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FotoVisura Portfolio Consultations

Visura Media is a New York / Vermont based production and design company dedicated to the exposure and support of the international photography community. Amongst numerous projects, Visura Media created Visura Magazine and the The organization now is producing portfolio consultations with terrific reviewers, and I have heard from fellow photographers, that these consultations are truly helpful and insightful.

The FotoVisura Portfolio Consultation is a dynamic session in which each photographer presents their work in one-on-one sessions with each of the participating editors. The goal is to assist with the preparation of a portfolio or project for formal presentation. The editorial team includes the Visura Magazine staff as well as a carefully selected group of leading photography editors and instructors. Each editor will meet with participants individually to review each portfolio as well as give consultation on any new body of work (its edit, sequence, or artists statement) and obtain any specific guidance the artist may need. Through this process, each photographer will receive a highly productive 3 hour intensive workshop with a variety of perspective and approaches from leading professionals.
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Photo by Rosey Muto

DATE: Saturday, May 7th & Sunday May 8th

Morning Session: 9am – 12pm
Afternoon Session: 2pm – 5pm
Maximum Capacity: 8-10
Cost: $250.00 per session
Location: Tribeca, NY, NY 10007

Saturday, May 7th:
Denise Wolff/ Editor, Book Program of Aperture Foundation
James Estrin/ Co-Editor of The New York Times Lens Blog and Senior Staff Photographer
Adriana Teresa/ Publisher & Editor, Visura Magazine
Graham Letorney/ Curator, 100 Words on Photography

Sunday, May 8th:
Patrick Witty/ International Picture Editor at TIME Magazine
Amber Terranova/ Photographer & Photo Editor of PDN Magazine
Adriana Teresa/ Publisher & Editor,Visura Magazine
Graham Letorney/ Curator, 100 Words on Photography


The portfolio consultations at Fotovisura are a welcome addition here in New York, and I would highly recommend them to any emerging or up and coming photographers looking to build their careers and get their work out there. At the reviews I received incredible feedback on my work, artist statement and marketing materials, direct strategic advice in how to pursue the best outlets for my photography, and even got exposure in a major publication from my consultations. The community at Fotovisura is photographer-centered and it shows, they really care about their artists, and I hope this kind of personal touch extends to all the other portfolio reviews out there in the future. John D’Agostino

FotoVisura is not simply a self- publishing platform, it is a community of peers conceived and developed by photographers for photographers. As such members are on a first name basis and there is an atmosphere of ease and relaxation underlying interactions. The FV Portfolio Consultation is an extension of this. Conversations are frank and unguarded without sacrificing intellectual rigor. Reviewers like Jim Estrin bring an immeasurable knowledge and sophistication to the act of looking; it’s a privilege to share work with them. The FV team also brings an “artist boot-camp” engagement to the sessions. They take it upon themselves to get a project ready for the public eye along several fronts: print quality, editing sequence and clarity of written statements. FV cares about its membership and their Portfolio Reviews are a testament to their satisfaction in seeing their artists grow. Jaime Permuth

The FotoVisura Portfolio Consultation was a terrific experience. I met with several knowledgeable photo editors in a casual, one-on-one setting and received valuable feedback on my work. In addition, one of the editors reviewed my project statement and gave me tips for making it better. I’m especially grateful to Adriana Teresa who has continued to give me advice after the review. Susan Falzone

I went to the December 18th FotoVisura Portfolio Consultation. It was really great, an amazingly helpful and thoughtful experience. I arrived about 10 to 15 minutes early, as suggested, which was very useful, it allowed me time to put down my things, meet the reviewers and other people before everything started. It was a small group which was nice, and we had about 30 minutes with each reviewer, just the right amount of time to really have a good conversation that really went somewhere. The other part that I thought was amazing was the choice in reviewers, each person had a different angle on the work, and came from a different place in the industry, so I really felt like I got advice and ideas from all areas. I was able to discuss everything, from presentation and writing, to the method and reasoning behind making my work. The entire environment was very comfortable, and I felt I was really able to show my pictures to people who genuinely wanted to look at them and talk about them. It was really wonderful. Bonnie Briant

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