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Distinction at the Photographic Center North West

JonHenry_Untitled 33, Jersey City, NJ_2018

©Jon Henry, Untitled 33, Jersey City, NJ, 2018

This weekend we are sharing two exhibitions that are on display but not available to the public. Today we feature the exhibition, Distinction, at the Photographic Center  North West in Seattle, jurored by Kris Graves.

The Photographic Center North West (PCNW) opened their 23rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Distinction, one of their most anticipated shows in their gallery program. The exhibition features a wide range of visually rich images that were selected from artists from across the world: 309 artists, from 36 states in the US + artists from Canada and China, submitted a total of 1950 images. Juror Kris Graves chose images from 44 individuals to be included in the exhibition.

The artists included in the exhibition are Lisa Ahlberg (Seattle, WA), Jake Alexander (Seattle, WA), Brian Allen (Seattle, WA), Ken Allison (Seattle, WA), Hannah Altman (Richmond, VA), Anastasia Babenko (Seattle, WA), Peter Baker (Los Angeles, CA), David Bartlett (Farmington, MI), Sheri Lynn Behr (New York, NY), Claude Beller (New York, NY), Quinn Russell Brown (Seattle, WA), Michael Cardinali (Swampscott, MA), Clinton Chambers (Los Angeles, CA), Nelson Chan (Oakland, CA), Laurent Chevalier (Brooklyn, NY), Mark Coggins (San Francisco, CA), Barbara Diener (Chicago, IL), Jesse Egner (Brooklyn, NY), Suzanne Engelberg (Tiburon, CA), Gregg Evans (Brooklyn, NY), Jon Feinstein (Seattle, WA), Cheryl L. Guerrero (San Francisco, CA), Keavy Handley-Byrne (Brooklyn, NY), Charlotta Hauksdottir (Palo Alto, CA), Jon Henry (Brooklyn, NY), Michael Hicks + Courtney Asztalos (Syracuse, NY), Tzu Hung (John) Huang (Seattle, WA), Mercedes Jelinek (Brooklyn, NY), Richard Kent (Lancaster, PA), Brian Lau (Issaquah, WA), Jessica Rycheal Lester (Seattle, WA), Nancy Libson (Washington, DC), Joshua Littlefield (Baltimore, MD), Walter O’Brien (Eugene, OR), Alana Perino (Oakland, CA), Jody Poorwill (Tacoma, WA), John-David Richardson (Bellevue, KY), Lynn Saville (New York, NY), Aline Smithson (Los Angeles, CA), Judith Stenneken (New York, NY), Barbara Strigel (Vancouver, Canada), Kiliii Yuyan (Seattle, WA), Sam Zalutsky (New York, NY), Jennifer Zwick (Seattle, WA)

Kris Graves 23rd Juried Exhibition intro from Photographic Center Northwest on Vimeo.

Kris Graves (b. 1982 New York, NY) is an artist and publisher based in New York and London. He received his BFA in Visual Arts from S.U.N.Y. Purchase College and has been published and exhibited globally, including the National Portrait Gallery in London, England; Aperture Gallery, New York; University of Arizona, Tucson; Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon; and Brooklyn Museum, New York; among others. Permanent collections include the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Brooklyn Museum, New York; The Wedge Collection, Toronto; and Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania.

Currently, Kris is an Adjunct Professor at The New School / Parsons School of Design, New York and is the Director of Kris Graves Projects and Gallery (KGP), Brooklyn. KGP collaborates with artists to create limited edition publication and archival prints, focusing on contemporary photography and works on paper. KCP focuses their publishing efforts on stories that empower the long forgotten and underrepresented. These stories deal with issues of race, policy, social awareness, feminism, culture, and wealth. The goal at KCP is to make books and prints affordable to every level of collector.

Anastasia Babenko_itwasrainingandnowitisnot_2019

©Anastasia Babenko, It was raining and not it’s not, 2019

Anastasia Babenko_thatbigballofsadness_2019

©Anastasia Babenko, That Big Ball of Sadness, 2019


©Barbara Strigel, Rendition, 2019

Burning Tree, 2017, from my personal project Phantom Power (2013-2017). Throughout this project I used elements like smoke, light and in this case fire to reference the unknown and heighten mystery.

©Barbara Diener,Burning Tree, 2017, from my personal project Phantom Power (2013-2017).

Brian Lau_Waco Cowboys_2019

©Brian Lau, Waco Cowboys, 2019


©Brian Allen, Wallingford Fence2, 2020

Charlotta Maria Hauksdottir_Topography Study V_2017

©Charlotta Maria Hauksdotti, Topography Study V, 2017


©Cheryl L Guerrero, KickinIt, 2019


©Claude Beller, Subway Father, 2019

ClintonChambers_Sangre de Cristo Mountains_2014

©Clinton Chambers, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, 2014

CourtneyAsztalos_MichaelHicks_A Wang Wang Cocktail at Sunset_2019

©Courtney Asztalos, Michael Hicks, A Wang Wang Cocktail at Sunset, 2019


©Courtney Asztalos+MichaelHicks, Magdalena On The MS Rotterdam, 2019

David Bartlett_Bell Tower, 1995

©David Bartlett, Bell Tower, 1995

Gregg Evans, Photography, Ephemerality, Time, Aging

©Gregg Evans, Photography, Ephemerality, Time, Aging


©Hanna Altman, shabbos candles, 2019


©Jake Alexander, Andy and Isaac in Lake Washington, 2017

Floating Bouquet, 2019

©Jennifer Zwick, Floating Bouquet, 2019


©Jesse Egner, Disidentifications, 2019

Jessica Rycheal_Unbecoming_2018

©Jessica Rychea, Unbecoming, 2018

Aline Smithson_ Melanesia 2017

©Aline Smithson, Melanesia 2017

jodypoorwill_untitled_2020 (1)

©Jody Poorwill, untitled, 2020 (1)


©John David RIchardson, To Carry the Weight, 2016


©John Huang, Pastor Livingston, 2019


©Jon Feinstein, Breathers, 2018

JonHenry_Untitled 49, Washington DC_2019

©Jon Henry, Untitled 49, Washington DC, 2019


©Joshua Littlefield, Snap, 2017


©Judith Stenneken, Untitled#1, 2012


©Keavy Handley Byrne, Elizabeth and Joan,2019

Ken Allison_Poor in Spring, 2019

©Ken Allison, Poor in Spring, 2019

An access road outside of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska intersects a set of pipelines. Seemingly insignificant oil support infrastructure can alter the dynamic of the relatively flat and featureless tundra in surprising ways because of the sheer unbroken length of roads and pipelines.

@Kiliii Yuyan, An access road outside of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska intersects a set of pipelines. Seemingly insignificant oil support infrastructure can alter the dynamic of the relatively flat and featureless tundra in surprising ways because of the sheer unbroken length of roads and pipelines.


©Laurent Chevalier, Iles De Madeleine, 2017


©Lisa Ahlberg, C.Rob, Lead Mechanic, Wing Line Series, 2019

LynnSaville_Jill in Newburgh_2018

©Lynn Saville, Jill in Newburgh, 2018


©Mark Coggins, Communion With A Seal, 2017


©Mercedes Jelinek, Leandro, 2019

Michael Cardinali_Pia2_2007

©Michael Cardinali, Pia2, 2007

Nancy Libson_Two Boys Playing_ 2015

©Nancy Libson, Two Boys Playing, 2015


©Nelson Chan, Couple Shing Mun River HK, 2020


©Alana Perino, Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2018

Peter Baker_Building for the People_2015

©Peter Baker, Building for the People, 2015

Quinn Russell Brown_Emile Pitre, 2020

©Quinn Russell Brown, Emile Pitre, 2020

Richard Kent_New Holland _ Franklin

©Richard Kent, New Holland , Franklin

SamZalutsky_Katherine 1_2018

©Sam Zalutsky, Katherine 1, 2018


©Sheri Lynn Behr, Brooklyn


©Suzanne Engelberg, Handstand, 2015


©Walt OBrien, Dave, 1966

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