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Oranbeg Press: NET 2.4: Moments that stay


Moments that stay

Prompt: It can be fleeting and lingering.
It can collect dust on the shelf or be freshly polished.
When is it
a 4×6 print,
a video that disappears after a few seconds,
a memory that was half-forgotten,
a scrap of paper full of inspiration,
a screenshot to remember,
an anthology that is within
All filed away for another day.


This issue will debut at the Philadelphia Art Book Fair



Maison Européenne de la Photographie


ARPIA, association for research and visual production in Anthropology and Art, receives registrations for a slide show at Maison Européenne de la Photographie and for it’s virtual gallery.

A committee composed by specialists on photography will select the photographic works:

CRISTIANNE RODRIGUES : Maison Européenne de la Photographie, curator and member of the acquisition commission. Director of FotoRio in Europe.

EVA BODINET : Magnum photos, Archive Manager in the Paris office, works in collaboration with the New York and London office team.

MATHIEU OUI : Journalist specialized in Photography and Visual Arts (Fisheye magazine) .



Defining Family, The 9th Kuala Lumpur International Photo Awards Portrait Prize

Kuala Lumpur Photo Festival
Kuala Lumpur,


How do societies across the world see and define the family ? Are traditional conservative definitions sufficient in encompassing changing family structures across various nations? Are there major differences between Western and Eastern societies? Are formal definitions sufficient in defining same-sex parents, adopted children and mixed race families? What about co-habiting couples who aren’t legally married but live a traditional family-life?

We welcome your wide interpretations in all styles – photojournalistic, found & staged, conceptual, casual or formal – and help us define The Family. Photographers may submit single images or enter a series of portraits which forms a photo-story, following the theme.

Not forgetting also, our OPEN SINGLE Image category – photographers are invited to submit portraits not necessarily confined to our theme. Challenge our judges to new and fresh imagery from all genres and styles.



FOTOFILMIC17 The 2nd Spring Shortlist Call


FotoFilmic: Material Practices in Contemporary Photography.  The 2nd SPRING SHORTLIST CALL has launched and is now accepting entries until APRIL 30, 2017! Be 1 of the 30 more photographers announced on Tuesday, May 2nd.




WANDERING CURVES- The Curve Changes Everything

Jadite Gallery
NYC, New York


The New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, etc.).

Because everyone had so much fun that last time we ran this theme, we decided to   challenge you once again to submit images that, rather than focusing on a particular subject, or color palette, have a curve, or curves, as a critical element.  The possibilities are endless, from winding roads to automobile trim to the curvaceous form of an elephant’s trunk when feeding.  And don’t forget the round edge of grandpa’s bald head or a cold refreshing scoop of ice cream sitting atop a cone.  Curves are all around us all the time.  Capture them as a dominant element of your images and send them in.  Have fun with this.



“Orange” International Call For Artists and Writers by ArtAscent


The colour between red and yellow in the visible spectrum, orange is associated with meanings of warmth, optimism, enthusiasm, transition, health, happiness, fun, creativity and freedom. Orange is stimulating, vibrant and flamboyant. It is the colour of vivid sunsets, fire, vegetables, flowers, fish, citrus fruits, marmalade, traffic cones, life rafts and Cheetos. Orange is the color of prison uniforms in the U.S. Orange (saffron) is a sacred and auspicious color in Hinduism. The middle traffic light is orange in France. Orange is all around and within us. Reveal your shade of ORANGE.

| Eligible Submissions: 

Entries may include 2- and 3-dimensional media, such as paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, installations, ceramics, jewelry, fabric, sculpture, fiction, poetry, short stories and other written explorations (up to 900 words). Submissions must be the original work of the applicant(s). Apply using the online form.

Be profiled, get published, and shine on! Up to 40 applicants will be selected. Plus, if you are chosen as one of the top 4 applicants, you will also be highlighted in a feature section with a profile written about you and your work. All selected artists and writers are showcased in the magazine and the juried online exhibition.

The mission of ArtAscent is to promote artists of images and words, and connect them with art lovers. This is accomplished by calls for artists and writers, artist profiling, art magazine publication, and artist and writer online showcasing. Each call is theme based, with the intent to showcase diverse creative explorations of that theme via various media. This marketing tool is created by artists and writers, for artists and writers.





National Photography Competition

Soho Photo Gallery
New York, NY


“Soho Photo Gallery initiated its first juried national photo competition in 1995 and it has been an annual event ever since. Each year, the Gallery receives hundreds of entries from photographers all over the United States.

The Soho Photo National Photography Competition has no limits as to subject matter or technique.

Awards will include cash prizes for 1st ($300), 2nd ($200), and 3rd place ($100). There will also be a minimum of two Honorable Mentions and special gifts from our sponsor, Archival Methods.

Our juror this year is Aline Smithson, noted photographer, educator and reviewer.  Smithson founded and writes LENSCRATCH, a daily magazine that celebrates contemporary photographers.”



Solo Photography Exhibition Opportunity at PH21 Gallery

PH21 Gallery
Budapest, Hungary


PH21 Gallery invites photographers to submit their work for a solo exhibition at PH21 Gallery. Please submit a coherent portfolio suitable for a solo exhibition, an artist statement and a short bio. The portfolio should consist of at least 15 and at most 35 images. The submission may include one or two series, provided that the two series are suitable for a joint presentation in a single exhibition. There are no generic, stylistic or thematic constraints; photographers working in all photographic areas and styles are welcome to submit their work.




Portfolio Showcase: Street Photography and the Urban Scene

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


From its rich history to contemporary approaches

All processes, capture techniques and approaches to image construction are welcomed.

In each of five shows, the gallery features the portfolios of two photographers selected through a call for work.  The theme of each call is directly related to the scheduled exhibition. Portfolios of up to 12 images are shown in two ways:  prints (up to 22″ on longest side) are displayed on a stand; above, an HD monitor presents a continuous slide show of the two portfolios. The Davis Orton Gallery promotes both gallery exhibitors and portfolio showcase exhibitors through its website, press releases, banner and other forms of marketing.



The Pool Grant 2017 Call For Submissions

Head On Photo Festival

The Pool Grant is an amazing opportunity for creative individuals looking to break into the artistic and commercial photography industries.
The Pool Grant is an initiative created by The POOL COLLECTIVE that provides $10,000 and a year of mentorship to an emerging photographer to complete a photographic project. At the end of the year, the series will be shown at a solo exhibition during Head On Photo Festival.
For emerging photographers from New Zealand and Australia
The recipient of the grant will exhibit at the end of the year at the Head on Photo Festival.

Open Call for Exhibition Proposals

Filter Photo Festival
Chicago, Illinois


Filter Photo welcomes photographic proposals of all types, whether traditional or experimental, or coming from an emerging curator or a veteran artist. Filter Photo hopes to attract a broad range of proposals that reflect the creative diversity of the contemporary photographic community.

Accepted proposals will receive:
-A 4 to 6 week exhibition at Filter Space to take place 2018 – 2019.
-At least 1 exhibition reception, with refreshments provided
-The opportunity to host an event in conjunction with the exhibition (e.g. a workshop or artist’s talk)
-Exhibition marketing including printed postcards, an email blast to Filter Photo’s mailing list, coverage on Filter Photo’s blog, and other social media promotion
-A small stipend to help cover exhibition costs (variable—for more information click here)
-A discount of 10% for all exhibition artwork produced through LATITUDE, a nonprofit digital lab that adjoins Filter Space
This Year’s Exhibition Review Panel
-Catherine Edelman, Owner and Director, Catherine Edelman Gallery
-Karen Irvine, Associate Director and Curator, Museum of Contemporary Photography
-Zora J. Murff, Independent Artist
-Jennifer Murray, Executive Director, Filter Photo
-Jessica Pierotti, Executive Director, LATITUDE
-Jay Wolke, Professor, Photography Department, Columbia College Chicago and Filter Photo Board Member

Rfotofolio Call for Entry 2017


Everyone views a photograph in a different way, so this year we are pleased to say we have invited three jurors to view the work along with us at Rfotofolio. Barbara Bullock-Wilson, David Carol, and Willie Osterman. We are honored they accepted our invitation.

This is an open call. All media are welcome, including but not limited to traditional film, digital, collage, and alternative processes.
Finalist will be included in our on-line gallery, future interviews, future publications, and future exhibitions.




Cultural Center of Cape Cod
Cape Cod, MA


The Cultural Center of Cape Cod invites artists worldwide to submit images for our UPLIFTING ART 2017 elevator door competition. Three images will be selected, one for each elevator door in the Cultural Center’s Education Wing. The images, provided as high resolution digital files, will be reproduced on material to be affixed to the elevator doors for one year. The Cultural Center directors will jury.



L.A. Photo Curator: “Senses working Overtime” with curator Peter Bennett


Note from Bennett: “One of the first things I talk to my students about is the challenge of experiencing a scene or subject with four or five of our senses and then translating those feelings into a two-dimensional frame and image. I might be standing on a beach, watching a beautiful sunset, feeling the sand beneath my feet, listening to the waves crash and the gulls chirp and smelling the salty ocean breezes, but how do I distill all the sensory information, other than visual, into a photograph?

To successfully achieve my goal, I have to focus on what visually, and only visually, is contributing to and invoking my feelings about the subject. More importantly I must exclude things that are not contributing to that feeling or distracting from it.

Please submit photographs of subjects or scenes that you feel have successfully captured a number of senses. Can you smell the delicious plate of food you shot? Can you feel the cool autumn breezes of the rural landscape you photographed or the sound of a creek gurgling by?

I would also say we have more than five senses, so maybe you feel the aura of the person you are photographing, the love or anger they are conveying, or simply the glow they feel with the warmth of the light upon their face.

There is no wrong way to do this, I just ask that you explore a variety of feelings outside the purely visual one and see what is there. Light, shadow, color and texture are the obvious components we use in our work, but what is underneath them for us to explore?”

Peter Bennett, born in New York City and raised in Greenwich Village, has been a successful travel and environmental photographer for over 25 years and has his work appear in numerous publications and books worldwide. In 2015 he formed Citizen of the Planet, LLC, devoted exclusively to the distribution of his work and stories on sustainability and environmental subjects. Since 2009 Peter has been teaching and leading workshops at the Los Angeles Center of Photography (formally Julia Dean Photo Workshops). Peter has been photographing and documenting the Los Angeles River since 2008, one of its most transformative periods. His work on the river has been exhibited in numerous recent shows and will be the subject of an upcoming book.

20% of all artist fees go to two charities a month. They’re split between the curator’s favorite charity and the first place winner’s favorite charity.

Peter Bennett has chosen Friends of the L.A. River as his charity.



The Forsaken

Southeast Center for Photography
Greenville, South Carolina


The Forsaken, places and belongings that once mattered, that have been left behind. Things once being of importance to humans …personal items, homes, special places, letters, etc. Anything that has been left behind or replaced . Any place or property that once had the importance to another.

The SE Center is looking for all forms of imagery of the Forsaken, black-and-white and color, analog, digital or antique processes, photographers of all skill levels and locations are welcome.

Our juror for Forsaken is Terri Cappucci. Cappucci is a photographic artist who grew up in Bernardston, Massachusetts, a small farming community on the Vermont border. She began her career as staff photojournalist for a large daily newspaper and moved on to full time freelance work with the Boston Globe and the New York Times. Terri is best known for her twenty-year documentary in South Africa, a film-based project photographed from 1994-2014 which was on display in Doric Hall at the Massachusetts State House, in Boston. She received her MFA in Photography from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst andis a working artistand educator in western Massachusetts.

Her current project “Rescued Existence” is a documentary depicting places that no longer inhabit life and have been left untouched as they were before the space was no longer occupied. The project also includes audio sound effects along with a narrated story.



topography magazine issue #1: family


This theme is open to interpretation, as is the nature of family. we’re looking for a broad range of stories so if you can make it fit, submit! in your summary please explain how your story links to the theme of family.



Plastic Fantastic Show VIII

Lightbox Photographic Gallery
Astoria, Oregon


LightBox Photographic Gallery is pleased to announce the call for submissions for the eighth annual Plastic Fantastic Show. This group show celebrates the love LightBox has for photographic images made with plastic “toy” cameras. We are looking for pure Toy Camera Photography and will consider images shot with film only, using plastic, pinhole, box or homemade cameras. No digital photography will be considered. LightBox established this show to celebrate the gallery’s anniversary every year.


LightBox is very honored to have Susan Burnstine as juror once again for the Plastic Fantastic Show. Susan is an award winning professional fine art photographer based in Los Angeles who builds homemade cameras and lenses primarily made out of plastic, vintage camera parts and random household objects. Susan is represented in galleries across the world, her images are mesmerizing and dreamlike, using film with the purity of the process as a vital element, without relying on digital processing.




Photography as Response

Center For Fine Art Photography
Fort Collins, CO


Photographic art as response to environmental concerns, human rights, personal freedoms, religions, governments and the global human condition. Send us your photo-based work that fits the call. All genres, subjects, capture types and photographic processes both traditional and unique are eligible for selection by the juror. Let’s start some much needed conversations!

Photography as Response provides photographers with a platform to address current local and global social issues. We will print select photographs/artwork alongside associated issues in a four page, broadsheet flyer for national distribution as well as promote artists in the Center’s gallery and online exhibitions. In addition, the Center will host a series of community conversations with artists and field experts. Our goal is to produce a high quality exhibition and foster community dialog to energize research and action.

JUROR | Christy Havranek
Christy Havranek is the Photo Director at the Huffington Post. With 17 years experience in photo and digital media, she has previously worked in a variety of industries, all centered on photography: Frommer’s Travel, NBC Universal, Polo Ralph Lauren and Bloomsbury Publishing, among others.

Artists selected for exhibition by our Juror are invited to attend the Artist Immersion Weekend. The Immersion Weekends include a Public Reception followed by a dinner on the town, a Private Portfolio Review with the juror, Christy Havranek, and Hamidah Glasgow, and a group Portfolio Share with Professional Development Discussion. All selected artists are included in the Main Gallery Exhibition and Online Gallery seen by an international audience.



Darkroom Gallery
Essex Jct., VT


INFO:  Abstraction in art and photography is defined as the use of a visual language of               color, shape, form, and line to create an image that may exist with an independence from visual references in the real world. For this exhibition, we’re seeking photos in which color, form, design, and shape take the place of a representation of reality. Think of peeling paint, ripples on water, patterns in concrete or asphalt.



Cartier-Bresson Passporte Prize for Street Photography


Images of street photography can depict the atmosphere of a space and the soul of its inhabitants by opening a window onto life in the locality. We are looking for your photographs that represent the contemporary street.
The Cartier-Bresson Passporte Prize in Street Photography is juried by Stephanie Heimann, the Photo Director for the New Republic and recipient of the prestigious 2017 Magazine Picture Editor of the Year from the National Press Photographers Association.
– Juror’s Award: US $300 for one photographer
– Director’s Award: US $200 for one photographer
– Honorable Mentions
Photos from eligible submissions will be selected for a group exhibition displayed on, and highlighted through social media.

The Art of Living

ACCI Gallery
Berkeley, California

The Art of Living – How we live. Where we live. Who we are. At work, at play, in celebration, and in contemplation. All genres invited, street, documentary, portrait, conceptual photography – work in any style that illustrates the theme.
$1,000 in awards. Gallery Award finalists will have their work exhibited at ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, California, September 1-24, 2017. Portfolio Award finalists will have their work featured on
Open to all photographers worldwide. Printing and framing available to make it easy for finalists to participate.



Black and White

PhotoPlace Gallery
Middlebury, VT


For this exhibition we are looking for work that tells a story, recites a poem, or simply gives beauty to the viewer, without significant use of the color spectrum. We are especially drawn to the sense of timelessness that monochromatic images can convey. All photo-based capture methods and processes are welcome.

Juror: Jennifer Schlesinger



The International Print Exhibition 160

Royal Geographical Society


The Royal Photographic International Photography Exhibition.

Open submission calling for engaging, visually striking and inspiring work across all genres. Selected work will be exhibited in a nationwide touring exhibition opening in London in October 2017




Float Magazine: Alternative Realiy


Our next online exhibition will be curated by Ashley Kauschinger !


Ashley Kauschinger is an artist, educator, and Founding Editor of the online photography magazine Light Leaked. She lives in Columbia, SC where she is a professor at the University of South Carolina.


Float Magazine invites artists to submit to the exhibition, Alternative Reality.

This includes any interpretation from physically constructed and manipulated to staged scenes to documentary imagery.


This exhibition is FREE to enter.



I Wonder

The Curated Fridge
Somerville, MA


– Theme:
desire or be curious to know something.
synonyms: ponder, think about, meditate on, reflect on, muse on, puzzle over, speculate about, conjecture; be curious about.

The Curated Fridge latest Call for Entrée is here and it’s a biggie!
One selected artist, chosen by gallery owner and collector, Arlette Kayafas, will exhibit three of their submitted photographs in the back room of Gallery Kayafas in Boston during the whole run of the Summer Fridge Show (June/August)
Just to clarify, The Curated Fridge Summer Show will run as usual and the applicants will have to submit three to six prints for consideration. One of the participating artists will be selected as the big winner and will be contacted to submit high resolution files (We will take care of printing, as long as the winner is not local). And all of this for free! How cool is that?




Gallery 19
Chicago, IL



Gallery19 announces a call for entries for our first annual juried competition, Gallery19 Meed1. Photographers at all experience levels are invited to submit work.  Artists selected as finalists will have their work exhibited (and available for purchase*) at Gallery19 for the month of August, 2017. ** As competition judge, JENNIFER MURRAY, Executive Director of Filter Photo, will review all entries, select finalists, and announce the winner at an opening reception at Gallery19, Chicago, in August of 2017.

THEME:  Kill The Messenger
Your work must examine the truths of our current global circumstance:  isolationism eclipsing universality, fomenting uncertainty and fear–a moment ripe for renewed human optimism. Test your mettle by staking your socio-political claim, and mining it to the fullest. Your task is to create a visual vocabulary which makes clear your engagement with the world around you. Be audacious in your messaging, allow your talent its fullest expression.



Curating the Unseen: Current Theme- Black and White


This contest will be judged by Kory Jean Kingsley.
Kory Jean Kingsley is an artist based in Portland, Oregon. Kory served as an editor for Aint-Bad magazine for two years. Recently, she interned at Blue Sky Gallery where she actively participated in the exhibition committee. Kory received her B.F.A. from Savannah College of Art and Design in May of 2015. Using medium and large format film, she is most attracted to the ephemeral aspects of light. Kory has exhibited her work at various venues around the United States and internationally including Egypt & Southern France. She is currently working as a photo lab operator for Pro Photo Supply and on her own time she continues to explore projects focusing on the importance of archiving family memories.




Trieste Photo Days 2017 Festival


URBAN 2017 Photo Awards, international contest organized by dotART cultural association together with and Sprea Fotografia. URBAN 2017 is divided into two sections dedicated to Urban Photography, themed photos (with 7 thematic areas: Street Photography, Architecture, Social City, Urban Art, Transport, Green Life, Visions) and Projects  and Portfolios.



Labs New Artists

Red Hook Labs
Brooklyn, New York


Red Hook Labs is pleased to announce the Open Call for the Labs New Artists exhibition–a group summer show at Labs Gallery which will include a select group of approximately 50 photographers. This exhibition will provide unparalleled exposure for the artists with comprehensive industry attendance and media coverage.



One Twelve Publishing- Diffusion Volume IX


Open Theme

Open to all photographers working in all photo-based media. Work should be from a concise portfolio series. “Best of” or single images will not be published. Please consider: Diffusion is known as an annual that highlights artfully crafted photographic artwork including, but not limited to, and-crafted, alternative process, analog, mixed media, installation, photo as object, avant-garde, experimental, assemblage, staged, abstract, etc.

Diffusion is primarily a short-run limited edition print annual magazine. We do offer digital versions of our current volumes after the print version has sold out (or in combination with a print edition purchase). Selected artists will be published in both versions.



Portfolio Showcase: Prison Photography: Landscapes, Portraits and/or Still Lifes

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


Prisons, Prison Towns, Neighbors, Families, Guards

Prison Workers, Incarcerated, Formerly Incarcerated

All processes, capture techniques and approaches to image construction are welcomed.

In each of five shows, the gallery features the portfolios of two photographers selected through a call for work.  The theme of each call is directly related to the scheduled exhibition. Portfolios of up to 12 images are shown in two ways:  prints (up to 22″ on longest side) are displayed on a stand; above, an HD monitor presents a continuous slide show of the two portfolios. The Davis Orton Gallery promotes both gallery exhibitors and portfolio showcase exhibitors through its website, press releases, banner and other forms of marketing.



GLASS 2017

Jadite Gallery
NYC, New York


The New York Center for Photographic Arts (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, etc.). Winners will receive $3,000 in cash awards, be featured in a New York Gallery Exhibition, on the NYC4PA Online Gallery and in the MACRO 2015 catalog. The Grand Prize winning image will be posted on the NYC4PA home page.

We are very excited that Winners and Juror’s Selections will have the opportunity to participate in a gallery show, October 3 – 19, 2017 at the JADITE GALLERY in the exciting Hell’s Kitchen area in Manhattan.


Is the GLASS half full or half empty?

People in GLASS houses shouldn’t throw stones.

We work on shattering the GLASS ceiling.

The ice is as smooth as GLASS.

Juror: Traer Scott




Southeast Center for Photography
Greenville, South Carolina


The landscape, whether grand or personal, has been a subject of photography since the beginning and played an important role in establishing photography as a fine art medium. Early on, both in history and most photographers experience, the landscape was one of most accessible and familiar subjects available.

The SE Center is looking for images of the landscape, whether grand vistas or more personal, intimate treatments. We’re looking for photographers who can make a statement with their landscapes, pull us in and make us want to explore.

Our juror for the Landscape- Grand or Personal is Eliot Dudik. Eliot Dudik is a photographic artist, educator, and bookmaker exploring the connection between culture, history, and politics. His first monograph, ROAD ENDS IN WATER, was published in 2010. In 2012, Dudik was named one of PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch and one of Oxford American Magazine’s 100 New Superstars of Southern Art. He was awarded the PhotoNOLA Review Prize in 2014 for his Broken Land and Still Lives portfolio, resulting in a book publication and solo exhibition. Broken Land was most recently published as a feature in the July/August 2015 issue of Smithsonian Magazine.



Monovisions Photography Awards


MonoVisions Photography Awards are an international open call for photographers using black and white medium to express their visual language.

Our aim is to discover the best monochrome photographers from all over the world and deliver the best opportunities to be recognized and rewarded for their work. You can compete in 2 sections: Black and White Photo Of The Year 2017 and Black and White Series Of The Year 2017 with $5,000 in cash prizes.





Photographers make images. Visionaries teach you how to see. The Lucie Foundation is proud to support emerging talent with vision and dynamic ideas that challenge and progress the art form of still photography into work that compels. Our support of photography is broad, from Fine Art to Documentary and Photojournalism, to digital and film-based works. Our concern is to support emerging photographers producing work that is at once gripping, and original.
The Lucie Foundation is proud to offer three cash grants to support the work of emerging photographers – one $2,500 scholarship with an open theme and two $1000 scholarships for photographers working in the fields of Fine Art or Documentary/Photojournalism.

Blended Zine


Free Submission
A new collective art zine, Blended, is searching work from artists of all ages living and working in the United States for their first volume.
Blended is accepting submissions that are 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces and written works that follow the theme. Submissions are subjected but not limited to – photography, sculpture, painting, poems, digital art, and more.

Lenswork: Seeing in SIXES


Last year’s Seeing in SIXES was such a success, we’re publishing another book in 2017! This book will feature the work of our readers — like you! perhaps you! — printed with the quality you’ve come to expect from us. This promises to be an important and substantial survey of the LensWork community: subscribers as well as non-subscribers.

Everyone who enters will receive a book (One copy per entrant.)
whether or not your work is selected for publication.

The book will be completed and printed in July 2017,
and mailed in September 2017.



Tieton Arts & Humanities 8th Annul International Call for Work

Mighty Tieton
Tieton, Washington


It’s time for Tieton Arts & Humanities’ annual call for small artwork! Now in its 8th year, 10x10x10xTieton asks artists from all over the world to submit works no larger than 10 inches x 10 inches x 10 inches. All exhibited works are published in a fully illustrated, hand bound exhibition catalog, made right here in Tieton. Every accepted artists gets one free copy.




Loosen Art Project


Take part in the group exhibition in Rome, Italy – August 2017


The exhibition for which it calls for the participation of photographers and graphic designers want to be an occasion for reflection on cultural codes and behavioral patterns that restrict an authentic approach to reality, a subject that sees a direct connection on the role of the image and its sharing in the contemporary society.




Renaissance Prize/ Getty Images
London, England


The annual prize discovers talent and celebrates the best in photography, giving image makers access to new opportunities and a world-wide audience for their work. By entering you will support charity, and you could enjoy valuable international exposure and excellent prizes.

This year the prize celebrates its 10th edition and invites entrants from anywhere in the world to enter by 26 June 2017. The exhibition of the selected finalists will take place in October in Central London.

The prize is looking to discover talent and celebrate the best in photography, giving image makers access to new opportunities and international audience for their work. Entering gives photographers the chance to have their work seen by a panel of some of the industry’s most influential photography critics, as well as being exhibited and published.

Photographers can enter single images and/or series of work. The competition is open to everyone and welcomes entries from all countries. All profit from entry fees is donated to The Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care, UK, a charity that supports younger women affected by the disease. Currently, one third of the Lavender Trust’s annual funding comes from the Renaissance Photography Prize.

The Renaissance Photography Prize exhibition presents the judges’ selection of some of the best international photography today. The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, late autumn 2017. The annual Portfolio Review will take place during the exhibition weeks, where anyone has the chance to get their work reviewed by gallery directors, curators, agents and editors.

Renaissance Photography Prize was founded in 2007 by Fiona Gifford following her diagnosis with breast cancer at the age of 34. Since then it has raised over £250,000 for the Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care.

The prize is now managed and curated by Monica Takvam with the help of a team of dedicated volunteers.



Third Annual Group Show: photography, photo-based works and videos

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


Theme: Open

Juror: Paula Tognarelli

Executive Director: Griffin Museum of Photography

All processes, capture techniques and approaches to image construction are welcomed.

Submit up to five images or single video. Maximum siize of framed prints: 20 inches on longest side.



Peaches and Cream

Photofusion Gallery


Peaches and Cream is a photography competition and exhibition run by Millennium Images a contemporary photo library in London. This year the competition seeks more then ever to celebrate the photographic arts, with a key focus in showcasing emerging photographers. Millennium has always strived to provide a platform for contemporary photography with Peaches and Cream playing a prominent part. Now in its fifth edition we are offering our winners valuable and career-advancing prizes, alongside exposure within the photography world.

Entrants are asked to submit a series of 3-10 images on any theme. Images can be in any style (documentary, art, travel etc) and of any subject, but should be suitable for hanging on a gallery wall.  A shortlist of 10 photographers will exhibit at Photofusion gallery in Brixton, where the winners will be announced.




Loosen Art Project
Milan, Italy



In the way of that vision widespread during the last century that allowed a total overturned on art role. Concepts conveyed from an image, able to enclose the sense of a vision that penetrates into the deep meaning of objects, environments, circumstances and situations that determine the man’s relationship with reality and their own experience.




Portfolio Showcase: Composites, Collage, Montage

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


Original and/or appropriated imagery

All processes, capture techniques and approaches to image construction are welcomed.

In each of five shows, the gallery features the portfolios of two photographers selected through a call for work.  The theme of each call is directly related to the scheduled exhibition. Portfolios of up to 12 images are shown in two ways:  prints (up to 22″ on longest side) are displayed on a stand; above, an HD monitor presents a continuous slide show of the two portfolios. The Davis Orton Gallery promotes both gallery exhibitors and portfolio showcase exhibitors through its website, press releases, banner and other forms of marketing.



Portfolio Showcase: Identity in America: Religion, Race, Origins

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


All processes, capture techniques and approaches to image construction are welcomed.

In each of five shows, the gallery features the portfolios of two photographers selected through a call for work.  The theme of each call is directly related to the scheduled exhibition. Portfolios of up to 12 images are shown in two ways:  prints (up to 22″ on longest side) are displayed on a stand; above, an HD monitor presents a continuous slide show of the two portfolios. The Davis Orton Gallery promotes both gallery exhibitors and portfolio showcase exhibitors through its website, press releases, banner and other forms of marketing.



ND Awards


ND Awards is now accepting submissions for the 2017 edition of our annual photo contest.

ND Awards aims to promote photography and photographers. Our idea is to create new opportunities to present most valuable work to the audiences all over the world. To build a place where photographers can show different points of view and thrive through competition.

Categories: Abstract, Architecture, Cityscapes, Fine Art, Portrait, People, Photojournalism, Nature, Landscape, Nudes, Seascapes, Street, Travel, Underwater, Urban, Wildlife.

The winners of the Professional and Amateur sections will receive the titles: Photographer of the Year and Discovery Of the Year and $7500 in cash prizes.



8th Annual Self-Published Photobook Exhibition

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


1 call for work, 2 exhibitions

Davis Orton Gallery, 2017

Griffin Museum of Photography, 2018

Jurors: Karen Davis, co-owner, curator Davis Orton Gallery

Paula Tognarelli, executive director, curator

Griffin Museum of Photography

Entrants may submit up to three different titles that are self-published photography books of any size, format, or style. Submissions will be judged on the basis of: book design including page layouts, text, cover; strength of the photography;  and emotional impact of the overall book.



Monochrome Photography Awards 2017


This is an annual award for all photographers using black and white photography.

Over a dozen categories allow entrants to specify definitions of photographic specializations and their large diversity allows adequate representation of photographers in several key areas. We’re accepting single images from the following categories: Architecture, Abstract, Conceptual, Beauty/ Fashion, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nude, Nature, People, Photomanipulation, Photojournalism, Portrait, Wildlife.

With the penultimate mission of celebrating monochrome visions and discovering great talents across the globe, Monochrome Photography Awards is one of the most coveted and enviable annual competitions in the field of amateur and professional photography.

We are open to all points of view, all levels of expertise, and all ideas of black and white photography. In the same vein, the winners of the Professional and Amateur categories will receive the titles: Monochrome Photographer of the Year and Monochrome Discovery of the Year along with cash prizes.