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Mark Tanner

I first discovered Mark Tanner’s work in the developing tray. We had never met and I had to restrict my compliments to “nice work”, when I wanted to be significantly more effusive. But now we are friends, and I am free to celebrate his work in appropriate amounts. Mark is a working photographer in Los Angeles, juggling commercial clients, a fine art passion, and a new baby. He has a wonderful series of nudes that have humor and beauty, and many other projects, including Found Objects shown below.

I photograph a variety of subject matter, but have always felt that it is not necessarily the subject that is the most important element, rather it is the idea that prevails. The ability to express an idea visually is a challenge that I love to undertake.

Whether my inspiration comes from a personal experience, a book, a conversation, or even just a glimmer of afternoon light, my work has a cohesive style threaded throughout, no matter the concept or subject. Visually I like to stimulate thought, and give the viewer a fresh way of looking at the familiar.

Images from Barbie Nudes

Images from Found Objects

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