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Ellen Small

It was a pleasure to see Ellen Small again at Review LA. We had met the previous year as our last names put us side by side at the portfolio walk. Ellen has been working on a series on Community Gardens, titled between the lines, for over 10 years, but also continues to look at nature and the phenomenon of juxtapositions in nature, all in large beautiful black and white 30×40″ prints. In 2003, she produced a gem of a book, titled Crossing Over, and another body of work about the dessert, titled a space between.

Images and partial statement from between the lines
“When I started my community garden project, I was interested in photographing the garden as a defined space. As I continued to work, the strong individual mark of gardeners convinced me of their powerful connection to the land. I guess, Tarnas would say, the gardener is reaching out to reclaim the original state of oness with nature. The community garden provides this link.”

Images and Statement from A Space Between
“My work explores what I call “other space.” The example of Alice falling down a “wormhole” where one can travel to an unfamiliar landscape (Hyperspace, Michio Kaku) represents the parallel universe commonly overlooked and to the side. The observation of detail in my landscapes combined with ideas about time, space and boundaries reveal this “other space.”

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