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Laurie Lambrecht

New York photographer, Laurie Lambrecht, has a new exhibition, In Roy Lichtenstein’s Studio, opening at the Corden Potts Gallery in San Francisco on March 20 and running through May 22. The opening is on Saturday, April 17th. In addition this exhibition, the work is being showcased at the Bank of America Center Lobby, at 700 Louisiana Street, in Houston, through June 1st.

Laurie’s images perfectly encapsulate the artist and his inspirations, by creating layered photographs that are as dynamic as the work they capture.

Walking into Roy Lichtenstein’s New York studio in the spring of 1990 I entered the artist’s visual world. Towering shelves of art books lining one side of the office led to a workspace where a tall “Brushstroke” chair stood. On the studio walls were large, nearly finished paintings, one boldly referencing Picasso. On expansive tables his resource and reference materials were readily accessible: elegant Italian sketchbooks juxtaposed with simple composition notebooks containing clippings from comic books and advertisements. Jars of paint, cans of assorted brushes, boxes of colored pencils, sheets of striped and dotted papers were all within sight. There were endless layers of things to visually captivate me, and to capture Roy the renowned Pop artist at work.

With my camera I observed what Roy saw… the newspaper ad of the “Beach Ball Girl,” for instance. I let his signature graphic components–the stripes, dots and bands of solid colors–suggest the compositions. The texture of Roy’s paintings in all states of completion, the presence of Roy, my awareness of his stature in our cultural history–all this inspired me.

His innovative transformation of public culture into groundbreaking art pushed me to focus my lens on imagery that would express the experience of his particular genius.

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