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Happy Mother’s Day: Wallspace and Pictory

The photography world has a couple of nods to Mothers this week…

The first is a new offering of Collectables through Wallspace Gallery. The new collection, Terra Firma, focuses on mothers who are also photographers and their ability to capture and celebrate loved ones (parents or children) as part of their image making. Photographers include those listed below, plus Elizabeth Flemming, Katrina D’Autremont, Betsy Schneider, and Lori Vrba.

From Wallspace: In celebration of motherhood, we have created a collection of images, like memories, that celebrate the bonds of family. Mothers are our best friends, confidants, role models, our conscience. Mothers are the threads that bind us and keep us connected to our families. This collection of images celebrate those threads, that intangible relationship.

Image by Noelle Swan Gilbert, Paper Heart

Image by Deanna Dikeman, Bubbles 9/98

Image by Desire Edkins, Pegasus

Image by Suzanne Revy, Baby Blanket

Image by Angela Bacon Kidwell, Window

Image by Aline Smithson, Skipping Stones


Pictory Magazine is celebrating Mothers with, Sorry Mom!: everything you didn’t, couldn’t, or never had the chance to say to mom. These photo stories all touch a chord of familiarity and be sure to check the site for other tales and tributes.

Image by Mark Pinkerton

Everyone adores this picture of you from the 1950s. We have been fighting Alzheimer’s with you for the past eight years and I’m sorry that we are losing the battle. I hope that you are reliving all your greatest memories from inside your silent cocoon. I am certain we will see each other on the other side and that we will continue our long conversations then. I love you.

Image by Ryan Schude

I’m sorry I made you stand in the snowy, Midwest cold. You’re such a pretty moms and I’ve exploited your early morning face before coffee, which isn’t fair at all. And you’re such a stylish moms and I’ve made a mockery of your bedhead. But you did it all for me without question — and would do it again — because you’re the best moms I could ever ask for in the whole wide world.

Image by Bruce Spang

The only thing my mom wanted for her birthday was a new wooden floor for the kitchen. Instead, my dad made a pair of flip flops from free wood samples for her to wear in the kitchen. Sorry, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s of the world….mother’s of children, animals, friends, parents!

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