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Kristen Fecker Peroni

Kristen Fecker Peroni received her MFA in photography from the University of New Mexico and has taught photography at Eastern Michigan University and the University of New Mexico. Now living in Michigan, she is “currently trying to balance life at home as an artist in the midst of raising her three beautiful boys”.

Kristen’s work revolves around the broad stokes of womanhood, motherhood, and the conflict of being an artist and a caregiver. And though these are broad topics, her sensitive and intimate work allows us to share her universal vision of living a life that is full of moments. These moments create a slippery slope for a parent: whether to step back and remember the event on film or stay engaged and be part of the action. Her smart blog, Woman vs Artist, provides daily insight into that world.

Statement for Finding that Home is Neither Here nor There: The spaces we inhabit stretch further beyond the walls of our home. Our lives become comfortable when we are familiar with the roads we travel and the faces around us. In the series, finding that home is neither here nor there, the metaphorical foundation of home is kept strong through tradition and routine, when four walls no longer stand. To make sense of what “home” means, I document the places we inhabit and my family’s efforts to maintain a feeling of normalcy in our daily lives, even though our life has been turned on its head. Each photograph holds a narrative that is intrinsic to the idea of how we define ”home and family”. The hidden truth of our recent history is subtly layered in our daily existence as we slowly try to rebuild our lives.

The reality of it all is that life is fleeting and that each moment is temporary. These photographs become the record of a building block that is already underneath our feet – our foundation for the future. They also hold within them a connection to the inevitable end of life, a moment that can come without warning, or one we have time to dwell on for a lifetime.

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