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Sharon Cavanagh

It takes a certain kind of person and photographer that can spend a large quantity of time photographing celebrities, creating editorial campaigns and corporate portraiture, and then turn around and produce heart wrenching documentary work. Kate Orne is one of those photographers, and so is Sharon Cavanagh.

Besides creating work for Habitat for Humanity (Sharon was awarded a year long assignment to photograph 100 families in their old homes and then in their newly build homes in San Petro and South Central, Los Angeles) and the LA Fire Department (where for six years she documented all aspects of a fire department based in South Central, LA), Sharon has an international project that showcases spinal deformities in the developing world, titled Lateral Curves. Her images were captured in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Peru, and Vietnam. Sharon documents the clinics and free surgeries performed on children suffering from scoliosis and spina bifida, then following them home to explore their life after surgery.

Born in Australia, Sharon makes her home in Los Angeles when she is not on the road.

Images from Lateral Curves

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