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Kati Mennett

Kati Mennett creates visual stories, and as her website states, she is in search of the spectacular. Currently living in Massachusetts, Kati graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a BFA in Photography. He work has been exhibited in the US and Europe and featured in publications such as Another Man, Dayfour, F-Stop Magazine, Vogue Italia, and Umter Magazine.

I like the idea that she is looking for the spectacular in the mundane. Kati is infatuated with the notion that fantasy is constantly a part of reality–and those ideas make us look at ordinary things with a fresh eye.

All of my work is inspired by childhood wonder. I never want to loose that outlook on life, the thrill of the unknown and the ability to find beauty in everything.

My documentary on my family and friends is about finding the beauty in the sometimes mundane and everyday life. Having awareness of how temporary life is, I am chronicling all my experiences and relationships to give them permanence.

My series Portrayers is about creating fantasies. Whether they be about adventure, love or mystery, these images are meant to excite and entertain!

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