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03/07/2020 – 12/31/2020

Grants for Artists and Photographers

Innovate Grant is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2020 Cycle. Innovate Grant awards (2) $550.00 grants each quarter, to one Visual Artist and one Photographer. In addition to receiving a grant award, winners will be featured and recognized on our website and join a growing community of vibrant and talented artists.


04/25/2020 – 12/31/2020

Covid-19 Pictures

During this exceptional global time, with so many unknowns and so much overall collective anxiety, I find the number of photographs flooding social media, documenting personal perceptions of this experience to be remarkable. These images share the news I want to follow.

Covid-19 Pictures is the first online archive to call for submissions (free), to act as a gathering place, to hold on to these photos for all of us.

Our first 2 weeks have seen submissions from all over the USA, Canada, China, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, and more.

Please visit, share, contribute.


07/10/2020 – 11/07/2020


Loosen Art Project

Milan, Italy

Since the Renaissance period the concept of frame itself has been a reference to the idea of a window that opens to external worlds, to others, and to what is beyond reality. With the invention of the photographic medium, and cinematography later, the first virtual reality constructions come to be. These are capable of involving the recipient / spectator in a more participatory way thanks to an aesthetic and narrative arrangement that favors a direct, and at the same time illusory, experience of a specular real world.

Augmented reality today represents a further development of this immersion:a reality where the participant (no longer just a spectator) interacts with avatars and virtual constructions.


07/13/2020 – 09/20/2020

ND Awards 2020

ND Awards / ND Network

New Malden, London

ND Awards is now accepting submissions for the 2020 edition of our annual photo contest.

ND Awards affords opportunity to photographers from every crevice across the globe to submit their works for the competition where financial rewards and a ticket to fame, prestige and promotion awaits the lucky participant. We want to inspire, educate and support the artists by going the extra mile in developing their craft. The values that underlie our offer likewise extends the same chance to each artist and each submitted work. Everyone can be a winner in our competition, regardless of the equipment used or technique employed.


07/15/2020 – 11/15/2020

The James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photo Journalists

The James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photojournalists

Austin, TX

Founded in memory of James Alan Cox, a television photojournalist, The James Alan Cox Foundation
aims to provide financial support to high school, undergraduate and graduate student photographers, photojournalists and videographers.

-$2,500 Scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students
-High-end cameras for selected high school students

The foundation’s mission is to expand educational and developmental opportunities for student
photographers and videographers demonstrating interest, talent and financial need.


07/20/2020 – 11/01/2020

Exhibition Proposals

Gallery 263

Cambridge, MA

Through our Exhibition Proposal Series (formally Curatorial Proposal Series) artists and curators of all experience levels have the opportunity to collaborate with Gallery 263 staff to organize and present polished, self-curated exhibitions in our 700 sq/ft storefront gallery. This series is Gallery 263’s main exhibition program, amounting to three shows annually, and is the only way to be considered for a proposed group or solo exhibition.


07/22/2020 – 12/31/2020

FPoint Collective Magazine

We are looking for work that tells beautiful stories and articles that are helpful to photographers at every level of their career.

Submissions are accepted all year round.


07/26/2020 – 09/27/2020

Alternatives 2021: Existence – Text and Image

Ohio University Art Gallery

Athens, Ohio

In times of uncertainty we examine how we exist in this time, space, and environment as individuals or a collective whole. Through the means of photography, we come to understand our existence and can tell a greater story by having text and image exist together. This exhibition seeks works that examine the interpretation of existing today through text and image.

“Existence – Text and Image” seeks submissions of poignant works that explore the artist’s interpretation of existence through the means of text and image. Artists utilizing broader spectrums of the medium’s practices including moving images and installations are also welcome.

“Existence – Text and Image” will be a presentation of Alternatives, a biennial juried exhibition organized by Ohio University’s MFA Photography + Integrated Media program in the School of Art + Design. Since its beginning in 1980, Alternatives has achieved national recognition for its leadership in forging new definitions in the medium by emphasizing the work of photographers in the conceptual forefront of the practice. The exhibition will be held in the Ohio University Art Gallery located in Athens, Ohio.


07/27/2020 – 09/21/2020

unique: alternative processes 2020

A Smith Gallery

Johnson City,, TX

Photographers of all levels are invited to submit work reflecting the theme “unique: alternative processes 2020 ” to A Smith Gallery by September 21, 2020. Eligible prints include but are not limited to cyanotype, lumens, Van Dyke, salt, chemigram, tintype, bromoil, gum bichromate, platinum/palladium, photogravure, albumen, liquid emulsion, ziatype, image transfers, kallitypes, lith prints, silver gelatin prints, encaustic and mordoncage. Unique prints made from digital negatives are eligible. The camera used for capture is immaterial. The entry fee is $38 for the first 5 images and $7 for each additional image. Thirty to thirty five images will be selected for exhibition and shown at the gallery from November 6, 2020 to January 3, 2021. Receptions will be held on November 28 and December 19, 2020. A Blurb full color catalogue of the exhibit with all the accepted entries will be available for purchase. Awards are $325 for Juror’s Selection, $250 for Director’s Selection, discretionary honorable mentions each receiving an exhibition catalogue and $100 for Visitors’ Award.


08/18/2020 – 12/03/2020

58th Annual Juried Competition at the Masur Museum of Art

Masur Museum of Art

Monroe, LA

The Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana invites contemporary artists working in any medium to enter the 58th Annual Juried Competition. Best in Show receives $1,000, and total cash awards are $3,200. Entry fee is $10/artwork (min 2/max 5 artworks). Online entry deadline: December 3, 2020 at 5pm CST. The exhibition will be on view February 25 – May 8, 2021 at the historic Masur Museum. This year, work will be judged by Dr. Kelli Morgan: independent curator, author, art consultant, and culture critic!


08/18/2020 – 10/01/2020


The Los Angeles non-profit auburn art gallery invites photographers from around the world to submit entries for its Abstract exhibition. With such a wide-ranging theme, we look forward to seeing a diverse selection of unique abstract photos!

It’s the gallery’s vision to bridge the gap between well-recognized photographers, excellent amateurs and those who are eager to learn. If you have a good photo, we’d love for you to submit. Simple as that!


08/22/2020 – 09/21/2020

Exploring Humanity

Los Angeles Center for Photography

Los Angeles, CA

We are pleased to announce LACP’s Fifth Annual Fine Art Exhibition! The exhibit will show online/virtually and will run from October 22 – December 31, 2020. The juror and curator, Marisa Caicholo, will select between 25-30 images based on creativity, originality, and quality. There is no limit to the amount of images which can be submitted.

There will be a virtual reception on Saturday, November 14, 4 pm PST, 2020. The juror, Marisa Caicholo, will talk about the work that was selected. This is a public event and all artists chosen for the virtual exhibition will be invited. All artists in the exhibition will also receive extensive social media coverage.


08/22/2020 – 11/30/2020

Queer Artists Invitational

Cornell/Henry Art

San Diego, CA

The Cornel/Henry Art is inviting queer visual artists from US to apply for a chance to be featured for free in an exclusive online exhibition, with 100% of the proceedings supporting the artists involved.

Submit your best work aligned with our gallery mission statement, or expressing your view/perspective about what it means to be a queer artist in 2020.


08/25/2020 – 09/22/2020

2020 Alternative Processes Competition

Soho Photo Gallery

New York, NY

Soho Photo Gallery, New York City’s longest-running co-operative photography gallery, is excited to announce our 16th International Alternative Processes Competition. All selected photographs will be featured on the gallery’s website from November 12 – December 10, 2020. When the gallery, currently closed due to COVID-19, reopens a date will be set for the on-the-walls exhibition. We look forward to receiving entries.

What Is Alternative Process?
Alternative processes include, but are not limited to: Albumen, Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown, Platinum/Palladium, Gum Bichromate, Bromoil, Salt Print, Tintype, Ziatype, Daguerreotype, Image Transfers, Liquid Emulsion, Chemigram, Photogravure as well as handmade prints created from digital negatives. Traditional Silver Gelatin Prints, C-Prints and Digital Prints are not eligible. There is no limitation as to the subject matter.


08/25/2020 – 10/04/2020

Open Call 2020

The Indian Photo Festival – Hyderabad announces the Open Call inviting photographers from all over the world to submit their works for the 2020 exhibitions.

Bringing the best of photography to Hyderabad each year, the IPF 2020 will take place from 12th Nov in Hyderabad. The festival showcases a wide range of photography across all genres from around the globe with a series of events, including talks and discussions, portfolio reviews, screenings and workshops. The 2019 edition presented works by 550 established and emerging artists from 60 countries.


09/02/2020 – 11/15/2020


New York Center for Photographic Arts

New York, NY

It is time for NYC4PA to revisit one of our favorite themes, Black and White. It is our homage to the beginnings of photography before the dramatic change that came about when color film was introduced.

Send us your monochrome images where all the emotion, texture and beauty are expressed in shades from white to dark. No matter if your original image was shot with tri x, a digital SLR, or your phone, if the end product is a terrific Black and White, it fits the call. Sepia will be accepted.

As with all NYC4PA calls all 2D photo mediums are welcome.


09/03/2020 – 09/30/2020


Praxis Gallery

Minneapolis, MN

The photograph’s power as a narrative tool is derived from the impression that what is captured within the frame is an accurate representation of what actually occurred at a specific moment in time. As complete or comprehensive as any narrative may appear to be, it will always be subject to a process of including some elements and excluding others. These inclusions and exclusions are a crucial part of what photographic storytelling is all about; that which is presented within the frame to the viewer – and that which is left out or left to the viewer’s imagination.

Praxis Gallery seeks the submission of photographic art that explores the development of visual narratives through the still image. Stories may take any shape or form. They may be literal or fantasy, documentary or fiction; complex or minimal. All genres, capture types, black & white and color, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.


09/07/2020 – 11/30/2020

The Aftermath Project

It’s always a pleasure to announce the opening of a new grant cycle for The Aftermath Project. This year it’s a special privilege as we open for applications for our new granting focus, which begins with our 2021 grant:

“1492/1619 American Aftermaths”

As always, we will name one winner of our $25,000 grant, and four finalists.


09/08/2020 – 10/03/2020

The Curated Fridge / Autumn 2020 Show

The Curated Fridge

Somerville, MA

Archives are political. Archives are man made. So much of what we base our knowledge about our past, present and future are tied into the archive. Whether archives were collected by the state, by the community or by individual families, they play a role in the construction of identity and one’s understanding of the political and cultural landscape we navigate everyday.

We want to reexamine the archive with a lens focused on what and who was left out. We are looking for work inspired by archives, whether it be written, oral, family stores, imagine pasts and futures, and beyond. We invite artists that work from archives and as well create a counter-narrative with their work.



Emerging Vision, Biennial Student Show

Colorado Photographic Arts Center

Denver, CO

The work of photography students emerging into the art world is how we picture the future. The Colorado Photographic Arts Center is having an open themed call for entry for current undergraduate and graduate students in photography. All capture types, subject matter, and photographic processes are eligible to submit. This show is your chance to demonstrate your talent and point of view!

Fees: $10 for 3 images / early bird discount $5 for 3 images (until September 4th); $3 each additional image.



Love & Loss & Resilience

South x Southeast Magazine

Molena, GA

This year stands as a year like no other in recent memory. As a society we faced a deadly virus, unknown and untreatable. As individuals we faced the multiple crises of lockdown, illness, loss of family, loss of income and loss of normalcy.

As we hunkered down, either in our pandemic circle of family, with our pets, or for many alone, we reached within and without to find the resilience and strength needed to continue our lives in a world where everything has changed.

We’ve been inspired by local and national heroes, we’ve witnessed and participated in a reckoning for racial justice, we’ve dealt with a dysfunctional government, we ridden the waves of openings, closing and reopenings. We’ve dealt with loneliness and dislocation. We’ve helped others, and we’ve accepted assistance.

We look ahead to an unknowable future. As artists and photographers we have channeled that energy into images and ideas. We have documented our lives, we have connected more deeply to the people and places closer to us. We have found comfort in the natural world, in our neighbors and even in the faces of strangers who are navigating the same unknowable future. This exhibit will collect the many beautiful and painful moments that bear witness to our collective experience. Your images should also be accompanied by a short written piece, either describing or illuminating your experience.



Portfolio Showcase 5: Theme Open

Davis Orton Gallery

Hudson, NY

In each of five shows, the gallery features the portfolios of two photographers selected through a call for work.   All processes, capture techniques and approaches to image construction are welcomed: camera: film, digital, phone, scanner, b/w, color, collage/montage, alternative processes.

The theme of each call is directly related to the scheduled exhibition. Portfolios of up to 12 images are shown in two ways—via prints and electronically.   Prints (up to 22″ on longest side) are displayed on stands. Above the stands, a large HD monitor presents a continuous slide show of the two portfolios.



Portals: Windows, Mirrors, and Doors

PhotoPlace Gallery

Middlebury, VT

Portals can be an architectural feature (gate, window, doorway, mirror, tunnel) that frames or isolates or adds dimension to an image. In a fictional sense, a portal can become a magical doorway through time and space. Alone or in combination, they hold unlimited creative possibilities for photographers.

For “Portals: Windows, Mirrors, and Doors”, we’re looking for images that use these devices in intriguing ways. All capture methods and processes are welcome.

We are very pleased that Elizabeth Avedon will jury this exhibition. She will select up to 40 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery and another 40 for our Online Gallery. All 80 images will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog.



Online Solo Exhibition

All About Photo

La Jolla, CA

Each month an amazing photographer will be awarded a Solo Exhibition in our new dedicated showroom pages.

Next exhibition dates: November 1-30, 2020

Juror: Ann Jastrab, Executive Director at the Center for Photographic Art (CPA) in Carmel, California.




We are seeing opportunities for change in our world many of us may not have expected to see in our lifetimes— opportunities to address the poisoned roots of the oppressive systems which determine the conditions of our existence. These systems are woven into America at every level, and Photography is a technology that has been used to uphold those systems from its outset. It is a time to ask, of ourselves and of these systems, what now? Can these histories be uprooted? And is the photograph a tool through which we can truly achieve liberation and self-determination? Regarding the state of this country, and the state of this medium, where do we go from here?

For this call, we invite BIPOC artists who utilize or consider lens-based media to submit.



11th Annual PHOTOBOOK Show

Davis Orton Gallery

Hudson, NY

PHOTOBOOK, an annual competition, is open to photographers in the United States and abroad* who have self-published a photobook.  There are growing options available for self-publishing a book such as on-demand (blurb, lulu, viovio, iphoto, etc.); small run offset or web printing/publishing firms, binderies. If they have been hand-made/bound, they must be available in multiples of at least 25.

Submissions will be judged on the basis of: book design including page layouts, text, cover; strength of the photography; and emotional impact of the overall book. Entrants may submit up to three different titles that are self-published photography books of any size, format, or style.



3rd Annual Books and Readers Group Show – Photographs and photo-based works of books, readers and books AND readers

Davis Orton Gallery

Hudson, NY

All processes, capture techniques and approaches to image construction are welcomed: camera: film, digital, phone, scanner, b/w, color, collage/montage, alternative processes, Calls for Work are open to all photographers internationally over the age of 18. Show accompanies Annual Self-Published Photobook Exhibition.



The 2020 Rfotofolio Call

Once a year Rfotofolio has our call for entries. This year Rfotofolio is honored to have Jennifer Schlesinger, and Paula Tognarelli as our jurors. This is the eighth year for the Rfotofolio Call and each year the quality of work inspires us.

Photographers that are selected will be included in our on-line gallery, future interviews, future publications, and future exhibitions.



Online Featured Photographer 2020

Open internationally to both amateurs and professionals, this call for entries is Analog Forever Magazine’s attempt to find, feature, and interview the best talent in the analog photography world.