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RSVP: ARBOR at the Michael Mazzeo Gallery

When I met with Michael Mazzeo of the Michael Mazzeo Gallery at Review Santa Fe this past June, we had a discussion about the business of photography and how important it was to think outside the box in today’s economy. Michael was concerned with not only his own gallery, but how difficult it was for photographers to navigate the financial waters with competitions and competition fees escalating like never before. One of his ideas was to present a series of invitation only on-line exhibitions. Michael has done just that beginning with The RSVP Initiative, ARBOR, dedicated to images of trees, complete with an e-commerce section for purchasing catalogs and prints.

The exhibition includes a wonderful array of tree images, highlighting the ability of artists to approach the same subject from so many different perspectives. A few of the images are featured below. Full Disclosure: I also have a piece in this exhibition!

Image by Dave Jordano

Image by Muriel Hasbun

Image by Hyoungsun Ha

Image by Kathryn Dunlevie

Image by Laurie Lambrecht

Image by Chris McCaw

Image by Lacey Terrell

Image by Will Steacy

Image by Kerry Mansfield

Image by Christine Laptuta

Image by Christopher Rauschenberg

Image by Craig LaCourt

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