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Tim Hyde

Continuing to look at Review LA Participants. Today’s posts are Tim Hyde and Suzette Bross.

Tim Hyde, who lives and works in the Washington DC area, must be battling the cold and the crowds these days. His series, Repossession, looks at man’s battle to tame the natural world, and how swiftly it can all be taken away. These images are rich in color and information, and at the same time, create a great sense of awe and horror and stillness.

“There is an ongoing struggle between human beings and nature. In a sense, humanity has forced itself on the planet. It is self-evident that nature will prevail in the end. Events such as floods and earthquakes are dramatic demonstrations of her redemptive powers, but other times the process is revealed as unhurried decay and corrosion and abrasion.

One is struck by how nature—mother earth—reclaims her portion so relentlessly. She is patient, but in the end she cleanses herself of man’s works without pity or remorse, like Melville’s Maldive Shark.

And she does so with whimsy sometimes, or so it seems. She rearranges in symmetrical and colorful patterns, almost always improving. There is a certain sad but also uplifting beauty to be found in these catastrophes and erosions, in the very spectacle of nature’s reclamations.

These photographs are part of an ongoing project on nature’s preeminence, her self-reclamation.”

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