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Andy Greaves, Chrome Hill, Chrome Hill Peak District UK

Arthur Ransome, Shoes, Lonaconing Silk Mill, Lonaconing MD

Donna Rosser, WInged, Fayetteville, GA

Bruce Long, Mary and Martha, Hanau, Germany

Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., The Red Fan, New York City

Tim Messick, Reflections, Bodie, California

Jonathan Law, Laughing Behind Your Back, Fife, Scotland

Ryan Hoffman, Mother & Son, Mesa, Arizona

Taco Anema, Board of the protestant Klooster Church, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Stan Banos, Brooklyn 2011, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Sandi Daniel, Untitled, New York, NY

Lane Shull, Fig. 11, from Circa 1990, Columbia, SC

Meg Birnbaum, Sneaking a smoke, Provincetown, MA

Billy Hunt, Scream Portrait Number 1, Charlottesville, VA

Blue Mitchell, Be Careful What You Wish For, Portland, Oregon

Lara Shipley, Terri, Twin of Klayla, Ajo, Arizona

Neil Phillips, Private Dancer, Chatsworth,CA

Jonny Cochrane, Jewellery Shop Window, London, UK

Dennis Baburov, Winter Layers, Ivanovo, Russia

Andreas Wirthmüller, Mourning…, Cap d’Argent / France

Ann Jastrab, Swordsman, Beijing, China

Dina Litovsky, Untitled, NYC

Bastienne Schmidt, Dress Stills, Samos, Greece

Frank Biringer (Stord, Norway), Untitled from the series “Something and Nothing”, Cortona, Italy

Winifred Simon, Self Series #17, Wimberley, Texas

Patrick Collier, Beneath the Sky, East of Sublimity, Oregon

Jeff Carr, Wave, Atlanta, GA

Bob Bright, Hollywood, Hollywood, CA

Paris Carter, First Train Home, Orlando, FL

Bruce Morton, Teddy bear prison, aka – death trap for Amelia, Rural Eastern Illinois

George E. Holroyd III, Skógafoss, Iceland

Judith Pudewa-Loniak, Celebrate!!!, Pacific Ocean off Long Beach, CA

Kaity De Laura, Sea Lust, Washington, DC

Larry Brownstein, Marilyn and Friends, Hollywood Boulevard, CA

Nicole Kircher, Right Before, Mt. Tremper, NY

Aras Karimi, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA

Christa Blackwood, Bergman, Chipita

Kati Mennett, The Climb from the series The Portrayers, Sandwich, MA

Jade Doskow, Green Mystery House, Brooklyn, New York

Dulce Pinzón, ex-Museo de Historia Natural de Puebla, México

Dan Busta in collaboration with Artist Michelle Jane Lee, Revelation is More Perilous Than Revolution

Deb Schwedhelm, Seagulls, Tampa, FL

Sandi Haber Fifield,Vermont Road, 2011, Vermont

Marcy James, missing, No Mans Land

Mike Cullen, Verrazano Bridge in Fog, Brooklyn, NY

Kristy Carpenter, Tree, Bronson, MI

Chris Moxey, In the City of Lost Angels, Los Angeles, CA

Jerry Downs, Protective Covering, San Francisco, CA

Valery Rizzo, Thugs, West Indian Day Carnival, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 2011

Lori Bell, Mono Morning, Mono Lake, CA

Marietta Van Buhler, Night Tree, Dexter, Michigan

Dorothy Northcutt Gray, Evergreen Needles, Marietta, Georgia, USA

Lisa McCord, Chloe and the pinata, Los Angeles, CA

Simone Massera, Povera Patria, Roma, Italy

Gretchen Heinel, Untitled, outside NYC

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