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The 2023 Mother Exhibition, Part 4


©JP Terlizzi, Eva/Mother, New York, NY @jpterlizzi

©Jean_Schnell__My_Mother__Ashland__MA - Jean Schnell

©Jean Schnell, My Mother, Ashland, MA

natalie_bradford - Natalie Bradford

©Natalie Bradford, We Become Silhouettes When Our Bodies Finally Go, MI

Donna_Bassin_My Own Witness.Rupture and Repair.Estelle.6 - Donna Bassin

© Donna Bassin, My Own Witness: Rupture and Repair.Estelle.6, Montclair, NJ

LN_mother - Laila Nahar

©Laila Nahar, Mother_ColorOfLife, Sacramento, CA

Heidi Kirkpatrick She Who Watches - Heidi Kirkpatrick

©Heidi Kirkpatrick, She Who Watches, Portland, OR


©Delia Seigenthaler, Bride, Nashville, TN

Marky_Kauffmann - Margaret Kauffmann

©Marky Kauffmann, No Guardian Angel, She, Washington, DC

SusanKaufer_Carey 2 - Susan Kaufer Carey

©Susan Kaufer Carey, Darling, I love you, Los Angeles, CA

Zibisky_Cheryl_Betty Jane Age 17_1000px - Cheryl Z

©Cheryl Zibisky, Betty Jane Age 17, Banner Elk, NC

JP Campbell - JP Campbell

©JP Campbell, Mother In The Garden, Wakefield Quebec, Canada

Judi Iranyi - Judi Iranyi

©Judi Iranyi ,My mother and I,San Francisco,CA

patricia_sandler - Patricia Sandler

©Patricia Sandler, Virginia, Los Angeles, CA

AgataRead_Self-portraitWithStefan_HastingsUK - Agata Read

©Agata Read, Self-Portrait with Stefan, Hastings, UK

RIMA_GRAD - Rima Grad

© Rima Grad, I Do Not See You, New York, NY

© Gemma Pepper, Orange is the new Black, Switzerland - Gemma Pepper

© Gemma Pepper, Orange is the new Black, Switzerland

Interconnection - Eva Gjaltema

©Eva Gjaltema, Interconnection, Berlin, Germany

Hsing-Chia_Hsieh. 3rd year in Grad school. Taiwan. Becoming Mom. 4x5 Large Format Color film. 11x14 inkjet print. PHOT760, 202310, Prof. Rebecca Nolan

©Hsing-Chia Hsieh, Becoming Mom, Savannah, GA

Kellie O'Donnell - Kellie O

©Kellie O’Donnell, Marge’s Memory, Portland, OR, @kellieodphoto

My Mother and her Dress by Michelle D. Wise - Michelle Wise

©Michelle D. Wise, My Mother and her Dress, Nashville, TN

LucyAutreyWilsonMotherSantaBarbara - Lucy Autrey Wilson

©Lucy Autrey Wilson, Mother, Santa Barbara, CA

Linda Plaisted- Guiding Hand - Linda Plaisted

©Linda Plaisted, Guiding Hand, Maryland

Jenny_Kim_Three_Generations - Jenny Kim

© Jenny Kim, Three Generations, Jeonju, South Korea

me mother and grandmother - anemona knut

© Anemona Knut, Three Generations of Mothers, Kartuzy, Poland

Mother Lenscratch - Alexander Gouletas

©Alexander Gouletas, Mother, Chicago

Yvette Meltzer Mother's Day23 - Yvette Meltzer

©Yvette Meltzer, First Child (Me), Last Grandchild (Mine), Chicago, IL (Mine)hild (My Child

©Tama Hochbaum, OVER/TIME: Mom, Chapel Hill, NC

©Tama Hochbaum, OVER/TIME: Mom, Chapel Hill, NC

Jo Fields_Rivers of Memory - Jo Fields

©Jo Fields, Rivers of Memory, Nashville, TN

Brei, Katherine_Photo Albums_2023 - Katherine Brei

© Katherine Brei, Photo Albums, Crown Point, IN

Horacio_Arias_MotherSubmission - Horacio Arias

©Horacio Arias-Rodriguez, Aide’s Altar, Acworth, GA

Merry_Reimler_HJR1000 - M Reimler

© Merry Reimler, Helen Jane’s Return, Minneapolis, MN

Sara Hall

©Sara Hall, Mother, Boulder, CO

Nadine Levin, Proteching and Holding - Nadine Levin

@Nadine Levin, Protecting and Holding Close, San Mateo, California

carmen cervera - Carmen Cervera

©Carmen Cervera, Ella es un collage, Región de Murcia, España

©Hilary White_Mother's Day - Hilary White

©Hilary White, In My Heart, New York City

Sandra Klein - sandra klein

©Sandra Klein, Chinese Lantern, Los Angeles, CA

MG Vander Elst

©MG Vander Elst, Women Talking, Brooklyn, NY


KristanParks.mother - scheffler7

©Kristan Parks, Mother, Seattle, WA

Fruma Markowitz_Gut Yontiff Gut Yur - Fruma Markowitz

© Fruma Markowitz, Gut Yontiff, Gut Yur, Wilton, CT

I have every reason to believe it is the power of motherhood that has kept me ‘earth-side’ ever since that fateful diagnosis.

©Lisa Murray, Motherhood, Melbourne_Australia. I have every reason to believe it is the power of motherhood that has kept me ‘earth-side’ ever since that fateful diagnosis.

Chema_MotherNeededABreak_forweb - Carrie C

©Carolyn Kay Chema, Mother Needed a Break, Olympia, WA

Die Tracht (The Traditional Costume)

©Astrid Reischwitz, The Traditional Costume, Germany

Nanci Milton, Mother (genie in a box), Seattle WA - Nanci Milton Fitterman

©Nanci Milton, Mother (genie in a box), Seattle WA

KatrinJaquet_neg - Katrin Jaquet

© Katrin Jaquet, from the series “neg”, Germany

laetitiaheisler.samkhya.sattvaguna - laetitia cassou heisler

©laetitia heisler, Sattva Guna, Niebüll, DE

Rachel_Nixon_Mothers - Rachel Nixon

©Rachel Nixon, “We Take Too Much From Mothers”, Vancouver, Canada

SiyiTang_Mother - Siyi Tang

©Siyi Tang, Scar, Savannah, GA

WhatSheGave_Vahaplar_Sarah - Sarah Vahaplar

©Sarah Vahaplar, What She Gave, Savannah, GA

Isabel Winson-Sagan - Isabel Winson-Sagan

@Isabel Winson-Sagan, Original Face: In the Water, Santa Fe, NM

Lisa Powers, MOTHER, San Francisco, CA - Lisa Powers

©Lisa Powers, MOTHER, San Francisco, CA

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