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The 2012 LENSCRATCH Masks and Costumes Exhibition – Part 3

Enrique Ahumada, Ghost in the flesh, Santa Monica, CA
Sandra Klein, Cat/Devil/Woman, Los Angeles
Yvette Meltzer, Who Will March Along?, New York City, NY
Walter Beckham, Masks, Peanut Shop Window, Mobile, AL
Sylvia de Swaan, Trick or Treats
Kylie Torrence, Cover, Atlanta, GA
Lanie Heller, Split Aparts, RI
Michelle Bates, Queen of Hearts, Fremont Summer Solstice Parade, Seattle
Vanja Karas, from the series ‘Year of the Dragon’, location Penang, Malaysia 2012Chinese Street Opera, ‘Jing’ and ‘Chou’
Scott Keidong, Andrew In Shark Mask, Sayreville, NJ
Pamela Joye, Monster Boy, Surprised Girl, Salem, MA
Danielle Pousette, Pretend Play, Kentucky
Stacy L. Gardner, Facade, Loveland, CO
Joyce P. LopezMummer-Berlin, Berlin
Vicki Hunt, Graveyard Smash, Prattville, AL
Mariana Bartolomeo, Friday Night, Tucson, AZ
Tracy Fleischman Morgenthau, Golden Years,  London, England
Kristy Hruska, Untitled, Portland, OR
Lori Pond, Self-Portraits, Los Angeles, CA
Marilyn Sanders, boo, Mexico
Andrew Lucchesi, Axe and Skull, Austin, TX

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