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Guillaume Zuili

I was just having the discussion in one of my classes about how hard it is to photograph Los Angeles. I stumbled upon Guillaume Zuili’s work on Lensculture Magazine and he doesn’t seem to find it a problem. A Frenchman, he splits his time between Los Angeles and Paris. It’s as if he’s looking at the city through his memories.

“By using a crude pinhole camera but modern high speed film, he’s able to make hand-held snapshots of elegant beauty that celebrate the graininess inherent in film plus the soft, smudged focus of pinhole photography. Without the high-speed film, he would never capture this snapshot aesthetic; pinhole photography usually requires a tripod and long exposure time.

The photographs of Guillaume Zuili evoke memories of another time, another era, long gone and wistful. These dusty, chalky, charcoal-like smudges of memories could have been snatched from a re-screening of an old movie. Each feels like an iconic, dreamlike moment of random beauty.”

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