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Allegany National Photography Competition and Exhibition

Saville and Schwabs Gallery
Cumberland, Maryland


Any work that contains as it’s primary element a photograph or photographs in any format or medium, but does not fit into either of the other two categories. The photograph(s) can be time-varying or static and may be embedded in an external construct of the artist’s creation. The overall construct and presentation will have equal weighting with the photographic image in judging the merits of the entry.




Alternative Process: The Hand of the Artist

PhotoPlace Gallery
Middlebury, VT


As beautiful as a fine inkjet print can be, one thing is missing: the hand of the artist.

For this exhibition we’re asking for hand-made images, made on a traditional silver emulsion or any substrate that has been hand-coated with light-sensitive material. This includes platinum/palladium, cyanotype, Vandyke, salt, Kallitype, photogravure, tintype, Daguerreotype, Polaroid transfer, encaustic … the list goes on.  The “print” can be on paper or any other substrate that brings life to a photographic image. The key is not so much the process, but the involvement of the hand of the artist.

Juror: Dan Burkholder



Shot of Love


Elston Gunn is a new all analog quarterly ‘zine focusing on the expressive and emotive elements of photography. We are looking for film photographers to contribute to our first issue, which we aim to publish in print this Spring.



“Bliss” International Call for Artists and Writers by ArtAscent


Bliss is a state of joy. Joy can be fed by and expressed in happy, funny or healing stories and artworks. Some ideas of bliss delve into the spiritual within us, states of zen, the idea of manifesting and affirmations, or simple moments of being fully present. This issue will be a collection of feel-good content that magnifies the sunny side of life. It will focus on the bliss within us and the people we love, and not religion nor religious deities. Bliss can be expressed in symbolic, literal, modern, traditional, abstract, and completely unique ways. What’s your BLISS?




Center For Fine Art Photography
Fort Collins, CO


All Black & White images are eligible for submission. All genres, subjects, capture types and photographic processes both historic and modern are eligible for selection by the juror.



FOTOFILMIC17 Traveling Exhibition


Call welcoming film-based and analogue photography submissions until February 28 for its first WINTER SHORTLIST selection round. 
Jurors this year include renowned photographers Larry Fink, Roger Ballen and Raymond Meeks as well as curators Barrie Mowatt (Vancouver Biennale), Valérie Cazin (Galerie Binome), Ashlyn Davis (Houston Center for Photography) and Kosmas Pavlidis (Stereosis Photography School). 
The exhibition itinerary for this 5th edition is bound to New York, Paris, Vancouver & Thessaloniki.

City: Seasonal Print Exhibition

Latitude Chicago
Chicago, Illinois


For our spring print exhibition, please submit your works that are inspired by the two quotes found on call site webpage. Three artists will be chosen to participate in the print show and to be featured in our online gallery.  Each exhibition will last three months, after which the artists are free to take their prints with them. Also, we will choose two honorable mentions to feature on our online gallery.



Float Photo Magazine: The Female Gaze


After a successful ‘Male Gaze’ issue, we are dedicating the next issue to the ‘Female Gaze’. This issue will devote it’s pages to women who photograph women in different ways, shapes and forms.





CENTER has only ONE OPPORTUNITY ANNUALLY to get involved with our internationally renowned programs. We invite you to apply now to our 2017 Calls for Entry including the four opportunities: PROJECT DEVELOPMENT GRANT, PROJECT LAUNCH GRANT, REVIEW SANTA FE PHOTO FESTIVAL, and THE CHOICE AWARDS. DISCOUNT DEADLINE JANUARY 26, 2017. FINAL DEADLINE MARCH 3, 2017
Review Santa Fe Photo Festival is the premier juried portfolio review event in the world designed to maximize career advancement opportunities for photographers. The event is scheduled for October 26-29, 2017. The 100 selected photographers are invited to come to Santa Fe to meet with an international group of reviewers who come to the event to source talent for their magazines, books, galleries and museums.
The Choice Awards offer the opportunity to get your work seen by leading photographic tastemakers. The Award package includes participation in the Review Santa Fe Photo Festival, exhibition of your work during the festival, and more. Jurors from SF Museum of Modern Art, Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and The New Yorker.
 The Project Development Grant offers $5,000 in direct financial support to a fine art or documentary photographic project that is a work-in-progress. The Project Development grant includes a professional development package offering financial support, participation in Review Santa Fe Photo Festival, and more. Juror from TIME magazine.
The Project Launch Grant offers $5,000 in direct financial support to a fine art or documentary photographic project for a photographer with a complete or nearly complete body of work. The Project Launch grant includes a professional development package offering financial support, participation in Review Santa Fe Photo Festival, and more. Jurors from J. Paul Getty Museum, The Huffington Post and Dewi Lewis Publishing.

Strength & Beauty: The Women’s Show

South x Southeast Photo Gallery
Molena, Georgia


Curator’s Statement:

Define women. Define beautiful. Define strength.

Let’s say you decide – not nature, not society, not others, not algorithms.

A question across generations and cultures.

Often asked in a look, a gesture, a headline, a title.

Is it beautiful to show our strength?

Is it dangerous? Is it acceptable? Is it practical? Is it radical?

Our strength is an aspect of our beauty, just as our beauty is an aspect of strength.

Do we find our strength alone? In numbers? In nature? through work? Through family?

Is it physical, metaphorical, spiritual, or ethereal?

How do we nurture it, channel it, use it for good?

Use your voice, your eyes, your beautiful intellect.

Share your beautiful strength. Now is always a good time.


Curator: Molly Roberts




LA Photo Curator= ‘Texture’ with curator Sandrine Hermand-Grisel


Sandrine Hermand-Grisel is the founder of the acclaimed website All About Photo.

In Sandrine’s words, “As a photographer, I find myself drawn to the tactile quality of the surface of an image…this could be visual, the scratched lines on the worn clear plastic walls of a bus shelter or the way light hits the coarse sand on the beach or the rough surface of an old wooden barn straight out of a Wright Morris photograph.

It could also be a texture applied to the surface of an image, not only like a filter used in photoshop or instagram, but also the way encaustic is used on a print or paint or even an overlay of platinum over gum bichromate or even the use of collodion on glass or tin to bring us from the present into the 1850s or the even the matte quality of a carbon print. Or texture could refer to the essence of something, the feel of something, the characteristic quality of something…the mood laid over the scene by a storm or the moon or the streetlights at night…something comes out of the dusky blackness and I  feel subdued or strong or inspired.

Texture, the possibilities are endless. All capture types and photographic processes are eligible for this competition.”



Belfast Photo Festival

Belfast Photo


The Belfast Photo Festival is the island of Ireland’s major international photographic biennial and one of the leading photography festivals in the UK, celebrating the finest national and international contemporary photography, launching 1st June 2017.

The Festival is offering artist’s/photographer’s the opportunity to exhibit their work in the main Festival gallery alongside some of the biggest names in the field and as one of the highlights of the Festival, with the additional opportunity of widespread publication. Winners will be eligible for a number of awards, including a cash prize of £1,000.

The theme has been left open to remove any restrictions; submissions must be photographic or lens-based but can include incorporations of other art forms with the photographic medium (i.e. performance, painting, sculpture, music, literature, film etc). Being keen to support all disciplines of photographic practice, entries are encouraged from professionals, students and amateurs both nationally and internationally

The advised entry guide is 2-6 images per single series/body of photographs.

Selection will be conducted by our distinguished jury of professionals, which includes:

Lucy Gallun – Curator: Museum of Modern Art, New York

James Estrin – Co-Editor: The New York Times

Elisa Medde – Managing Editor: foam Magazine

Michael Mack – Publisher: MACK Books

Emily Graham – Cultural Commissions: Magnum Photo’s

Tom Seymour – Digital Editor: British Journal of Photography

Kevin WY Lee – Director: Invisible Photographer Asia

Ciara Hickey – Curator: Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery



Columbia Festival of the Arts Invitational Fine Arts & Crafts


Columbia Festival of the Arts Invitational Fine Arts & Crafts Show is currently seeking artisans with original work, representing a breadth of media to participate in this June 16-18, 2017, free outdoor weekend. There is no entry fee. If your work is accepted then you will be provided a space for rent during the weekend of the festival.



The Nth Degree

The Foundry Art Centre
Saint Charles, Missouri


Numbers are used to quantify, rank, prioritize, calculate, and measure. Depending on their context, numbers can be holy, encouraging, devastating, superficial, or so commonplace they are barely noticed. Many works that feature repetition or are part of a series inherently reference numbers. Open to all media, The Nth Degree is a juried exhibition that encourages artists to submit work that uses numbers or mathematics. These influences can be conveyed boldly, subtly, contextually, literally, or simply as inspiration. James Chase, juror for the exhibition, is an internationally-exhibited artist and instructor whose work explores ideas of collection, repetition, and memory.



The 10th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers

5th Biennial of Fine Arts and Documentary Photography
Prague, Czech Republic


The Gala Awards and the Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography announces a Call for Entries to women photographers worldwide to submit works to the 10th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award.

This awards qualify to be selected to participate in the 5th edition of the Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography which will be held as Prague Foto Biennale to be held in Prague in September-October, 2018.

Eligibility: Open to all women photographers 18 years old or older, professional and amateur, from any country of the world.




Hope & Feathers Framing and Gallery
Amherst, MA


Hope & Feathers Framing and Gallery announces the call for entries for their 2nd Biennial Juried Photography Show. Open to all photographers, the gallery calls for submissions in response to the concept of “Strength”. The show will be juried for awards by a conference of three nationally recognized photography experts: Stephen Petegorsky, Stacy Waldman, and Frank Ward. A $350 cash prize will be awarded for best in show.



Alternative Processes

Southeast Center for Photography
Greenville, South Carolina


The SE Center is looking for all forms of Alternative and Antique processes, albumen to ziatype, photographers of all skill levels and locations are welcome. Digital source images are acceptable if converted to negatives and processed in a historical technique and digital reproduction of alternative technique works, either for further processing or presentation, is acceptable.

Our juror for Alternative Processes is Jill Enfield. Jill Enfield is a fine art photographer, author and educator and a leading authority in Alternative Photographic Processes. In addition to expertise in current standard digital photo techniques for the last 10+ years, Enfield is also known for her instruction of hand coloring, wet plate collodion, and an array of other photo processes at Parsons The New School for Design, Fashion Institute of Photography, New York University, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, and the International Center of Photography in New York City as well as RISD.



New York Center for Photographic Arts: LIQUID 2016 – 17


The New York Center for Photographic Arts (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, color etc.). Winners will receive $4,000 in cash awards and be featured in the NYC4PA Online Gallery. The Grand Prize winning image will be posted on the NYC4PA home page.

Juror: Debra Klomp Ching



South by Southeast: THE Summer Show

South x Southeast Photo Gallery
Molena, Georgia



When I think of summertime in the South so much comes to mind. The thick dew covering the fields in the mornings, the damp heat of mid-day when everything slows down, and the cool of the evening that beckons you back outside. This is the South’s season. Blue skies and billowing white clouds, crisp shadows, cold drinks, being lazy, sitting for a spell, gardens, hitting the beach and escaping to the mountains, picnics, dog days, big tomatoes, sweet melons, cold martinis, and the occasional breeze. We want you to tell us what the southern summer is for you. In an image. Or two. Or more.


Julie Grahame



Unseen: Photography Beyond the Visible

Peter Miller Fine Art Photography Gallery
Providence, Rhode Island

Providence Center for Photographic Arts call for jurored  works by the artists who have found creative expression within non-visible wavelengths. Artists who utilize infrared, IR filters, false color, ultraviolet, multi-spectral, and thermographic technology – in digital, film, and post-processes – are invited to participate.
Jurors:  Peter Miller and Laurie Klein

Call and Response: Art as Resistance

Center For Fine Art Photography
Fort Collins, CO


As a response to the current social and political climate in the United States, the Strange Fire Collective is looking for work made by women, people of color, and LGBTQ artists that engages with issues of social justice and critically questions the dominant social hierarchy.




Loosen Art Project
Milan, Italy


An invite to take part in the group exhibition that will expose a “Surreal Vision” of today’s society, on Surreal avant-garde inspiration or an interpretation of today’s reality increasingly influenced by new media and technologies.



Intimate Portraits

PhotoPlace Gallery
Middlebury, VT


“A true portrait can never hide the inner life of its subject. It is interesting that in our culture we hide and cover the body, yet our faces are naked. Through a person’s face we can potentially see everything — the history and depth of that person’s life as well as their connection to an even deeper universal presence.”    — Juror Joyce Tenneson

For this call for submissions, we seek portraits that go beneath the surface to reveal aspects of the subject that usually remain hidden. All capture methods and processes are welcome.



Center Forward 8th Annual Open Theme Call for Entry

Center For Fine Art Photography
Fort Collins, CO


Center Forward is our 8th annual open themed call for entry, exhibition and awards open to all subject matter. We are looking for the best in contemporary photography. All capture types, genres, installations and photographic processes either historic or modern are eligible to submit.

Juror Hamidah Glasgow has been the Executive Director and Curator at C4FAP since 2009. Hamidah’s contribution to photography has included curatorial projects, national portfolio reviews including FotoFest, Photolucida, Medium, Center, Filter and more. She teaches professional development programs and is a contributor for national publications and magazines. Hamidah is also a co-founder of the Strange Fire Collective.



Elevating Nature

OPAL/ Carriage House Gallery
Oak Park, Il

Open to artists living in the Midwest (IL, IA, IN, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI)

“I believe in God, only I spell it NATURE” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright


The Chicago suburb of Oak Park is an epicenter for Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, home to the world’s largest concentration of Wright-designed buildings and site of his first home studio. Emerging from this studio was Wright’s iconic “Prairie” architecture, inspired by the vast landscape that characterizes the American Midwest – horizontal elements that echo broad flat plains, open space, earthy materials, and a color palette derived from the natural terrain. Wright’s bold experiments with space, geometry and materials also put him on the artistic cutting edge. His art glass designs of conventionalized plant forms are realized as abstract patterns of color in banded windows that playfully diffuse daylight, and make seamless transitions between interior space and the natural world.
The Oak Park Art League pays tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright and celebrates our hometown architect’s 150th birthday with a Midwest juried exhibition centered on Wright’s reverence for nature. Artists are invited to submit 2D and 3D work of any media that references the Midwestern landscape. The jurors are interested in seeing a variety of submissions – representational, conceptual and experimental interpretations of nature themes. Selections will present a diverse exhibition of artwork and art forms (e.g. drawing, painting, mixed media, digital/new media, printmaking, photography, ceramics, fiber, glass, and sculpture) that demonstrate artistic innovation within their preferred medium and embody the progressive spirit of Wright and the essence of the American Midwest.  

Fifth Annual Call for Submissions

ViewPoint Gallery
Halifax, NS


Announcing the fifth annual call for submissions. This is an opportunity to exhibit your work for one month at ViewPoint Gallery, the only gallery in Halifax dedicated solely to photography. The competition is open to all subject matter. 12 winning images will be selected from the digital entries. A jury of 3 professional photographers selected by ViewPoint will jury submissions. One winner will be exhibited monthly. These winning images will be professionally printed, framed, exhibited and offered for sale by ViewPoint Gallery starting in June, 2017. In addition, winners will have their work publicized by the gallery with media/press releases and the images will be promoted on Viewpoint’s website, newsletter and Facebook page.



WANDERING CURVES- The Curve Changes Everything

Jadite Gallery
NYC, New York


The New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, etc.).

Because everyone had so much fun that last time we ran this theme, we decided to   challenge you once again to submit images that, rather than focusing on a particular subject, or color palette, have a curve, or curves, as a critical element.  The possibilities are endless, from winding roads to automobile trim to the curvaceous form of an elephant’s trunk when feeding.  And don’t forget the round edge of grandpa’s bald head or a cold refreshing scoop of ice cream sitting atop a cone.  Curves are all around us all the time.  Capture them as a dominant element of your images and send them in.  Have fun with this.



Rfotofolio Call for Entry 2017


Everyone views a photograph in a different way, so this year we are pleased to say we have invited three jurors to view the work along with us at Rfotofolio. Barbara Bullock-Wilson, David Carol, and Willie Osterman. We are honored they accepted our invitation.

This is an open call. All media are welcome, including but not limited to traditional film, digital, collage, and alternative processes.
Finalist will be included in our on-line gallery, future interviews, future publications, and future exhibitions.



Labs New Artists

Red Hook Labs
Brooklyn, New York


Red Hook Labs is pleased to announce the Open Call for the Labs New Artists exhibition–a group summer show at Labs Gallery which will include a select group of approximately 50 photographers. This exhibition will provide unparalleled exposure for the artists with comprehensive industry attendance and media coverage.



Monovisions Photography Awards


MonoVisions Photography Awards are an international open call for photographers using black and white medium to express their visual language.

Our aim is to discover the best monochrome photographers from all over the world and deliver the best opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their work. You can compete in 2 sections: Black and White Photo Of The Year 2017 and Black and White Series Of The Year 2017 with $5,000 in cash prizes.



Blended Zine


Free Submission
A new collective art zine, Blended, is searching work from artists of all ages living and working in the United States for their first volume.
Blended is accepting submissions that are 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces and written works that follow the theme. Submissions are subjected but not limited to – photography, sculpture, painting, poems, digital art, and more.

Lenswork: Seeing in SIXES


Last year’s Seeing in SIXES was such a success, we’re publishing another book in 2017! This book will feature the work of our readers — like you! perhaps you! — printed with the quality you’ve come to expect from us. This promises to be an important and substantial survey of the LensWork community: subscribers as well as non-subscribers.

Everyone who enters will receive a book (One copy per entrant.)
whether or not your work is selected for publication.

The book will be completed and printed in July 2017,
and mailed in September 2017.



ND Awards


ND Awards is now accepting submissions for the 2017 edition of our annual photo contest.

ND Awards aims to promote photography and photographers. Our idea is to create new opportunities to present most valuable work to the audiences all over the world. To build a place where photographers can show different points of view and thrive through competition.

Categories: Abstract, Architecture, Cityscapes, Fine Art, Portrait, People, Photojournalism, Nature, Landscape, Nudes, Seascapes, Street, Travel, Underwater, Urban, Wildlife.

The winners of the Professional and Amateur sections will receive the titles: Photographer of the Year and Discovery Of the Year and $7500 in cash prizes.