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Big congratulations go to Joscha Bruckert, a German photographer who was born in a German forest in 1987, got lost in a park for a while and currently lives and studies in a city. In 2008 Joscha started Romka magazine, devoted to personal favorite photographs: Unlike most other formats, in which artists showcase highlights of their portfolio or most recent work in order to promote themselves, Romka is an opportunity to discover pictures that really matter: the print from your fridge, the portrait of your lover that you always keep in your wallet, pictures of places you love and memories you want to cherish forever. Since all this has nothing to do with a commercial photographic career, Romka treats amateurs and professionals alike.

Two years and four issues later, the project started off as an online magazine in 2008 and finally made it to print with Issue #5. In my humble opinion, anyone who starts a print magazine is my hero. I hope you consider supporting Romka magazine and purchase an issue…

Celebrating the second anniversary, Romka magazine takes the next big step in appreciating pictures that do not get the attention they deserve by going into print. The fifth issue features the personal favorite photographs of 36 artists from 19 countries, from amateurs to internationally established artists, from Brazil over Russia to South Korea, from artistic works to family pictures.

Hellen van Meene (Netherlands)

Hui Li (China)

Lara Alegre (Spain)

Max Lipchitz (USA)

Roman Schauerte (Germany)

Tex Crick (Australia)

Featured artists:
Alexander Konstinskyi, Ana Cabaleiro, Arianna Sanesi, Benedikt Rietzel, Bo Bae Kim, Caitlin Duennebier, Cláudio Silvano, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Dawid Misiorny , Destiny Mata, Elizaveta Porodina, Erin Jane Nelson, Harold Diaz, Hellen van Meene, Hui Li, Ilya Smirnov, Iona Vorster, Jamie Garden, Kurniadi Widodo, Lara Alegre, Lucano Maldonado, Mafalda Silva, Marcel Kaczmarek, Marlies Plank, Martina Korošec, Matthew Harris, Max Lipchitz, Pau Dalmases, Roman Schauerte, Snorre Nygren, Stefano Marchionini, Steve Messer, Tayla Roberge, Tex Crick, Thekla Ehling, Thomas Mailaender
Cover by Ana Cabaleiro.

Romka magazine #5
100 pages at 14x21cm
offset print on recycling paper
saddle stitched
edition of 1,000
EUR 5 + shipping and handling

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