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Aaron Ruell

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It’s not something that I commonly admit to anyone outside a small circle of friends, but I think I’ve seen Napoleon Dynamite thirteen times. I could use the excuse that my son, Henry, was also obsessed with the film, but really, it was right up my alley. I kept bringing more friends to see the opening credits and Jon Heder’s dance solo. It took me awhile to realize that every dish shown during the opening credits is eaten by a character later in the movie. And then I discovered that the idea for the opening credits came from the creative vision of Aaron Ruell, otherwise known as Napoleon’s older brother Kip. And to top it all off, it turns out that Aaron is a photographer. And a filmmaker.

Born in Fresno, and now living in Los Angeles, Aaron brings his 70’s Brady Bunch-discover-thrift store shopping sensibility to a spectrum of visual outlets. Recently awarded Best Advertising for his work with Citibank and Best Website in the 2007 PDN Annual, Aaron’s work can now be found in a book titled Some Days, published by Nazareli Press.

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