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LENSCRATCH is an online platform dedicated to supporting and celebrating the photographic arts and photographic artists through exposure, discussion, and education. Our goal is to provide a forum for rich critical and cultural discourse around the complex intersections of photography and important issues that reflects the vast array of voices and perspectives within our photographic community. Through grants, awards, and dedicated features, LENSCRATCH also seeks to uplift emerging and student artists who will be the next generation shaping the power and purpose of this wonderful medium. 

Since its inception, LENSCRATCH has featured the work of thousands of photographers and has provided a platform to launch portfolios and books and is a rich resource for educators and photographers. LENSCRATCH is a media partner to numerous photography festivals and organizations such as CENTERFilter Photo FestivalMedium Photo Festival, and Blue Earth Alliance.


Founded by artist and educator Aline Smithson in 2007, LENSCRATCH began as an individual pursuit to provide broad exposure to other photographers by actively seeking out and engaging with their work. Since then, several other artists have joined the LENSCRATCH team as volunteers to sustain and expand the platform, in addition to a host of contributing editors and writers who have provided engaging content.

As we continue to grow, we strive to be a resource for other artists, students, and educators to learn about and connect with fellow members of the photographic community. We also provide an ever expanding database of information about other opportunities for artists and useful information about both creating and promoting their work.

We are committed to providing an equitable, inclusive representation of this incredibly diverse community and the vast aesthetic, technical, and conceptual considerations they are exploring. We seek to highlight work addressing important subjects including race, gender, immigration, aging, mental health, memory, and more, as well as innovative approaches to the photographic medium, sharing projects that speak to the power of photography.

A Note to Our Readers

We recognize the importance of transparency in regards to the structure of our organization. Since its inception, LENSCRATCH has been committed to providing free submission to our calls for entry in the belief that opportunities should be accessible to everyone. Instead, our revenue is generated solely through advertisements and donations to fund our grants and cover operating expenses. While all of our staff currently work on a volunteer basis, we are actively developing the infrastructure necessary to access more sources of revenue.