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2012 LENSCRATCH Americana Exhibition, Part 2

Asia Kepka, Tattoo Girl, Brockton, MA
Cynthia Bittenfield, Star-Spangled Fashion, Chicago, IL
Christian ArrecisFormer Maple Park Village President, Glenn R. Kahl, Maple Park, IL
 Karl Baden, L Street bathhouse, Boston MA
Michael SakasegawaGrandpa, Salinas, CA
During World War II, my grandfather fought in a segregated unit for a country that had interned his entire family.  He died almost five years ago, still a proud American.

Hans Bauer, Parade, Fredicksburg, TX

Rafael Malave-Rios, One Way, Juneau, AK 

Ashly StohlPolar King, Coalville, UT

Aline Smithson, Flag Day, Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Grabelle, County Fair, Monmouth County, NJ

Sandy CarsonSpring Break, Seattle, WA

Kathy Vukasovich, Montana Spirit, HWY 89,  between Gardiner and Livingston, Montana July 2011

Diane Pirie Cockerill, Southwest Americana, Tubac, Arizona

Daniel MirerStanding in a Picturesque Landscape, Connecticut

Shawna GibbsDragster, Claremont, NH

K.B. DixonRally, Portland, OR

         Fran FormanMy friend Azalea, an American,  Sebastopol, California

Deborah YunA Nation of Immigrants, San Francisco Chinatown, CA

Dan Younger, Travel Places, Battery Park, NYC
Francis DiClemente, Tattered Flag, Oneida County, NY 
Darryl Baird, July 4th parade, Granbury, Texas
Aimee HertogWashington and Mr. B, Philadelphia, PA
Beth Herzhaft, Untitled Area Photograph, Chinatown / Los Angeles
Kelly WrageHoosier Apple Pie, Swarthmore, PA

Trisha BarryUnTold Stories, Reitta Ranch Flea Market, Hubbardston MA

Robert MoranLeather Basketball, Bar Harbor, ME

Ryn Clarke, The Two Hats, Dubois, WY

Cynthia WoodJames Dean (Artist Choice), Cabazon, CA

Freya KruczenykThinking of New York, New York City, NY

Harvey HanigMemorial Day Parade Geneva IL, Geneva IL 

Laird M. Bindrim, Beach Watchers, Ocean City, NJ 

James Zall, Stuff, Searsport, ME

Chris Falter, Let the dogs out, New York, NY 
Claire Mallett, All American Cookout, New Orleans, LA
Mark Hobson, Welcome, Baimbridge, NY 
Laura Glabman, Uncle Sam, 2012, Lake George, NY
Terri Gold, The Mermaid Parade, Coney Island, NY

Bill Chapman, Beale Street, Memphis, TN

Rita NanniniBetty With Flag, Montauk, NY

Semantha Raquel Norris, The Morning After, Lower East Side, NYC, NY

Jamie Johnson, Peace, Los Angeles, CA

Linda PlaistedLittle Miss USA, Mt. Airy, Maryland

Kelly Trisch, Fifteen Racks and a Flag, Caro, MI 

Janet Mesic-MackieCowboy of Faith, Pendleton, OR

Yvette Meltzer, On the Road, Federal Hwy 421 en route to Boone, NC

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