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Photo Buckhead, 2018

Buckhead Library
Atlanta, GA


The Atlanta Photography Group is now taking submissions for Photo Buckhead, 2018. This show will be juried by Michael James O’Brien, a renowned American photographer producing a diverse body of photographic work, from still lives to portraits to commercial art.

APG offers need-based-scholarships for all of our exhibitions that will cover the entrance submission fee.  Don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from sharing your vision with the world.





The Cultural Center of Cape Cod invites photographers worldwide to submit images to our online competition, FAUNA. All winners will be displayed in our online gallery at

Wildlife photography aims to capture a one-of-a-kind look at the wonders of the animal kingdom. Embrace the wilderness with animal as the subject in their most powerful, raw, vulnerable, and natural form.  Show us FAUNA through your perspective, any and all methods of capture and process are welcome.



The 2018 Click! Juried Billboard Exhibition: Writ Large Theme: Face to Face


The Click! Photography Festival is pleased to partner with Fairway Outdoor Advertising to introduce the first Click! Juried Billboard exhibition: Writ Large. This outdoor public art project will expose your work to a mass audience throughout the North Carolina Triangle during one of the hottest photo festivals in the US. This call-forart is open to all photographic processes and aesthetics and the theme is Face to Face. Click! is looking for impactful images that will make an indelible impression when viewed from distance. Click! will produce the final vinyl for display from your high resolution files.

Click! is calling all photographers to exhibit on billboards for the month of October. This exhibition will coincide with the Click! Photography Festival. The Writ LargeExhibition’s juror is Aline Smithson.

The Juror:

Aline Smithson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Lenscratch, Los Angeles



The 2018 Click! Juried Solo Cup Exhibitions

21c Museum Hotel Durham
Durham, NC


The Click! Photography Festival is pleased to partner with 21c Museum Hotel, Durham and Through This Lens Gallery to introduce the first Click! Juried Solo Cup exhibitions. We feel that one of the best ways to experience an artists vision is through a complete body of work. We will award two solo exhibitions that will expose your work to audiences at the epicenter of the festival. This call-for-art is open to all photographic processes and aesthetics and is an open theme. Click! is looking for fully realized projects and can range from traditional 2D art to installation concepts.

The Exhibits: Solo Cup

The following solo exhibitions will be awarded: an exhibition in the Vault Gallery at the 21c Museum Hotel and an exhibition at Through This Lens Gallery. The venues are located one block apart in downtown Durham, NC. These exhibitions will coincide with the Click! Photography Festival in October. Each show will be installed for the 3rd Friday Artwalk in Durham in September, 2018 and on display throughout the Click! 120 events.

The Jurors:

Alice Gray Stites
21c Museum Hotels
Museum Director, Chief Curator

Amethyst Rey Beaver
21c Museum Hotels
Assistant Curator

Nell Fortune-Greeley
21c Museum Hotels
Museum Manager at 21c Museum Hotel Durham




Open Call: Documentary


 Open Call: Documentary
Description: Documentary photography has been used to show the stories of those we are apart of and the stories that we are not. Most documentary photographs focus on historic moments, but the ones documented in a neighborhood close to home are just as impactful. We would love to see these narratives that have held your lens’s focus. For this call, we are asking for photographers to send us their best documentary work. The subject matter can be about any topic as long as the medium is photography.

Praxis Gallery: FOUND OBJECTS



Praxis Gallery seeks photographic art that explores this idiom. Submissions may be a study of the “found object” as pure visual form, detached from its history or utility. Conversely, the representation of the object may be a catalyst for exploring broader issues such as subjectivity and socialization, memory and loss, or love and death. All genres, capture types, black & white and color, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.




Unique: Alternative Processes 2018 at the A Smith Gallery

A Smith Gallery
Johnson City, TX


Photographers of all levels are invited to submit work reflecting the theme “unique: alternative processes 2018 ” to A Smith Gallery by July 23, 2018.  Eligible prints include but are not limited to cyanotype, lumens, Van Dyke, salt, chemigram, tintype, bromoil, gum bichromate, platinum/palladium, photogravure, albumen, liquid emulsion, ziatype, image transfers, kallitypes, lith prints, hand colored silver gelatin prints, encaustic and mordoncage.  Unique prints made from digital negatives are eligible.   The camera used for capture is immaterial.  The entry fee is $38 for the first 5 images and $7 for each additional image.  Thirty to thirty five images will be selected for exhibition and shown at the gallery from September 7 to November 18, 2018.  Receptions will be held on September 29 and October 27, 2017 both from 4 to 8pm.  A Blurb full color catalogue of the exhibit with all the accepted entries will be available for purchase.  Awards are $325 for Juror’s Selection, $250 for Director’s Selection and $100 for Visitors’ Award.

Juror for “Unique: Alternative Processes 2018″ will be Diana Bloomfield, fine art photographer and educator.



L.A. Photo Curator ‘The Pictorialist Photograph’


‘The Pictorialist Photograph’ curated by Bob Weil

Bob Weil says, “Although “pictorialism” is a descriptive term I’ve revived from the past to describe my own particular approach, it really refers to something all of us who “post-process” our images strive to do – to create our own spin on reality.

Pictorialism loosely refers to a style that emerged first in the late 1800s in which the photographer has somehow manipulated what would otherwise be a straightforward photograph as a means of “creating” an image rather than simply recording it. It’s the exact opposite of a snapshot or street photograph. A pictorial photograph can lack a sharp focus and establish a general mood, or isolate a subject to a surreal degree. It often incorporates elements drawn from other photographs, and may have visible brush strokes or other manipulation of the surface.”

“For the pictorialist, a photograph, like a painting, drawing or engraving, is a way of projecting an emotional intent into the viewer’s realm of imagination.” (Paraphrased from Patrick Daum, Impressionist Camera, Photography in Europe 1888 – 1918, published 2006)



L.A. Photo Curator: ‘The Pictorialist Photograph’


L.A. Photo Curator Call for Entry: ‘The Pictorialist Photograph’ curated by Bob Weil.

Bob Weil says,”Although “pictorialism” is a descriptive term I’ve revived from the past to describe my own particular approach, it’s really refers to something all of us who “post-process” our images strive to do – to create our own spin on reality.
Pictorialism loosely refers to a style that emerged first in the late 1800s in which the photographer has somehow manipulated what would otherwise be a straightforward photograph as a means of “creating” an image rather than simply recording it. It’s the exact opposite of a snapshot or street photograph. A pictorial photograph can lack a sharp focus and establish a general mood, or isolate a subject to a surreal degree. It often incorporates elements drawn from other photographs, and may have visible brush strokes or other manipulation of the surface.”
“For the pictorialist, a photograph, like a painting, drawing or engraving, is a way of projecting an emotional intent into the viewer’s realm of imagination.” (Paraphrased from Patrick Daum, Impressionist Camera, Photography in Europe 1888 – 1918, published 2006)

20% of artist fees go to charity. 10% to the curator’s charity and 10% to the first place winner’s charity.  ALL entrants work is shown on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and parts of their CV.



(Un)INHABITED – Specto Art Space

Specto Art Space
Harrisonburg Area, Virginia


(Un)INHABITED – Specto Art Space

The structures created by humans have long served as an inspiration for the artists gaze. However, the modern era has sometimes shifted that gaze to the abandoned, the decrepit, the shells of former life. We want to see your best works exploring both sides of this theme, the inhabited and the uninhabited. Show us your abandoned goodness, show us the picture perfect version of suburbia that surrounds you, show us the contrasts of growth and decay, new and old. Seeking photographers, digital artists, graphic designers, video artists, gif makers, iphoneographers, collage artists, mixed media, new media, old media, lost media, found media, whatever you want us to see!



Portfolio Showcase 4: Picturing Mental Health

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


Portraits, still life, interiors, landscapes; series that visually communicate issues related to mental health



Click! Class of 20 – Click! Portfolio Review

The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
Durham, NC


The Click! Portfolio Review has become quite the buzz and we are cranking up the volume for 2018!  We have turned the traditional model on it’s head with the intent of elevating the review experience for all.

If you are one of the Click! Class of 20 ROCK STARS — it looks like this…

  • We roll out the red carpet for your presence during Click! 120(120 hours) and celebrate you and your work at every turn.
  • You will have 12 sessions (each 30 minutes with 5 minute breaks between every session) over the course of two days (OCTOBER 3-4). Every artist is reviewed by all 12 reviewers. No rankings or preferences needed. Massage therapist on site. No joke.
  • Your bio and work will be published in our Class of 20 catalog, distributed to all reviewers, participants, and available at all VIP events.
  • Participation in our spectacular portfolio walk (Oct 4) held in the atrium of Duke University’s Nasher Museum immediately prior to Keith Carter’s keynote address.
  • Reserved VIP seating for all of Click! 120 lectures and keynotes.
  • Art Bus VIP pass
  • Invitation to the Cassilhaus private VIP party (Oct 2)
  • Invitation to the Click! VIP WTF-STOPS  BOWLING BLOW OUT (league bowling shirts available, of course)
  • Permanent recognition and link to your work on Click’s website.
  • The opportunity to engage and share your work with your fellow reviewees.
  • You have a one in twenty chance to have your entire review fee waived. We will draw a name out of our black magic bag and that lucky artist pays only for travel expenses. (And perhaps a round for the team:)



N.Y Photo Curator: ‘Regarding the Symbolic, Concerning the Real’


N.Y Photo Curator Call for Entry: ‘Regarding the Symbolic, Concerning the Real’ curated by Mary Dondero.
Dondero is interested in the many ways that some photographers create symbolic imagery while others declare their work represents reality. Dondero says that the power of visual imagery, especially the photographic, allows us to reshape time, retain memory, and perceive our mortality, which collectively affects and influences our lived experience.
Although Dondero considers the photographic image to be a fragment or relic that always conceals the whole, she is interested in the many ways that photographers attempt to reveal complete stories or knowledge.
20% of artist fees go to charity. 10% to the curator’s charity and 10% to the first place winner’s charity.
Dondero has chosen the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation as her charity. The foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research.
ALL entrants work is shown on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and parts of their CV. Early entries are featured on N.Y. Photo Curator’s Facebook and Instagram pages.




Show us what it means to be an American.

Through your photographic images, we want to see the people, places, objects, and experiences that define America, to you. There are no restrictions to the subject matters you shoot. From family and friends, to selfies and environment, we welcome all subjects, all photographic styles, and all techniques.

We simply want to see honest portraits that reflect the current realities defining our country.


The competition will select 100 winning portraits to be published in the first edition Portrait of America book.

A selection of the best images will be displayed on walls, bus benches and billboards across the country reaching millions of people. The winning images will be shown in a museum-quality exhibition in Los Angeles, and also be shown during the 2018 Los Angeles Festival of Photography and partnering photo festivals.




POST-URBAN-TEMA magazine –


 TEMA is a bi-anual independent magazine focused on documentary photography, published in Portugal by Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica. It’s portuguese and english written and features documental essays besides articles on several subjects.

THEME: POST-URBAN. All cities are mutations. The last decades gave way to the transformation of urban spaces and their semantics, its representations and identities. For its 6th volume, TEMA is welcoming documental photographic essays that discuss what is a city today, what it wants to become or the memory it has from itself facing the memory that it builds everyday. From those who inhabit it, think, enjoy and destroy it. Their motivations and expectations. The urban dream accomplished, twisted, altered, in permanent reality.




FotoFilmic PULP Gallery
Bowen Island, , Vancouver,


The fifth edition of our SOLO Exhibition Award Call for Entries  – SOLO V – is now officially open accepting applications until July 31st! Emerging and mid-career photographers working primarily on film or with other analogue processes are invited to submit up to 20 works for consideration by juror Joel Sternfeld. The winner will be awarded a 2-month solo exhibition, free participation to Joel’s October 20-21 Master Workshop in Vancouver, Canada + a $500 traveling stipend, and loads of global exposure through a feature interview, an archived FotoFilmic exhibition page & much more! Two Runners-Up will also be published.

Juried by Joel Sternfeld





For our annual issue of Aint–Bad Magazine, we have teamed up with an amazing selection of curators, editors, gallerists, educators, and publishers to offer a chance to have your work seen by some of the best names in the industry. All of our guest curators have trained eyes and know what they are looking for in a photograph. The goal of issue No.13 is to put your work directly in front of eyes of these curators.

While there is no specific theme for this call for entry, we are asking to see your best work! Take a look at the list of curators working with us on this publication. Look into their practice, see what they like. Take a look at the Aint–Bad Archives to get a sense of the imagery that we have been publishing over the last few years both online and in print. Does your work have what it takes to be selected as a printed artist in issue No. 13? Show us! Submit today! This call for entry will end on August 1st, so while you are enjoying this hot summer weather, be sure to dig through your hard drives and select work that will impress the curators, and the world!

Each curator will select two photographers from the submissions to feature and interview for the printed publication. Fifteen curators. Thirty photographers. This issue is collaboration at it’s finest. The final result will be a beautiful, hand-curated issue of the best contemporary photography in existence today. In addition to all of the above, we will partner with the curators further to exhibit work from the issue in various galleries and institutions around the world.



Open Call – Fotofestival Schiedam

Fotofestival Schiedam


Fotofestival Schiedam is an annual Dutch photography festival that explores how photographers and visual artists respond to urgent societal and cultural tendencies in contemporary society. This as expressed by their narrative and imagery, in context to other disciplines. The sixth edition of the festival takes place from 18-28 October 2018 in Schiedam.

The program team of the festival invites photographers, artists and other professionals that incorporate photography in their practice to submit existing work or proposals which engage with the 2018 theme.

The Open Call is not exclusively reserved for the photographic field or the art world. We specifically encourage professionals and students from other disciplines, who include visual methodologies as part of their research, to submit their imagery.

A wide variety of genres and work will be considered, ranging from: long term photojournalism and documentary, moving and still, multimedia, VR, internet projects, archival and collections, installations, scientific imagery, visualisations and publications as long as it responds to and incorporates photography.



Pastiche Call for Entry


Pastiche Magazine is proud to announce that submissions are officially open for our third issue!

We encourage photographers of all kind to apply.

All accepted submission will be included in the printed publication while selected submissions will be featured both online and physically.

The theme for Issue 3 is portraits! There are many ways in which a portrait may be taken. Show us what you think is your best!



Abstract, C4FAP International Photography Exhibition

The Carnegie Center for Creativity
Fort Collins, CO

Organization: The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO
Title: Abstract Call for Entry and International Photography Exhibition
Juror: Elizabeth Houston
Venue: The Carnegie Center for Creativity in Fort Collins, CO


In trying to define the undefinable, we say that abstracts have subjects transformed to their essential elements or into non-objects, or simply to non-representational images. Admittedly, Abstract is hard to define and artist interpretations are welcome as part of this conversation on a significant and current photographic direction. Emerging to established artists are encouraged to submit. All types of photographic processes and presentations are eligible.

JUROR | All images will be selected by Elizabeth Houston, Owner and Director of Elizabeth Houston Gallery, NYC. The gallery’s initiation to the contemporary scene imbues fresh voices from artists who work in the present and explore a cornucopia of facets.



Don’t Shoot Me Down- Pop Up Show in Southern California

Hermosa Beach and San Pedro
1, California


An artful dialog about guns in America. Chosen pieces will appear in either or both of two pop up shows to be held in September and October. Work will need to be dropped off the Monday before and picked up at the end of the show.

There is no webiste.  See the attached pdf.  don’t shoot me down


SI Fest OFF- Identity in the Contemporary

Savignano sul Rubicone
Savignano sul Rubicone,


SI Fest OFFthe Independent Festival of Photography and Visual Arts organized by the Associazione Cultura e Immagine, will take place in Savignano sul Rubicone (Italy) on 14-16 and 22-23 September 2018. The contest for participation will require candidates to reflect on Identity in the Contemporary.



“Abstract 2018” is proud to announce the Art Call “Abstract 2018.” There will be 7 Winners and 10 Honorable Mentions. This competition is open to all artists and photographers worldwide. The participant must be 18 years of age or older working in any still art medium, including: painting, drawing, collage, photography, digital art, and fiber art. 

The judges are looking for art of any subject created as abstraction. The artwork must be based on abstraction, where the subject or message is pushed to visual limits of abstraction so that there is little or no representation of the real world (as in nonrepresentational). The submitted artwork can be of any subject that is communicated in the power of abstraction. The composition elements of the work must rely on form, color, action, lines, marks, and texture to create a purely abstract work that engages the viewer and draws them into the intention of the artist’s work. 

All winning artworks will be featured in “Winners Showcase” with links to their websites.  Up to 10 Honorable Mentions – The artists and their artwork will be displayed in the “Honorable Mentions” Section of 


PHOTO-EMPHASIS – Looking at You: Intimate Portraiture

Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia
Athens, GA


PHOTO-EMPHASIS is pleased to announce Looking at You: Intimate Portraiture, our third exhibition juried by Jess T. Dugan.

Since the birth of photography, its practitioners have fixed their lenses on other people (and on themselves) in an attempt to capture the intricacies and complexities of the human condition. From the highly orchestrated, to the off-the-cuff; the poetry of the turned back, to the power of a subject’s unwavering gaze; we’re inexplicably and irrevocably drawn to photographs of our fellow human beings. Show us your best portraiture that reflects what it means to see and to be seen.

Looking at You: Intimate Portraiture will consist of an online exhibition hosted on the PHOTO-EMPHASIS website, as well as a physical exhibition at Corridor Gallery at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia. Corridor is a brand new gallery at Lamar Dodd, and we’re very proud to say Looking at You will be its inaugural exhibition! The opening reception will take place September 7 during the Lamar Dodd’s Fall 2018 Art Party.

30 works by 30 artists will be exhibited online. 15 of those works will be chosen for the physical exhibition.





Object Space Gallery
Spokane, WA


FROM HERE ON OUT is an upcoming photo exhibition curated by June T Sanders & Julie Gautier-Downes. We are seeking submissions from all emerging artists working within the photographic realm. Show us some recent work that you are proud of, that expresses a pivotal point in your photographic style, career, or content — and explores shifting ideas of home.

 FROM HERE ON OUT will consist of an online exhibition and a physical exhibition at Object Space Gallery in Spokane, WA



Open Call 2018

PhotoPlace Gallery
Middlebury, Vermont


Open Call 2018

PhotoPlace Gallery

Juror: Doug Beasley

The subject is entirely up to you. The capture method and processing are entirely up to you. Here is your opportunity to share that special work that you never quite got around to sharing before. So send in your best!

We are very pleased to welcome Doug Beasley as juror for Open Call 2018. He’ll select up to 35 images for exhibition in our Middlebury, Vermont gallery, and up to 40 more for our permanent online gallery. The recipients of the Juror’s Award and Director’s Award will each be entitled to a portfolio review with Doug.





First Annual Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition

Agora Gallery
New York, NY


The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition is an ideal way for Latin American artists to gain valuable exposure for their artwork and to exhibit their talent to a wider international audience. It is also an excellent opportunity to foster their talent and develop the résumé of a successful professional artist. With a distinguished panel of jurors and more than $55,000 in valuable prizes. The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition is an event not to be missed.

The competition is open for Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latin American diaspora at any stage of their careers. Artists are invited to submit in any of the following mediums: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, mixed media, and print. Art submitted to the competition will be reviewed by a rotating panel of expert jurors, each representing a different field in the art world, ensuring a fair and balanced selection process.



Seven Deadly Sins: Excellence in Photography

Cotuit Center for the Arts
Cotuit, MA


Cotuit Center for the Arts, one of the most dynamic year-round cultural institutions on Cape Cod, seeks photography for its August 2018 show, Seven Deadly Sins. Interpret this theme in your own unique way.

Juror: Amy Arbus




A Smith Gallery
Johnson City,, TX


Photographers of all levels are invited to submit work reflecting the theme “interiors” to A Smith Gallery by August 20, 2018. Entries of 11 or more images are entitled to a review of submitted entry images by the gallery directors.  The entry fee is $38 for the first 5 images and $7 for each additional image.  Fifty to fifty five images will be selected for exhibition and shown at the gallery from October 5 to November 18, 2018.  A reception will be held on October 27, 2018 from 4 to 8pm.  A Blurb full color catalogue of the exhibit with all the accepted entries will be available for purchase.  Awards are $325 for Juror’s Award, $250 for Director’s Award, three Juror Honorable Mentions each receiving an exhibition catalogue, discretionary Director Honorable Mentions each receiving an exhibition catalogue and $100 for Visitors’ Award.

Juror for “interiors” will be Elizabeth Avedon, independent curator, photography book designer and writer.



2018 National Juried Photography Exhibition

Wicford Art Association
North Kingstown, Rhode Island


The Wickford Art Association’s 2018 National Juried Photography Exhibition is your opportunity to exhibit the best of your photographic work at one of Southern New England’s finest art galleries. Open to non-members and members alike, there is no theme to constrain you. Unleash your creativity and vision, and watch them say “Wow!”. Any photographic genre, substrate, process or perspective is eligible.

Juror: Paula Tognarelli




2018 National Alternative Processes Competition

Soho Photo Gallery
New York, NY


Soho Photo Gallery is pleased to announce the 14th Annual Alternative Processes Competition. The gallery is New York City’s longest running co-operative photography gallery.

Juror: Dan Burkholder





Our third printed issue of AAP Magazine will feature the best projects showcasing the theme “Travels”. It’s summertime, show us your vacation snapshots, reflect on past adventures or some sense of travel that’s deeper than the usual kind. You know, not just travel – inner travel.

We are looking for your travel photographs, near and far, to the edge of the earth and to the places perhaps known only to you. Whether you’re hauling around a view camera and a tripod or just pulling a mobile phone out of your back pocket, we want to see what you’ve captured and how you’re telling your story.

There’s a world out there to explore. Open your eyes to its landscapes, people, cultures – on your doorstep or 10,000 km away. Expand our horizons and send us your best portfolios!






Autumn, or fall, marks the transition from summer to winter and is experienced at different times of the year depending on geographical location and cultural norms. Wherever deciduous trees are found, autumn brings a colour change in leaves from green to orange, red and gold. Autumn is often associated with thankful harvests and the start of the new school year and sports seasons. It fosters wistful acknowledgement that winter is coming, suggests coming decay, and that moment when someone or something is past its prime. Share your interpretation of AUTUMN with words or images.

The mission of ArtAscent is to promote artists of images and words, and connect them with art lovers. This is accomplished by calls for artists and writers, artist profiling, art magazine publication, and artist and writer online showcasing. Each call is theme based, with the intent to showcase diverse creative explorations of that theme via various media. This marketing tool is created by artists and writers, for artists and writers. This is our art! ArtAscent provides opportunity for the voice of writers and vision of artists to shared in a professional and accessible platform. We are a bright community of creatives and art lovers.



Photo Book Exhibition – Click! Photography Festival

Horse & Buggy Press
Durham, NC


The Click! Photography Festival is pleased to announce our first Click! Photo Book Exhibition. Winners will be exhibited at Horse & Buggy Press during the Click! Photography Festival on October 6th at 1p.m. Entries will be eligible for one of three purchase awards given by the Joseph C. Sloane Art Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Books should be self-published or hand made and primarily photographic in nature, though other mediums are allowed. Submissions should be books of your own work or a collaboration.




Portfolio Showcase 5: Over the Photograph

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


In each of six shows, the gallery features the portfolios of two photographers selected through a call for work.  The theme of each call is directly related to the scheduled exhibition. Portfolios of up to 12 images are shown in two ways:  prints (up to 22″ on longest side) are displayed on a stand; above, an HD monitor presents a continuous slide show of the two portfolios.

All processes, capture techniques and approaches to image construction are welcomed: camera: film, digital, phone, scanner, b/w, color, collage/montage, alternative processes, Calls for Work are open to all photographers internationally over the age of 18. The Davis Orton Gallery promotes both gallery exhibitors and portfolio showcase exhibitors through its website, press releases, banner and other forms of marketing.




SE Center For Photography
Greenville, SC


The Contemporary Portrait. Portraits can represent individuals in many different ways. They can be literal representations of a person or they can represent a person symbolically. By the turn of the 20th century, photographs had become the most accessible and popular mode of portraiture.

Our juror for the The Contemporary Portrait is Steve Diamant. Steve is the Founder and President of Arcadia Contemporary and sits on the board of the Fine Art Dealers Association (FADA). Arcadia was founded in 2001 with a mission to exhibit highly skilled, representational artists. Originally located in the center of Manhattan’s creative, Soho District, the gallery attained international renown for featuring works that revealed their creators’ ability to paint and draw well in concert with unique, signature styles.

35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date. In addition, the SE Center announces the SE Center Purchase Award. One image, from those selected for inclusion in the exhibition, may be purchased from the artist for inclusion in the SE Center’s collection.



Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Gallery by the Lake
Lake Charles, LA 70601


This photography contest has been developed for the purposes of promoting bird/nature photography of the Gulf Coast Birds which frequent the Louisiana and Texas coastal areas. These areas are ripe with hundreds of species of wild birds which we enjoy on a daily basis.



National Portrait Gallery Fifth Triennial Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition

National Portrait Gallery
Washington DC,


The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery announces an open call from May 28 through Sept. 3, 2018 for submissions to its fifth triennial Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition. Established in 2006, the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition invites artists (18 and over) living and working in the United States to submit one portrait for consideration. Selected artworks are featured in a museum exhibition and some artists are awarded prizes. This year, the competition will focus on broadening the definition of portraiture while highlighting the genre’s relevance in contemporary art and culture.

The competition welcomes all media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, textiles, video, performance and digital or time-based media.



Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards

Paris Photo


Initiated in November 2012 by Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo, the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards celebrate the photobook’s contribution to the evolving narrative of photography, with three major categories: First PhotoBook, PhotoBook of the Year, and Photography Catalogue of the Year.

The First PhotoBook Prize A $10,000 prize will be awarded to the photographer(s)/artist(s) whose first finished, publicly available photobook is judged to be the best of the year. Twenty books from this category will be selected for the shortlist, presented to the Jury for the final selection and exhibited during Paris Photo.

The PhotoBook of the Year Prize This prize will be awarded to the photographer(s)/artist(s), and publisher responsible, for the photobook judged to be the best of the year. Ten books from this category will be selected for the shortlist, presented to the Jury for the final selection and exhibited during Paris Photo.

The Photography Catalogue of the Year Prize Awarded to the publication, publisher, and/or organizing institution responsible for the exhibition catalogue or museum publication judged to be the best of the year. Five books from this category will be selected for the shortlist, presented to the Jury for the final selection and exhibited during Paris Photo.




Loosen Art Project
Milan, Italy



The theme of the present call refers to the space that delimits, separates and at the same time brings into contact what is inside and outside of any physical material object.

The surface understood as a place of contact through which we grasp meanings and informations that can involve us with the different senses, a space that, in our being and live fluidly, becomes fundamental in the relationship with everything that belongs to the real world, that are living beings or not.



Woven Tale Press Photography Competition


Woven Tale Press Photography Competition: Open to film, digital, Polaroid, photo collage, any photographic form. Can include mixed media, as long as the origin of the work is photographic. Cash prizes, first place award, one-week stay in expanded 1909 charming cape in the legendary Hamptons, NY, destination to artists from around the world; home to the Pollack-Krasner House, Parrish Art Museum, contemporary art galleries;  accommodations for two; one block to  NYC train, Atlantic ocean beach and town; full amenities; flexible bookings.



ND Awards 2018


The highly acclaimed ND AWARDS is a melting pot of some of the world’s most outstanding and talented souls in the field of photography where recognition, prestige and publicity are instantaneously gained by the winning entry. This is an open invitation. Join us and take part in the competition!





JUROR: Ann M. Jastrab

The New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, color etc.). Winners will receive a total of $2,300 in cash awards, be featured in the NYC4PA Online Gallery and Award winners catalog. The Grand Prize winning image will be posted on the NYC4PA home page.

In lieu of our usual summer greeting NYC4PA invites you to celebrate summer with an special call for entry this year.   The theme, simply and naturally, is “SUMMER”.  Any images that represent summer to you are welcome.   For those in the northern hemisphere summer is from June through September and in the southern hemisphere November through March.  Whichever months your summer spans it is the season of long days, warm temperatures, swimming, beaches, lakes, pools, and street hydrants splashing.  It is also the season of charitable summer camps for inner city youth and temporarily halted school romances.  As you can see the scope is broad from sun tanning and baseball to kids making the best of it in city streets and bathing suits drying on the line. How do you capture summer? 



Propeller magazine: Propaganda


Propeller magazine Open Call #3 Propaganda

The spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause or a person; ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause.



Portfolio Showcase 6: Moved to Act

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


Demonstrations, Marches, Political Actions



SHADOWS Call for Exhibition


Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy. January 2019

FREE ENTRY Photographers are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme

As many philosophers testify, Plato in the first place, the shadow since ancient times has always been the object of symbolic interpretations and associations, becoming a reason for reflection on the human condition and its existence.

The present call invites photographers to propose shots in which the shadow is called to play a role that is not only metaphorical on the philosophical or conceptual level, but also as a compositional element of an image that, in contrast with the light, confers more pathos to a scene and / or a subject.



Chromatic Photography Awards 2018


Chromatic Awards is an international competition of color photography open to both professionals and amateurs. Participation in the Chromatic Awards offers not only prestige, but also the opportunity to win extra money for the development of passion.
As such, every professional and amateur photographer from every corner of the world is invited and urged to participate in the very first edition of this international prestigious photographic competition dedicated to color photography where 20 categories will be adjudicated by an international jury composed of magazine editors, gallery curators, professional agents and other industry professionals.
By taking part in the competition, Chromatic Awards accords you a chance that is otherwise fleeting or nonexistent in other platforms. Being noticed can help further your career path and give additional experience and opportunities previously denied from you.
2017 Grand Prize is $2.000 for Professional Winner and $1.000 For Amateur Winner.
This year’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners along with the Honorable Mentions handpicked by book editors from both the Professional and Amateur levels will likewise be published in our Chromatic Awards Annual Book.

PCNW 22ND Juried Exhibtion

Photographic Center North West
Seattle, Washington


Open to all photographers. Open theme.

Jurors: Conor Risch, PDN Senior Editor, Lara Behnert, Starbucks Senior Manager, Creative




9th Annual PHOTOBOOK 2018

Davis Orton Gallery
Hudson, NY


1 call, 2 exhibits: Davis Orton Gallery & Griffin Museum of Photography, Jurors: Paula Tognarelli, Karen Davis



The Annual International Competition

The Print Center
Philadelphia, PA


The Annual International Competition is one of the most prestigious and oldest competitions in the United States. The Print Center is particularly interested in highlighting local, national, and international artists who utilize photography and printmaking in intriguing ways, both in content and process. Winners will be selected by Keliy Anderson-Staley and Katherine Ware. Anderson-Staley is a Houston-based artist whose work was introduced to us through our 84th Annual International Competition in 2010. Ware is the Curator of Photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art.





Loosen Art

Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy. February 2019

The pictures that will take part in this exhibition will represent a continuum of that dialogue between the visual arts and the arts of movement, dance and performing arts, made manifest since their first developments and in which the art history has found an essential bond. From the plastic arts of Canova, to the pictorial ones of Matisse, Degas and Impressionists, to the performative experiences of the neo-avant-gardes documented through photographs and videos during the 60s / 70s, as no less are the testimonies expressed by the dance world starting from Martha Grahm and Merce Cunningham.
Even the gestural component in general finds in this call an important channel of expression, where the body language is subjected to new analyzes that investigate the behavior and lifestyles of man in the modern age.




Monochrome Awards 2018


Monochrome Awards 2018

This is an annual award for all photographers using black and white photography.
The winners of the Professional and Amateur sections will receive the titles: Monochrome Photographer of the Year and Monochrome Discovery of the Year and $3000 in cash prizes.

We’re accepting single images from the following categories: Architecture, Abstract, Conceptual, Beauty/ Fashion, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nude, Nature, People, Photomanipulation, Photojournalism, Portrait, Wildlife.




16th Annual Photo Contest


Multiple categories.



Open Call: In the In-Between Seeks Portfolios for Publications


In the In-Between welcomes project submissions for portfolio features, interviews, and photobook reviews. All submissions remain on file for 1 year and are reviewed 4 times annually. All photographic genres are considered for publication, and we value work that demonstrates new, innovative, and critical approaches to photographic authorship.