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Helen K. Garber

Helen K. Garber, best known around the world for her stunning nighttime urban photography, will be presenting her project: Urban Noir/LA-NY at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles tonight. Urban Noir/LA-NY ” is a series inspired by the visual elements of film noir, the language of pulp fiction and the rhythm of bebop jazz. It is meant to motivate appreciation of the urban landscape as well as promote historic preservation.” The series will not only become a book, but also a DVD that accompanies a multi-disciplinary installation/performance featuring projected images, actors performing text by Los Angeles pulp fiction writers, film clips, and jazz music composed by John Beasley. All combined to create a living noir installation.

Helen comes to photography with a background in a variety of disciplines including theater scene and costume design, painting, computer animation, and video documentary. Her ability to present photography in new and unusual ways has kept her busy this year. Helen organized a “5 year long group project entitled An Intimate View of Los Angeles where 30 artist/photographers of different cultures and economic backgrounds documented their own neighborhood in a subjective manner. Their stories were exhibited as individual 50 image slide shows presented simultaneously on individual digital picture frames.”

Images from Urban Noir/LA-NY

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