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01/01/2021 – 12/31/2021

Innovate Grant – 2021 Call for Photographers

Innovate Grant is now accepting submissions for 2021 Cycles. Innovate Grant awards (2) $550.00 grants each quarter (in the Q1: Winter, Q2: Spring, Q3: Summer, and Q4: Fall), to one Visual Artist and one Photographer. In addition to receiving a grant award, winners will be featured and recognized on our website and join a growing community of vibrant and talented artists. For more information and to apply visit

Innovate Grant supports photographers and artists through quarterly grants. We’ve simplified the grant process, so that artists and photographers can focus on making their innovative work. The work should speak for itself and our application reflects that.

How to Apply:
Photographers and visual artists, 18 years and older, from all around the world, are eligible to apply. All media and genres are accepted. All applicants retain the right to the work they submit.



Black & White

auburn art gallery

Los Angeles, CA

Whether you’re shooting on black and white film or editing from digital – show us what you’ve got! Any and all of your best black & white images will be considered. The exhibition will be held in person at the DTLA gallery (open by appointment) and virtually on our Flickr page. Email for more information.



Here & Now

Gallery 263

Cambridge, MA

Gallery 263 invites artists based in the United States to submit work that presents their understanding of themselves and the history of self-portraiture for “Here & Now,” a national call for art. Juried by Francine Weiss, the Senior Curator at the Newport Art Museum in Rhode Island. All visual and performance media (2D, 3D, time-based) will be considered.



Travelled Paths

Decode Gallery is excited to announce our December exhibition! The theme is: Travelled Paths. Views from the open road, sights well hunted or stumbled upon. Life has many paths, and the best ones offer interesting things to see. Let us explore through your lens. This theme is open to your interpretation. We are looking forward to seeing what you create!

Open to photographers of all ages, nationalities, and levels of experience.



30 Over 50

Center For Fine Art Photography

Fort Collins, CO

We are interested in photo-based artists that are fifty years old and older for this online exhibition. Too often youth is rewarded and age is neglected. Our aim is to celebrate those who have been practicing their photo-based art or photography for a long time and those who have only recently discovered their artistic talent.

Juror: Gordon Stettinius



Creation in Crisis

This is a call for applicants to tackle the largest challenge of our age. The Climate Crisis is a terrifying and nebulous topic so this is a call to action to bring this urgent topic to the forefront of emerging photography.
The Climate Crisis is an issue that affects us all, yet can be a difficult subject to pursue in a creative capacity. It is even more problematic given that we are all complicit in the system that gives rise to the problem. A system from which it is impossible to extricate ourselves. Regardless of ones own wishes simply going about ones day in the UK (for example) means 20-30 kgs of green house gases are released per person on our behalf.

It is easy to choose to avoid or ignore the issue, as it is such a complicated and challenging topic to explore in creative work. The Agenda.Earth grant aims to support those that want to engage with the most urgent issue of our age. We hope that this platform and the associated grant will provide a home for creatives that have been, and continue to grapple with this issue.



International Artist Residencies

Arquetopia Foundation


Now in its twelfth year, Arquetopia Foundation is a multiple award-winning nonprofit arts and cultural foundation with a social scope that is internationally established on three continents. Our mission emphasizes critical thinking, a commitment to reciprocity, and a sense of ethics at the core of all artistic practices. Our customized, professional International Artist-in-Residence Programs are among the largest and most reputable worldwide. All of our multinational artist residency programs are unique, with an array of content anchored in local knowledge, critical academic perspectives, and a solid structure of collaborations with prominent cultural institutions, renowned experts, and notable artists. Our residency sites are located in four distinct cultural regions selected for their historical importance, influence and artistic contribution to the world: Puebla and Oaxaca in Mexico, Cusco in Peru, and Naples in southern Italy.



Feminine / Masculine

PH21 Gallery

Budapest, Hungary

Portrayals of femininity and masculinity are, without doubt, central to a number of art forms, photography not being an exception. The past few decades have given rise to – often heated – discussions and criticisms of past, recent, and current photographic practices for their lack of reflection on the assumptions, stereotypes, and prejudices surrounding photographic approaches to femininity and masculinity. Fine art and commercial works alike have been critiqued for the potential consequences of their approach and presentation. Historically femininity and masculinity have been conceived, among others, as oppositions, as complements of each other, or as positions on a continuum. There are hardly any ways of portraying femininity and masculinity that would or could not be considered trivial, conservative, pretentious, demeaning, distasteful, clichéd or even offensive by some. It often seems that everything has been both said and photographed about this subject, and yet, it is not possible to ignore the persistence of the theme in our contemporary visual culture. What is it that we can still value and possibly revive from the rich history of photography; are there any novel ways left to approach this subject with a fresh critical eye?



On the Move: Juried Competition and Exhibition

Dallas Center for Photography

Dallas, TX

We are constantly on the move in our daily lives. Walking, driving, dancing, exercising. Photographing movement can reflect a myriad of stories that tell of new beginnings, pure enjoyment, restlessness, chaos, and the simplicity of just being. Whether you capture the idea of movement, the anticipation before the action, or the blur of the moment, DCP invites you to submit images that uniquely embody the art of motion.

This call for entry welcomes submissions from all levels of photographers. Selections will be featured in an exhibition in the DCP Gallery in January 2022.

This competition is not open to former or current DCP employees, instructors, board members, corporate sponsors and partner companies, or their immediate families.



Narrative ~ Figments or Fragments

Praxis Gallery

Minneapolis, MN

The photograph’s power as a narrative tool is derived from the impression that what is captured within the frame is an accurate representation of what actually occurred at a specific moment in time. As complete or comprehensive as any narrative may appear to be, it will always be subject to a process of including some elements and excluding others. These inclusions and exclusions are a crucial part of what photographic storytelling is all about; that which is presented within the frame to the viewer – and that which is left out or left to the viewer’s imagination.

Praxis Gallery seeks the submission of photographic art that explores the development of visual narratives through the still image. Stories may take any shape or form. They may be literal or fantasy, documentary, or fiction; complex or minimal. All genres, capture types, black & white and color, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.



Rust Belt Biennial

Following the success of the inaugural RUST BELT BIENNIAL in the Fall of 2019, and as we all push through the pandemic we are excited to announce the SHOW MUST GO ON – winter celebration of photography from around the globe with a special focus on work realized throughout the Rust Belt Region and industrial regions alike around the world.

The Rust Belt, and its people, have known hardships and taught us all about resilience. As we make history together, coming out of a once in a century pandemic, we decided to open the RUST BELT BIENNIAL to photographers and photographic work from all around the world.

We are proud to announce Hercules Papaioannou, Curator at the Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki (Greece), as the competition juror. We are honored to collaborate with the Mahady Gallery at Marywood University, in Scranton, Penn., where the Biennial will be held from January 29th to March 5th of 2022 (opening reception TBA). $4000 in cash prizes overall.



Artist in Residence

TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image

Philadelphia, PA

TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image in partnership with the Photographer’s Green Book (PGB) is accepting applications for its 2022 Artist Residency program.

The intentions of the program are to assist talented, self-directed and committed artists in the creation of work by providing necessary financial support, access to high-end facilities and proper technical assistance and education. Our hope is to create an inclusive and transformative experience that enriches the individual artist and the communities they represent.



Street Photography

Analog film photography association

Orlando, FL

The Analog Film Photography Association (AFPA) announces a call for entries for its upcoming exhibition on theme, “Street Photography”. The exhibition is open to all photographers world wide, both amateur and professional. Both Film and Digital is accepted.




PhotoPlace Gallery

Middlebury, VT

Even the most mundane of human activities leaves evidence of its existence. Old letters and shopping lists, a once-loved stuffed animal left on the swing set, fragments of an old wedding dress, traces of writing on a long-since erased chalkboard, all speak of the passage of time. Larger human activities leave boarded-up storefronts, crumbling infrastructure and repurposed structures. No matter the scale, they all leave a nostalgic hint of irretrievable past and, ultimately, of our mortality.

For this exhibition, we seek images that hint of humans come and gone by the evidence left behind. All capture and processing methods welcome.

We are very pleased that Jeff Curto will be jurying and curating this exhibition. He will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 40 for our Online Gallery. All 75 selected images will be reproduced in the exhibition print catalog and remain permanently on our website, with links to photographer’s URL.



In the City – L.A. Photo Curator

Not all of us live in a City, but I’m certain most of us have at one time in our lives crossed the threshold from moutainous terrain, or embarked on a desert adventure, and slowly re-entered an awe inspiring landscape of buildings and activity unfold from that place of silence before your eyes.

It can be a striking transformation of emotion to witness a skyline of glass and metal highrise against a pre-dawn mountain backdrop with thick black clouds flowing across the scene after a solid night of rain. It heightens the senses and quickens ones pulse to descend through the clouds on a flight into a sea of glittering lights and streams of movement below, and it has always made me feel HOME.

Whatever The City means to you, that jaw dropping black shadow across gleaming asphalt and a rush of pedestrians downtown, a fantastic grafitti’d mural setting the tone of an architectural environment, wild neon reflecting into a public fountain at midnight, the construction of the new and modern invading an old neighborhood, or an out of place object set against a Boardwalk Beach, We want to see it.



Call for Exhibition Proposals

Filter Photo Festival

Chicago, IL

Filter Photo hosts an annual call for proposals for the exhibition calendar at Filter Space. We welcome photography proposals of all types, whether traditional or experimental or coming from an emerging curator or a veteran artist. Filter Photo hopes to attract a broad range of proposals that reflect the creative diversity of the contemporary photography community. Proposals will be reviewed by Filter Photo Staff, alongside an outside Exhibition Advisory Committee.

As Filter Photo is dedicated to serving and supporting the contemporary photography community, all exhibition proposals should relate to photography and/or lens-based artwork. This definition is purposefully open-ended; moving-image work, installations, and performances related to photography may all be included in proposals. Artists, curators, and collectives are all welcome to submit proposals. For example, a single artist could submit a proposal for a solo show, or a collective could submit a proposal for a large group show. Proposals will be reviewed by Filter Photo Staff, alongside an outside Exhibition Advisory Committee.



Empty Places: Abandoned Spaces

Praxis Gallery

Minneapolis, MN

Through the visual representation of abandoned spaces, artifacts of history are at once fresh and new, ancient, and decayed. The past continues to live in these forsaken, ruined, or empty spaces and we ask—Who were the people who lived and worked here? What were their lives like? What were their stories? What happened to them in these spaces?

Praxis Gallery seeks the submission of photographic art that explores the visual and social significance of abandoned space-where derelict factories, churches, private houses, or other empty places serve as the basis for creative investigation. All genres, capture types, color and black & white, traditional, and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.



Localhost Virtual Artist Residency

Localhost is a place for experimentation. This residency is both an experiment itself, and a place to try and share new things. As the Localhost community continues to grow, we’re aiming to be a strong support network for artists. The residency mission is to provide space for artists to share their work and ideas, and to pay them!

This year, we will select one artist for every month starting in February (taking time off in January) for a total of 11 selected artists. All mediums are accepted. Projects which mix multiple media types are also welcome. Let’s try something new and take risks together!

It is free to submit.




Theme: Portraits and other imaginings of people tell such great stories. They evoke emotion. They suggest deeper meaning. They tell us about someone else, and maybe even ourselves. Sometimes they’re just beautiful. Or shocking. Or surprising. Share your PEOPLE with words or imagery.

Eligible Submissions: Entries may include 2- and 3-dimensional media, such as paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, installations, ceramics, jewelry, fabric, sculpture, photos of performance art, fiction, poetry, short stories and other written explorations (up to 1,800 words). Submissions must be the original work of the applicant(s). Apply using the online form.

Highlights: Publication in a brilliant art magazine and online 2-year exhibition. Four top applicants will receive a feature section with a profile written about them. Up to 40 applicants will be selected for the full exhibition, all to be showcased in the magazine and the juried online exhibition.



Borderline Press Call

We are currently accepting submissions to our inaugural group zine. We are delighted to be curating alongside artist Kory Jean Kingsley for this issue.

Kory Jean Kingsley is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Vermont. Her work focuses on dry plate photography, natural dyeing, quilting and ceramics. Kory received her BFA in photographing and printmaking from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015. After graduating from SCAD, Kory moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue her career in photography. During the six years she resided in Oregon, Kory worked as an artist assistant, a photo lab monitor, professional inkjet printer, and opened a gallery called Here/There. Her work has been included in several print publications and she has exhibited her work around the country and abroad.

Guidelines: While the intent of this publication is to feature contemporary artists, we welcome the opportunity to share your written works in the form of poetry and short written pieces.
Each artist may submit a maximum of 5 files to be considered. There is no fee for entry.
We’re encouraging artists in all stages of their career to submit work to be included in this printed publication. The only requirement is that the artist submitting the work identifies as a woman or as non-binary. Artists maintain all rights to submitted artwork.



Time Stamps

“Time Stamps”, are history, but with a focus on the details of a specific moment in time that can commonly get overlooked. These specific moments lend themselves to encompassing the instances of that current time. What the range of that history or life is, is less important. It can vary from local, global, or just personal moments. These Time Stamps can give us an all encompassing view of an event or just highlight the subtlety of a moment. The only constraint when it comes to the submission of these Time Stamps is that they have to be from the past five years, so the oldest photo can be from 2017 . For this reason, please include the year the image was created. Also for increased chances of having your photo selected, send one image from each possible year, because only one image can be accepted per person for each available year.



New Photography III

Academy Art Museum

Easton, MD

Photography has contributed significantly to the cultural history of the US from the time of its invention as a tool of visualization in the mid-19th century to its establishment as an art form in the early 20th century. Made dynamic by constantly-evolving technologies in image-making, yet in conversation with the historical processes that continue to define its contemporary paradigms, the medium is more relevant than ever as an enlightened tool of critical and artistic inquiry.

The Museum’s acclaimed national juried photography exhibition returns in its third year with artist, publisher and editor Kris Graves as juror. The open call invites photographers at any stage of their career to submit a cohesive body of work comprising of five images, made between 2019 and 2021. The exhibition seeks to showcase the most compelling and relevant work made by photographers all over the US. Please refer to the application guidelines below to confirm your eligibility.



The Lighter Side

Woody Gaddis Gallery

Edmond, OK

The Woody Gaddis Gallery, on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma, seeks entries for the juried photographic exhibition entitled “The Lighter Side”. Through challenging times, art allows its creators and viewers to escape into their imagination or to connect through the absurdity of life. We seek images that showcase the resiliency of creation as a means to uplift.





Boston, MA

FIGURES – The figure can offer us insight into the range and complexity of our human emotions. The construction of identity, whether at our most beautiful and strong or in our most raw form with scars exposed, helps shape how we see ourselves. The figure expresses beliefs, tells stories, and is used to explore what it is to be human. Show us FIGURES through your perspective.

Over $1,000 in cash prizes. All accepted pieces will be displayed in our online gallery at




Perspective Gallery

Evanston, IL

Call for entry – Perspective Gallery in Evanston, IL is proud to share our call for entry for Lens2022, our 12th Annual International Juried Photography Exhibition. The juror, Karen Irvine, is Chief Curator and Deputy Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago. Photographers are invited to submit work for possible inclusion in the exhibition. All subject matter and photographic processes are welcome.

The exhibit opens on March 3, 2022 through March 27, 2022 and includes prizes for the Juror’s Award ($300), 1st Runner-up ($200), and 2nd Runner-up ($150).



Passepartout Photo Prize

Passepartout Photo Prize aims to support the development of talented photographers from all over the world by providing 1,000 euros in monetary awards every year, exhibition opportunities in a prestigious venue in the heart of Rome, Italy, publication opportunities and more.

Among the jurors are the American photographer Richard Tuschman, GUP Magazine editor Erik Vroons and professionals from different backgrounds that bring various perspectives into our selection process.

This is a perfect platform to start your career in contemporary art and photography industries on an international scale.

Every year, we announce multiple calls for entries and select a winner of each edition who will be awarded 500 euros. Plus, all the participants will have another chance to be selected for our annual collective exhibition and the annual catalogue.

It is an open theme contest. Photographic works of any kind of artistic style, size and technique (digital, film and experimental processes, digital collages and other mixed media) are accepted.

The application is open to photographers from all over the world without any age limit. Passepartout embraces innovative and original approaches to contemporary photography. We welcome various artistic languages applied to the photographic image, including, but not limited to, experimentation and fusion of different genres.



All the World in New York City

DNA Learning Center

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has opened a new science center, DNA Learning Center NYC, on the campus of the New York City College of Technology in Downtown Brooklyn. Biology lab experiences offered at the center help students and the public see themselves as scientists.

What DNA Says About Our Past and Future, a permanent museum exhibition under development, will present a hopeful message of genetics in our lives. The DNA of any two people is 99.9% identical; racial and ethnic differences acquired as we peopled the globe are, indeed, only “skin deep.”

A gallery within the exhibition—All the World in New York City—will feature photographs of the many races, cultures, and ethnicities represented by the people living today in New York, America’s traditional immigrant city. All of these people are closely related by their common DNA past.



Belfast Photo Festival 2022 Open Submission

Belfast Photo Festival


Belfast Photo Festival is offering artists/photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work in the main Festival gallery alongside some of the biggest names in the field of photography and have their work taken on tour to be exhibited at the 2023 Photo Schwiez (Zurich, Switzerland), with a number also having the opportunity to be featured in the arts magazines Abridged and Aesthetica. The winners will be eligible for a number of awards, including a cash prize of £2,000 (e.s.t $2,712 / €2,321).

The theme has been left open to remove any restrictions; submissions must be photographic or lens-based but can include incorporations of other art forms with the photographic medium (i.e. performance, painting, sculpture, music, literature etc).