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Anette Nordskog

Norwegian photographer, Anette Nordskog, has several bodies of work worth exploring. Anette is an autodidactic photographer, and has been photographing since 1995. Her focus has changed more towards serial and conceptual work in the last few years Featured below are two series, Attempts and Untitled Night Stills. I find the second series, Untitled Night Stills, especially intriguing. Annette photographs places that are rarely photographed at night and represent all that sunshine and light has to offer. A line of laundry or an inner tube and diving board take on a whole new feeling shot after dark.

Annette will be exhibiting work from two series, Untitled Night Stills, and Places of intended beauty at the CYAN:Galleri in Oslo, Norway in June. Places of intended beauty is also currently on exhibition at FENSTER61 in Berlin thought May.

Attempts is a series of self portraits taken in different surroundings, treating the topic identity. The person on the images can not be identified, but is still clear enough to be recognized as the same person on all images. The images are taken in familiar surroundings, but are still staged and composed, and taken without sharp focus, wanting to show that limits for a clear understanding of identity are not always given.

In this way the images treat opposites like identity and anonymity, the familiar and the estranged, dream and reality and the natural and the fictitious. The series ask questions about identity through a photographic searching, but without giving any clear answers and lets the undefined be visible for the observer instead.

At the same time this series is an exploration of and an experiment with aesthetic elements like colours and simple composition, where the photographer uses herself as one of the elements.

Untitled night stills. During the daytime people inhabit outdoor private and public spaces, often taking their personal belongings with them, aimed to be used for certain activities or purposes. In private spaces we often leave our personal belongings for the days to come, to be used again. In other surroundings, we might forget, and, absent minded, as we often are, leave our belongings behind when we leave for other tasks.

In completely dark settings, and heavily lighted with artificial light, scenery which is populated and seem natural during daytime, appear strangely abandoned and changed. These images of different night stills are about the loneliness of places and belongings used by people during the day, when they just leave it and the night comes. And about what we can actually tell based on these traces only. The work is still in progress.

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