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2021 Favorite Photograph Exhibition, Part 3

Hong Kong Street

©Ellen Friedlander, Venice Beach Skate Park IG: ©emfphoto59


©Heather Joyce, Graham and Dillon, Savannah, GA IG @heatherjoyce.x

Compton Minibike races

©Kevin B Jones, Mini Bike Races, Compton, Ca.


©Megumi Otsuka, Boy Skateboarding, Tokyo, Japan

karen osdieck favorite 2021

©Karen Osdieck, Brothers, New Lenox, IL IG @karenosdieckphoto

Gadjieva _Madina

©Madina Gadjieva, Asadullah and Ibrahim, village Itzari, Russia IG @gmadina_photo


©Jennifer Georgescu “Shadow” from Mother Series IG: @jengeorgescu


©Jillian Abir MacMaster, In Kid Years, Frederick, MD IG: @jillianabirmacmaster


©Raphael Gaultier, Kat and Noah, Seattle, WA IG: @raphgaultier

An evening walk with my family the day after my husband arrived home from having emergency gall bladder removal surgery in St. Joe, Arkansas on June 18, 2021.  My daughter was still donning her pajamas from the previous night, as it was a whirlwind few days for all of us and we were all out of whack.   'An Ozark Childhood' has become a long term project of mine as I tell the stories of my family and community over a period of 10 years..

©Terra Fondriest, The Gall Bladder Incident, St. Joe, AR IG: @terrafondriest


©Zachary P. Stephens, Rebels, New Hampshire, USA IG: @zacharypstephens


©Oliver Raschka, Piano Blues, Aichelberg, Germany, IG: @oliverraschka/


©Nicole Busken, A Boy and His Bank, Santa Monica, CA, IG:


©Les Schmidt, Cal, Magazine St Barber Shop, New Orleans, LA IG @lesschmidtphoto


©Laurie Freitag, The Muscle Man, Los Angeles, CA IG @lauriefreitagphotography


©Ryan Mitchell, The Walk Back, Alpharetta, GA IG @tiermir

Paul Fauller- Self Portrait

©Paul Fauller, Self Portrait, Senior Year, Boston, MA, 2021

3 Generations

©Chris Ogden, After the Ashes (project “Death with Dignity?”), Chapel Hill, NC IG: @chrisogden


©Gosia Machaczka, Hollow II, Los Angeles, CA InG: @gosiamachaczka and @gosiama

Color Digital Multiple Layer Photo

©Denis Hagen, Fusion, Various Locations


©Harrison Huse, Torrance After A Haircut, Chicago, IL


©Robin Keys, Music Share, Central City, CO IG: @robinkeys2


©Tony Maher Spartan Johnson, Glendale AZ, 6-26-21 Turmeric Toned Cyanotype Print IG: @professor_utonyum


©Jacqueline Zilberberg, Derek Brockington, dancer, Brooklyn, New York, 2021 IG @jacquelinezilberberg


©Rebecca Jacobs, Josiah, Rock Hill, SC, IG: @breathinmyblood


©Marisa Lucchese, Ouroboros, Smithtown, NY IG: @meroceans


© Laurel Anderson, Harvest Dawn, Healdsburg, CA IG: @ayearinamerica


©Dai Asano, Riding a Relationship, Tokyo, Japan  IG: @tokyo106


©Olga Merrill, What next, Brunswick,ME IG: @Olga Merrill


©Stan Banos, Beyond, San Francisco, CA


©Matteo Capone, Solo, Rome, Italy, IG @matteo_capone

©CIFUENTES_Maria_Camila_A proud winter_210305_BD

©Maria Camila, CIFUENTES, A Proud winter, Alsace, FR IG @mariacamilacifuentes_

Julius Kwasi Wisdom Adorsu

©Julius Kwasi Wisdom Adorsu, Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, IG @adorsufoto

“It was love at first sight. We stared at each other and knew there is something. I was hurt, betrayed, tortured in the past. For a transwoman, love is like poison, and it kills the heart. But my partner left his world for me. We are together for one year now. I know there are days when he misses his family who stops talking to him. He says someday they will accept us. I do not hope for anything. As long as we are together, life is beautiful.” – Ash is an eighteen-year-old transwoman who had to leave home at the age of nine due to societal humiliation

© Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Dhaka, Bangladesh IG: @mohammadrakibulhasan


©Vincent Cervantez, Forbidden Fruits II, Detroit, MI


©Michael Young, Out on the Range, January, Scarsdale, NY IG @hiddenglances

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