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I think it’s important to celebrate any new printed photography publication and Diffusion Magazine is hot off the press.

Blue Mitchell, the editor, states:
“It seems every week I learn of a newspaper or magazine that is going under, most likely due to increased reliance on the internet, coupled with current economic problems. Unfortunately, I am probably part of the problem. Outside of public radio in the morning, I turn to the internet for my daily news. The internet also hosts a plethora of art related resources, making art appreciation more accessible. I do however find myself annoyed with the limitations of this online art world. To me photography is visceral. It can not be bound by a monitor and mouse clicks – it is best showcased in a tangible form. Don’t get me wrong, I have immensely enjoyed curating for the virtual gallery This magazine would probably not be possible without my experiences and the outstanding response to the Plates to Pixels gallery. The main problem I have come across in the online world of art is that would like to have hard-copies of magazines, books and images that I can grasp with my fingers.

Diffusion is born out of a longing to create something palpable as well as enticing, educational, and hopefully entertaining. I have a keen interest as an artist – and art consumer – in photographers that push the boundaries and limitations of traditional photographic processes. Although I surround myself with artwork from photographers that push these boundaries, I have discovered, outside of physical exhibitions and online, that this type of photographic work is underrepresented in the modern photography print magazine.”

Michael Van der Tol has an interesting interview with Mr. Mitchell on the diffusion site, along with a digital preview of the magazine.

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