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Versus at Hous Projects

Every once in a while, a New York exhibition comes along that feels like it might be seminal, and Versus, curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel for Hous Projects looks like it’s going be the first not-to be-missed show of the new year. The fact that I can’t get to the east coast to experience it in person is more than frustrating, but the good news is that Hous Gallery will have a booth at Photo LA and will be bringing some of the images to the west coast. The exhibition features 18 photographers paired with each other because of similar threads in their images. It’s a smart selection of incredible image makers and the juxtaposition of their photographs makes for an enticing exhibition. The show is from January 7- March 8th, and below is a sampling of the images.

At the start of not only a New Year, but also a new decade, it is imperative to reflect upon the themes of our times and celebrate humanity’s accomplishments and spirit. Through the work of 18 photographers both emerging and established, Versus’ aim point is to survey photography, guided by the hand of curator Ruben Natal San-Miguel, that does just this. Compared and contrasted, each artist dissects and highlights the other through juxtapositions of subject matter, composition, style, lighting and technique. The exhibition is a cornucopia, yet the underlining tone is one that allows each of these strong voices to sing and praise the body as a whole whose refrain is socially relevant, neither mundane nor negative or shallow and is extremely timely. It is ever amazing how much courage it takes to live an ordinary life, but this exhibition hopes to cull and inspire in each viewer the motivation to embrace and own the good, usher it into their day to day and make the next year as well as decade one of positivity and strength.

Eric Ogden VERSUS Jen Davis
Image by Eric Ogden

Image by Jen Davis

Amy Elkins VERSUS Molly Landreth
Image by Amy Elkins

Image by Molly Landreth

Alex Leme VERUS Brian Ulrich
Image by Alex Leme

Image by Brian Ulrich

Mickalene Thomas VERSUS Nadine Rovner
Image by Mickalene Thomas

Image by Nadine Rovner

Hank Willis Thomas VERSUS Cara Phillips
Image by Hank Willis Thomas

Image by Cara Phillips

Matthew Pillsbury VERSUS Kris Graves
Image by Matthew Pillsbury

Image by Kris Graves

Phil Toledano VERSUS Elizabeth Fleming
Image by Phillip Toledano

Image by Elizabeth Fleming

Zoe Strauss VERSUS Ruben Natal San-Miguel
Image by Zoe Strauss

Image by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Michael Wolf VERSUS Gina Levay
Image by Michael Wolf

Image by Gina Levay

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