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Emil Kozak

Danish photographer, Emil Kozak, now lives in Barcelona and uses the rich tapestry of a new environment to inspire and inform his images. He is also a talented graphic designer and his eye for color, form, and environment is evident in all his work….so is his enthusiasm for living. He’s an extreme sports enthusiast, and creates designs for clients like Vans, Elelments, and Burton.

I hope that my work can remind us that imagination can defy gravity and bend time. It is our own responsibility to enjoy every second of the day. Nobody else can do that for us. Have fun, eat candy, do what you love, love what you do… We might get thrown off this spinning ball of iron and mantle tomorrow.

I’m featuring work from two series, Tidslommer, which means “timepockets” in Danish, and C-31 which explores a coastal highway south of Barcelona.

Images from Tidslommer

Images from C-31

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