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Mary Anne Mitchell: Dreamscape

MaryAnneMitchell _Figment_copy copy

©Mary Anne Mitchell, Figment

 Mary Anne Mitchell recently mounted  an immersive installation, Dreamscape, at Thomas Deans Fine Art in Atlanta, GA. Unfortunately, I couldn’t feature the exhibition while it was installed, but wanted to make sure  to share it. The gallery was transformed into a ghostly, dreamlike environment, allowing the visitor to experience the fluidity of her photographs printed on silk and the vintage framing that speaks to her process. The use of video in addition to photography added to this other worldly environment. Shot with wet plate collodion, Dreamscape examines the fragility of family, rememberance, and the precious passage of time.

a spectral muse

©Mary Ann Mitchell, A Spectral Muse

Mary Anne Mitchell is a fine art photographer working primarily with analog processes. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the country and can be found in private and corporate collections across the US, Europe, Dubai, Taiwan, and Canada. She lives in Atlanta, GA.

zinstall 2

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Install from Dreamscapes

zinstall 1

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Install from Dreamscapes

zinstall 3

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Install from Dreamscape


This installation was created in situ and invites the viewer to wander into the Dreamscape exploring the stories depicted in the photographs.  This is a new evolution of my long term project Meet Me in My Dreams.  The use of video in addition to the flowing silk prints invites the viewer into a mythical environment.

The setting for many of the images is a fairytale landscape. My use of the young people celebrates the universal feeling of limitless potential that most people experience in their youth.

The ghostlike figures are reflections of the later years when beauty and youth begin to fade. They suggest the feeling that one is becoming invisible and yet still present and powerful.

Shot with wet plate collodion, the work speaks to family, memory and the ethereal passage of time.

beautys beast copy - Copy

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Beauty’s Beast

Hare and the Maiden Fair copy

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Hare and the Maiden Fair

Hidden seeker

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Hidden Seeker


MaryAnneMitchell_HarvestHome copy

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Harvet Home

Mitchell_MaryAnne_The Offering

©Mary Ann Mitchell, The Offering


©Mary Ann Mitchell, Narcissis

out to dry

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Out to Dry


©Mary Ann Mitchell, Overlooked

slow motion

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Slow Motion

Twins copy

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Twins


©Mary Ann Mitchell, Veiled


©Mary Ann Mitchell, Weeping

Yesterday's Memory_Print from scan of wet plate collodion plate

©Mary Ann Mitchell, Yesterday’s Memory

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