The fair runs April 26-28, 2019 at the Hotel Del Sol and takes place at the same time as the Art Market SF gallery fair at nearby Fort Mason.

Hotel Del Sol is a unique 1950’s motor lodge turned boutique “California beach house” style hotel, located in San Francisco’s scenic and happening Marina neighborhood. The De Sol is a perfect setting for an immersive contemporary art experience filled with artist exhibition rooms, provocative discussions about today’s art market, and interactive public art projects.



L.A. Photo Curator ‘About Lighting’


‘About Lighting’ curated by Paul Ivanushka

Photography – from the Greek word “phos” meaning “light.” and “graph” meaning “to draw.” A Photograph is therefore a drawing made with light.

Ivanushka says, “Show us photos making use of light, textures, modeling, shadows, complete tonal range. High key, low key…drama think film noire, Hurrell. Props to black and white images. Mad props to gossamer on snow on an overcast day or a piece of coal at the bottom of a mine.”



PHmuseum 2019 Photography Grant


The seventh edition of the PHmuseum Photography Grant is now open for submissions, with a great range of prizes on offer and a wonderful group of organizations supporting the initiative. The Grant has established itself as a leading prize in the industry over the past six years, renowned for celebrating the importance of compelling visual storytelling and supporting the careers both of young and established photographers through monetary prizes and various opportunities across international festivals and online media. Previous winners include Salvatore Vitale, Jacob Aue Sobol, Diana Markosian, and Clémentine Schneidermann, with Poulomi Basu claiming the Main Prize in 2018 with her project, Centralia.



Reclaim Photography Festival 2019 OPEN CALL BEAUTY IN IMPERFECTION


Reclaim Photography Festival returns to the UK from April to June 2019. The programme will include responses to our open call: Beauty in imperfection: reclaiming our aesthetic sensibility.

In this year’s open call, the festival sets out to explore the aesthetic value of Wabi Sabi, as described by Koren, by proposing that there is beauty to be found in imperfection, impermanency and incompleteness, thus creating an aesthetic consciousness.

Participants are encouraged to respond to this theme through the use of analogue and cameraless photography (including historical and alternative processes) or digital photography (including photo painting, photo-montage and digital printing skills). We hope to attract images in the form of:

* portraiture – self, individual or group;



Stranger Than Fiction: Street Photography

The New England School of Photography
Waltham, MA


“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities;  Truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain.

Artists are invited to submit thematic work made on the street or in the tradition of investigative documentary photography in the public forum which celebrates the thrilling, unseen, odd, absurd reality of the human experience. We kindly ask for images which were seen or found, not created or staged.

JUROR: Hank Hauptman, Artist & Director of Robert Klein Gallery, Boston.


02/25/2019 REFLECTIONS 2019 is hosting the photography contest “Reflections 2019”.

Using reflections in photography can result in unexpected effects portraying unexpected beauty in everyday scenery. Beauty can be found in an image reflected off a building window, or a mirror image of an object reflecting on the water. It can be a sole image seen in a puddle after a rainstorm, an image in a rearview mirror, or one bouncing off the surface of a newly-shined floor. Reflections can be clear, pristine images or slightly obscured ones. Whatever the case, they add an element of interest and sometimes mystery to a photo.  The judges will be looking for creativity, quality of execution, and uniqueness of vision. Show us your best representation and interpretation of “reflections”, expressed from realism to abstraction.

13th Edition Julia Margaret Cameron Award

Gallery Valid Foto


Julia Margaret Cameron Award

This is a competition for women only; since our data base does not consider gender you may have received this email in error; if this is the case we will appreciate if you can forward it to a woman photographer.
This edition will be juried by NY-based curator Elisabeth Biondi, and both winners in Pro and Non Pro sections will have a fully-paid solo exhibition (including travel expenses to attend the opening) at the Gallery Valid Foto in Barcelona on October 2019.

The Portrait

Darkroom Gallery
Essex Jct., VT


For this exhibition you’re free to interpret the portrait in any way you choose. It can be a self portrait, a formal portrait, a from-the-hip shot of someone who’s attention you’ve caught, for example.

A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound. 

Juror: Amy Holmes George




(CUPOTY) Close-up Photographer of the Year


(CUPOTY) Close-up Photographer of the Year

We are seeking close-up, macro and micro photographs that reveal the
often overlooked details of animals, plants, natural materials, and
objects. We want you to help us, and our viewers, see the world anew.

The competition is open to anyone, living in any part of the world and
using any camera or microscope to take pictures.

Its ultimate aim is to encourage you to slow down, enjoy the craft of photography, and to make connections with others who are equally passionate about the world up close.




Analog Forever Magazine “Wanderlust”


We are excited to announce that our March online group exhibition, “Wanderlust” is sponsored by Intrepid Camera! With their support, we will be giving away an Intrepid 4×5 MK3 Camera to the winner of this online exhibition! To enter, all you need to do is read and respond to the following prompt with your analog photography:

Exploring our planet and all things that reside there, Analog Forever is looking to curate an exhibition born from the wanderlust that drives you to travel in search of images that get your blood moving like nothing else. Show us where you’ve been, how you’ve explored, and why your motivation to make photographs remains your primary objective. All forms and formats of photographs created with analog materials or processes are accepted.

Juror: Alan Ross



ArtAscent Magazine “Beauty”


Beauty, allure, style, refinement, symmetry, perfection. People are drawn to others or things that are attractive and visually pleasing. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, culture, social psychology, philosophy and sociology. Concepts and definitions of beauty are debated, and change with time and culture. What is beauty really? Is beauty important? Share your take on BEAUTY with words or images.

Entries may include 2- and 3-dimensional media.



FotoFilmic ‘MESH’ Call for Photography + Contemporary


The time has come for yet another annual FotoFilmic juried exhibition call (our 7th), but I’m excited to let you know there won’t be a FOTOFILMIC19 this year: instead we are bringing an exciting entirely new opportunity to all photographers and visual artists to engage their respective discipline into open critical dialogues through a curated 2-person exhibition (1 photographer + 1 visual artist) in Vancouver in 2020!

The call is titled ‘MESH’ and for this first edition will be curated by LACMA Curator Rebecca Morse and Tate Curator Linsey Young (on the visual arts side).

Each curator will shortlist 10 artists to be considered for the dual exhibition.



N.Y. Photo Curator ‘The Window’


N.Y. Photo Curator ‘The Window’ curated by Deb Schwedhelm

Schwedhelm says, “The window is where it all began and so for this submission, I’d like to circle right back around to — the window.

There are so many ways photographers can use windows in their photography and artistic expression. Open, closed, reflective, transparent, revealing, obscuring — windows can offer us mystery, wonder, possibilities, and even hope. Windows can be utilized to explore presence and reality or be a portal to our imagination. Feel free to push boundaries, be creative, and embrace your personal interpretation of the theme. Personally, I have had a long obsession with photographing windows and I cannot wait to see what you have to share.”



Observations in the Ordinary

Subjectively Objective
Rochester Hills, MI


We’re accepting submissions of up to 10 images for the upcoming book & exhibition, Observations in the Ordinary, curated by Subjectively Objective founder Noah Waldeck. The submission deadline is February 28th. Everyone who submits is entitled to a free copy of the book, regardless of whether your work is accepted. In addition to appearing in the book and online exhibition, accepted artists will also have the opportunity to participate in a physical exhibition at Subjectively Objective’s Detroit area gallery space.

Submitting also gives you a chance to be featured on our website. The sooner you submit, the greater your chance of being featured.  We’re interested in seeing all types of contemporary landscape, portrait, conceptual, and documentary work. You don’t need to limit yourself though, we’re always looking out for ways to feature or publish good work, even if it isn’t right for this publication.



Photo Grant and Residency in Sweden


Gamleby Photo Grant is a €2500 cash prize that will be awarded four times a year to international photographers. In addition to financial support the granted artist will receive free accommodation in Gamleby during a four week period, technical assistance by the local school and the opportunity to share their work with the local community trough exhibitions and artists talks.

Gamleby Photo Grant is a scholarship that aims to support photographic art from all parts of the world. The Gamleby Association for Photography with its seat in Gamleby has initiated the establishment of this scholarship. Through the scholar holders and their work, the diversity of photography, produced and visualized in Sweden, will increase.



The Handmade Photograph: Contemporary Photographers working in Historic Processes

Bostick & Sullivan
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Bostick & Sullivan is proud to announce our first ever call-for-entry. Our upcoming juried exhibition will feature modern photographers’ handmade prints working with historic and alternative photographic printing processes. Digital means are allowed to capture the photograph and negative, but the prints submitted must be handmade. We welcome the chance to see how contemporary photographers work with these processes to convey their artful expressions to the world.
Juror: Christopher James

The Independent Photographer 2019 STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Award


The Independent Photographer’s 2019 STREET PHOTOGRAPHY Award is now open for entries and we’re delighted to announce that it will be judged by renowned American photographer and filmmaker Cheryl Dunn.

Whether the subject is your own urban environment or as you explore other territories and cultures, street photography can take many forms. Show us your streets!






Midwest Center for Photography
Witchita, Kansas


This new feature will provide the opportunity for photographers to showcase a portfolio of your photographic work prominently in our front gallery flat files. The portfolios will be available for patrons of the gallery to view, learn about you and your work, and purchase your photographs.

Open to all photographers nationwide. Portfolios of all photographic media and genre are welcome.



It’s All About the Light

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
San Luis Obispo, CA


A Nationwide Juried Exhibition at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

It’s All About the Light invites photographers to focus on the radiation or reflection of light as its subject.

Juror: Marc Muench



Photography Award Grand Prix Images Vevey 2019


Images Vevey contributes to the promotion and cultural development of its region in the field of visual arts and realizes the label “Vevey city of images” through three main activities. Even years: the Festival Images, Vevey’s biennale of visual arts; the odd years: the Grand Prix Images, Vevey’s international photography competition and finally Espace Images, a permanent gallery for contemporary photography.

Grand Prix Images Vevey is a creation-support grant for photography projects. The award enables one artist to develop a new photography project over a year that will be presented at the next Festival Images 2020. The competition represents unique support for contemporary creation, with complete freedom of choice over subject and genre.




SE Center For Photography
Greenville, SC


The SE Center for Photography is looking for non-representational imagery, though it can be from found objects in nature, man made or figurative works. We’re seeking images that do not attempt to represent external reality, but seek to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and texture. Black-and-white or color, analog, digital or antique processes, photographers of all skill levels and locations are welcome.

Our Juror for The Abstract Image is, once again, Adam Finkelston.





A Smith Gallery
Johnson City,, TX


botanical :  concerning plants, agricultural, gardening, floral, grasses, herbs,  horticultural, shrubs, floricultural, botanic, weeds, landscaping,  arboricultural, trees, flowers …

JUROR | Wendi Schneider will be the juror for “botanical”.


03/04/2019 ABSTRACT 2019 is proud to announce the international art call for an exhibition and Fine Art Grant “Abstract 2019″. For this group exhibition, the curators are seeking art of any subject created as abstraction.

The artwork must be based on abstraction where the subject or message is pushed to visual limits of abstraction so that there is little or no representation of the real world (as in nonrepresentational). The submitted artwork can be of any subject that is communicated in the power of abstraction, either slight, partial, or complete.



Lenscratch Exhibition THE IDES OF MARCH: Omens and Predictions


Submit ONE image to the March Lenscratch Exhibition:
THE IDES OF MARCH: Omens and Predictions
Jurored by the one and only @AlyssaCoppelman
ALWAYS free to submit!




LoosenArt Mag and Gallery “Urban Lights”


It is a need made known since the most remote past that of man to illuminate his streets, squares, contexts of social life and community: rom lanterns that indicated the way to go, to the ones that indicated an hospitable place in which stop. Every means created by man to illuminate is therefore not only useful for the orientation of one’s own spaces, but also a means of bringing messages, it is at the same time synonymous with energy, testimony of life and the presence of man himself.

Today are the neon, the illuminated signs, the lights of shopping centers, of the streets, squares, buildings, etc. to bear witness to this ancient means.

This call will collect works that tell of the world of today urban contexts, in the relationship between man, his environment and the means he created to give light.





Being described as “One of the best photography festivals in the world” (Capture Magazine), the biennial Belfast Photo Festival provided the perfect platform for gaining exposure to an international audience, with previous editions having welcome over 100,000 visitors from all over the world.

Belfast Photo Festival is offering artist’s/photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work in the main Festival gallery alongside some of the biggest names in the field of photography and have their work taken on tour to be exhibited at the 2020 Photo Schwiez (Zurich, Switzerland)

The theme has been left open to remove any restrictions; submissions must be photographic or lens-based but can include incorporations of other art forms with the photographic medium (i.e. performance, painting, sculpture, music, literature etc). Being keen to support all disciplines of photographic practice, entries are encouraged from professionals, students and amateurs both nationally and internationally.


03/11/2019 WINTER IMAGINATION 2019


“Winter Imagination 2019” can be interpreted broadly and based on real or imagined circumstances. Perhaps the first fallen snow of the season inspires you to imagine a vivid red cardinal against the stark white snow-covered branches of an evergreen tree overlooking the beauty of a frozen-over pond with rolling hills as a backdrop. Or maybe a more ominous scene is visualized inspiring the artist to present a work of art that tells a dark and melancholy story without uttering a word. “Winter Imagination” is anything that inspires the artist to portray a winter theme and tell a story in his or her artwork through visual concepts.

The judges for this imaginative competition are looking for the artist’s expressive interpretation of “winter” in their artwork that effectively conveys their definition of the term and evokes a reaction in the viewer. All still art medium works are encouraged for submission.



Focus on the Story Awards 2019


The Focus on the Story Awards 2019 honors visual storytelling from around that makes a difference. We are making awards in two categories: “best single image” and “best series” of up to 8 related images.

We are looking for images that tell the story of struggles against challenges (whether they are natural, political or economic); shine a light on marginalized or disenfranchised segments of society; or bring attention to people, places, events or things that are making a positive difference in their communities, region or the world, in general. Focus on the Story is a nonprofit organization that supports and encourages photographers of diverse backgrounds to use visual storytelling to bring attention to critical issues, bridge cultural gaps and spark social change.



Maryland Federation of Art ‘Working for a Living’


Whether you work 9-5, flex time from your laptop, in a field, or by helping others – work brings not only financial rewards but a definition of self. Opportunity provides hope for a better future – the lack of it can bring frustration and despair. MFA invites all 2-D and 3-D artists worldwide to examine all aspects of work – the effort, the productivity as well as the frustration that the lack of work can bring. MFA invites all artists to submit works that illustrate what they describe as “work” The selected renderings may be viewed on MFA’s Online Curve Gallery from April 15 through May 31, 2019. Juror: Ben Marcin, C. Grimaldis Gallery in BaltimoreExhibition Chairs: Richard Niewerth, Wil Scott.





Our sixth printed issue of AAP Magazine will feature the best projects showcasing the theme “Black and White”.

Black and white photography evokes poetry, nostalgia. The timelessness of black and white images focuses on its subjects, highlights contrasts, lines and enhances the power of light.

Send us your images celebrating the beauty and the power of black and white photography. Whether in portrait, landscape, nude, street or any other form of photography – classic or experimental: we’re open to all genres and we want to discover the best and most interesting photography from all over the world.





Analog Forever Magazine Online Featured Photographer 2019


Open internationally to both amateurs and professionals, this call for entries is is Analog Forever Magazine’s attempt to find, feature, and interview the best talent in the analog photography world.

We are searching for the trail blazers who shoot decades old expired film through refurbished cameras, capture images with processes invented a century ago, and invent new and creative ways to process and manipulate our mainstream film stock staples. We want to see the work created by the individuals who share our love for the sound of shutters clapping open and close and the smell of darkroom chemicals in the morning.

Regardless of your format of choice, how expensive your lens set is, or the subject matter you shoot we want to see your work submitted!

There is no entry fee so there is no reason why you shouldn’t submit!

Juror: Analog Forever Magazine Team




Midwest Center for Photography
Witchita, Kansas


The act of capturing a moment in time through taking a photograph of someone is one of the highest gestures that a person can give. We all have the people in our lives that are important to us personally and also find people who are visually interesting. Documenting the likeness of these people as well as capturing the pure personality of a person through a range of emotional gestures is a phenomenal experience. This exhibition seeks to represent the human likeness in all of its forms, whether it is a documentary approach, a snapshot genre, if it is a fashion statement, an editorial statement, or simply a straight forward compositional body study, we are interested to exhibit the photographs of a wide range of people.

Juror: Linda Robinson, Gallery Director, MWCP



“Art Olympia 2019”


Art Olympia is an open art competition held as a biennial event with the goal of discovering talented artists from around the world and supporting their art activities. Approximately 160 artworks (80 from Japan and 80 worldwide) will be selected and undergo a final review in Tokyo by a panel of esteemed judges invited from around the world.



Atlanta Photography Group Choice 2019

Atlanta Photography Group
Atlanta, GA


Atlanta Photography Group (APG) is now accepting entries for Choice 2019. This non-juried exhibition is open to all current members of APG. Simply register to secure space on the walls for your work, then deliver your framed photograph by March 22. Artists can include up to two framed works in this exhibition. This is your chance to show a personal favorite, maybe you have a wonderful image that just doesn’t fit in with a series, or you want get feedback on a new direction. It’s your choice!



SlowAIR: SlowExposures’ Artist in Residence Program

Slow Exposures
Zebulon, Georgia


The two photographers who are chosen for our fifth Artist in Residence program will spend a week at the Elliot Helms House in Pike County at a mutually agreed-on date. There are two suites with private bath with work areas and beautiful views. Lodging, some meals, and an opportunity to exhibit your work at SlowExposures 2019 will be provided. It’s a chance to pursue projects and take risks free from everyday demands.

The SlowAIR purpose is to encourage the creative growth of photographers who are interested in exploring an aspect of the contemporary rural South through their work. Since its inception 17 years ago, SlowExposures has been invested in supporting the use of this medium to illuminate, challenge, and record the story of this region. The award of a residency will be made on the basis of the submitted work by the application deadline of Sunday, March 17, 2019. The notification of award will be made by April 15 with the residency completed by August 1, 2019.




Trees: Life in the Slow Lane

PhotoPlace Gallery
Middlebury, VT


They provide essential needs for humans, survive in a vast range of environments, and often live for hundreds of years. Their long, slow and fascinating lives give us the opportunity to photograph them in all their shapes and sizes, all of their changes of season, all of the environments on which they grow. This is a celebration of the lives and diversity of trees. All capture methods and processes are welcome.

We are very pleased that Kat Kiernan will be jurying and curating this exhibition. She will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 35 for our Online Gallery Annex. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and the Director’s Award will each be entitled to a personal portfolio review by Ms. Kiernan.





2019 Members’ Juried Exhibition

Center for Photographic Art
Carmel, CA


The Center for Photographic Art (CPA) is excited to announce the 2019 Members’ Juried Exhibition! $2000 in cash awards. The entry period is February 5 through March 19, 2019, and is open to new and current CPA members working in all still photographic media.

Our 2019 MJE jurors are Connie and Jerry Rosenthal, the founders, curators and driving vision behind Rfotofolio, the popular and beloved online photographic community.




Dek Unu Magazine / April 2019


Dek Unu Magazine is calling for international submissions of fine photography for its April, 2019, edition.  Accomplished, adventurous work in all photo genres and techniques is welcome.  The issue and interview are in English; written facility is required.  Non-profit, non-advertising, Dek Unu never charges a fee to submit.



43rd Annual Juried Exhibition

Durango Center for the Arts
Durango, Colorado


The Durango Arts Center is hosting its 43rd Annual Juried Exhibition and posting a call for artists who make two and/or three dimensional art.

Juried by Louise Martorano, Exhibit Director of Redline Contemporary Arts Center and Residency in Denver.




Manifest Creative Research Gallery
Cincinnati, Ohio


For a fifteenth straight year the Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, presents an open call for artwork from students and the recently graduated in regional, national, and international college undergraduate programs. We believe there exists tremendous unexposed potential among people pursuing degrees in the visual arts.

This exhibit will feature the best work from artists about to receive or recently awarded an undergraduate degree from a regional, national, or international college art or design program.



“photographic performance 2019″

A Smith Gallery
Johnson City,, TX


Do you have a body of work or a concept for an exhibition that is photography or photography based?  We are looking for compelling solo or cooperative exhibitions to fill our interior salon space.  It can be only photographic images, photography combined with mixed media, photography as sculpture, photography based installations or…..  This is the third year for “the photographic performance” and we are hoping once again you can show us what it can be. It is important that the body of work has a conceptual narrative, actual or implied.

Four exhibition proposals will be selected to be exhibited in the Salon from either May 24 to June 23, June 28 to July 28, August 2 to September 1 or September 6 to September 29, 2019.



MAGNITUDE SEVEN: International Call for Small Works

Manifest Creative Research Gallery
Cincinnati, Ohio


The Cincinnati based non-profit arts organization and gallery, Manifest, presents an open call for small work, 7” or smaller.

Every year Manifest produces an exhibit of little works of art from around the world. Each iteration of the exhibit brings in hundreds of powerful yet diminutive works for our jury to consider. Inevitably this results in a gallery full of diverse, compelling, and exquisite little gems. Manifest’s patrons eagerly await the Magnitude SEVEN event each year. This annual project is one of the most varied exhibits in our season. So we are always excited to offer this call to artists to submit works no larger than seven inches in any dimension (any proportion).



Philadelphia Photo Arts Center 2019-2020 Artist Residency

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
Philadelphia, PA


The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is accepting applications for its 2019-2020 Artist Residency program.

The intention of the program is to assist talented, self-directed and committed artists in the creation of work by providing necessary financial support, access to high-end facilities and proper technical assistance and education. Our hope is to create a transformative experience that enriches the individual artist and the community of PPAC.



Film Photo Awards


Film Photo Award delivers three distinct grants of Kodak Professional Film to emerging, established, and student photographers worldwide to complete film-based photography.

Film Photo Award (FPA) is pleased to announce the availability of three distinct film grants, twice per year, to emerging, established, and student photographers worldwide who demonstrate a serious commitment to the field and are motivated to continue the development of still, film-based photography in the 21st century.

Film Photo Award embraces the unique, artistic medium of film photography, and recognizes the sacrifice film photographers make to acquire the material for their artistic expression. This award exists to democratize access to film by facilitating proposed projects with a supply of Kodak Professional Film for photographers dedicated to film-based image making.

Juried by Aline Smithson



2019 Artist in Residence Program

The Image Flow
Mill Valley, California


The Image Flow invites applications for a 2-3 month Artist Residency program to support a visual artist working within photography and/or image-based media. This is a work-only residency; artists not local to the area are welcome to apply but will need to secure housing arrangements independently. The time frame for the residency is flexible, ideally taking place between the months of June and September 2019.

Juried by The Image Flow Team



2019 Light Work Grants in Photography


The Light Work Grants in Photography program was established in 1975 to support photographers in Central New York. The $3,000 grants are awarded to encourage the creation of new work. The work of the grant recipients is exhibited at Light Work and reproduced in Contact Sheet: The Light Work Annual.

Three judges from outside the grant region will review the applications. Their decisions are based solely on the strength of the candidate’s portfolio and completed application. Individuals who received this award in 2014 or earlier are eligible to re-apply. Full-time students are not eligible.

Applicants must reside in the following counties to apply: Broome, Cayuga, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, Schuyler, Seneca, St. Lawrence, Tioga, or Tompkins.





Abandoned Landscape

Southeast Center for Photography
Greenville, South Carolina


Rural or urban, desert or jungle, ancient to recent. The SE Center is looking for photographers who appreciate the ravages of time and create compelling images reflecting those effects around us. Color or BW, analog, digital or antique processes, photographers of all skill levels and locations are welcome.

Our juror for the Abandoned Landscape is Jennifer Schlesinger.





In the digital age we are surrounded by images, an overload of saturated media. We demand for high quality and expectations of technology to produce seamless perfection, we are used to seeing and expect a seamless flow of information on screens. A technical failure in digital technology can interfere our viewing experience, glitches and defects within any medium are accident that disturb our senses.

What happens when the technology fails? Photographers are invited to submit works that offers a vision on the topic.





MoCP 2019 Snider Prize

Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College
Chicago, Illinois


The MoCP has begun accepting submissions for the 2019 Snider Prize, a purchase award given to emerging artists in their final year of graduate study. MoCP’s curatorial staff will select three artists for this award: one winner will receive $2,000, and two honorable mentions will each receive $500. These funds will go toward the purchase of work to be added to MoCP’s permanent collection.



ViewPoint Gallery International Photography Competition – 2019

ViewPoint Gallery
Halifax, NS


This is an opportunity to exhibit your work for one month at ViewPoint Gallery, a photography gallery located in Halifax, Nova Scotia on a busy downtown street in the heart of one of Canada’s most vibrant arts communities.

The International Photography Competition is open to photographers located in any country around the world.  There are no restrictions on subject matter.  The images will be reviewed by an independent jury comprised of experienced photographers who will select 12 images for exhibition at ViewPoint Gallery.



25th Annual Juried Members’ Exhibition

Griffin Museum of Photography
Winchester , MA


This Call for Entries is open to all member photographers. Entrants must be members of the Griffin Museum of Photography (with an expiration after 4/1/2019).

The Griffin Museum invites member photographers working in all mediums, styles and schools of thought to participate. Experimental and mixed techniques are welcome. There is no theme.

JUROR: Julie Grahame





For our next annual issue,  the Aint-Bad editorial team is taking the curation into our own hands.  We are excited to invite all lens-based image makers, visual artists, and photographers, of all ages, backgrounds, and influences to submit.  The possible outcomes are limitless.

While there is no specific subject matter or theme for this issue, we do invite you to get lost in our archive of visual artists that we have shown both on our website and in print which can be found online.  This will give you a clearer idea of how your photographs might make a perfect match for this next issue.

Aint-Bad No. 14 will act as a visual dictionary in contemporary photography today.



Alternative Process Photography

The Image Flow
Mill Valley, California


4th Annual Alternative Process Photography Exhibition

The Image Flow invites artists to submit work for our fourth annual group exhibition of alternative process photography. Cyanotype, platinum, palladium, gum bichromate, van dyke, photogravure, tintype, ambrotype, wet plate collodion, mordançage, transfers and lifts, salt-prints, hand-painted, original lumens, and any combination of alternative process photography will be considered. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing your wonderful alternative process work!

Juried by:  Ann M. Jastrab, Christina Z. Anderson, Unai San Martin and The Image Flow



MASTER PIECES 13th Annual International MFA/MA Exhibition

Manifest Creative Research Gallery
Cincinnati, Ohio


Open to current graduate students and MFA/MA degree recipients since January 2018.

Every year Manifest offers an opportunity just for graduate students to exhibit at our gallery in Cincinnati. This 13th installment of the Master Pieces project will continue to reveal the intensity and professionalism of students working towards their terminal academic degree in the field of art or design. Often the most exceptional work comes out of these artists’ immersion in their culture of study and intellectual pursuit. Manifest’s goal, therefore, is to select works that set the standard of quality that the artist is expected to maintain throughout his or her professional career and justify the degree of Master. The full-color hardcover Manifest Exhibition Annual publication, a ‘yearbook’ for the season, will serve as a visual documentation of these artists’ own benchmarks for years to come.





FMoPA 9th annual International Photography Competition

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
Tampa, Florida


The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMoPA) is now accepting submissions for its 9th annual “International Photography Competition.”

Photographers from all over the world are invited to submit their work. All styles and levels of experience are welcome.

This year’s categories include: People/Portraits, Places/Landscape/Drone, Nature/Science/Animals, Documentation/Social and Political Photojournalism, Still Life, Abstract Photography and Conceptual Photography.



LoosenArt ‘The Game’ Group Exhibition in Rome


Since ancient times the concept of “game” has been taken on by countless philosophers, artists and writers, pouring into it a philosophical and conceptual value, as demonstrated by the writings of Aristotle, as well as those of Schiller, Kant and Huizinga.

Photographers are invited to propose works that address the theme of the game in a new perspective, which reconsiders the theme through aspects that mark the contemporary: globalization, new interactive media, gambling addiction, etc.

FREE ENTRY Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme



MonoVisions Photography Awards 2019


MonoVisions Photography Awards are an international open call for photographers using black and white medium to express their visual language.

Our aim is to discover the best monochrome photographers from all over the world and deliver the best opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their work. You can compete for $5000 in cash prizes in two categories: Black and White Photo of the Year 2019 and Black and White Series of the Year 2019.



San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards


San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards
Open to all photographers worldwide. The theme is open – all genres and styles are welcome. Be a part of the San Francisco Bay Month of Photography in September.
Gold and Silver Award winners featured in Bokeh Bokeh Photo online magazine and displayed during the celebration reception. Gallery Award winners displayed in a gallery exhibit throughout the Month of Photography. Portfolio Award winners receive solo features in Bokeh Bokeh Photo.


Put your work in front of a jury of highly influential members of the photography world: Elizabeth Avedon, Julie Grahame, Ann Jastrab, David Garnick, Peter Miller.




International Photography Awards (IPA)


The International Photography Awards  is now open for entries for the 2019 IPA photography competition.

Professional, amateur and student photographers are invited to submit their most provocative and visually captivating photographs for consideration for this prestigious award. This year the IPA is rolling out a number of exciting changes, including brand new entry categories (analog/film, astrophotography, minimalism, smartphone and “street” photography, to name a few), and lots of new prizes and benefits for the winners.