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The 2012 LENSCRATCH Pets and Favorite Animals Exhibition – Part 3

Alex Cretey SystermansMomo, Denneville, France
Frank Harrell, Elwood the Reindeer: the mice never suspect a reindeer, Playa del Rey, CA
Anna HurtigSnow, Bromma, Sweden
Sarah StankeyDwight, Milwaukee, WI
Jon Horvath, Waffle, Milwaukee, WI
AC Hay, Delta @ Isabel, Point Isabel, Richmond, CA
Delta was found late one winter night wandering at a gas station near Clarksdale Mississippi. She came back with us to the Bay Area, and circumstances lead to her having a litter of puppies, all of which have become a major part of our lives over the past few years. Point Isabel has a particular significance, as her puppies were conceived there (quite unintentionally) and we have spent many happy hours there. Out of the thousands & thousands of dog pictures over the years, for some reason I landed on this picture taken of Delta at Point Isabel a few days ago. Stylistically, it’s a little different for me, but it captures her in the water beautifully.
Fred BonillaIn Memory Of Our Princess, Beacon Falls, CT
Tammy Mercure, Orangeburg, SC
Harvey HanigJake Signals a Left Turn, North Aurora, IL
Jake was my son’s rescue dog. Right up to the end, he was a member of the family and loved to visit us.
Karin Ott, Nemo at the hairdresser, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nemo became a girl when my daughter adopted her. She is a loved and valued member of our family with a distinct personality.
Tracy TesmerMiss Betty, Houston, TX
Miss Betty was with me for 7 months of her 8 years of life. She followed me everywhere. She never barked or chewed up anything. She always waited for me to finish editing and scanning film before deciding she needed to go out and she always watched tv with me. She accompanied me to shoots and clients requested photos with her. Miss Betty was adopted from Pug Hearts Rescue.
Christa Blackwood, Pellmell, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
Molly Hauge, Rivikins, Seymour, WI
My dog River is 15 1/2. She is almost entirely deaf, and nearly blind but she still works it for my camera with her Golden swagger each time I make it back home to Wisconsin for a visit. She has been my dog for over half of my life and she still manages to put a little pep in her step each time I walk through the door. What do we do to be loved so unconditionally? I only hope to be worth such devotion through the eyes of my pup.
Francis SchanbergerChasputin, Dayton, OH
Carol S. DassPetey, Bark Park, CO
A girl named Petey. Petey came into our lives through the Canon City Prison Training Program here in Colorado. She’s an independent girl and we are slowly gaining her trust. Petey has encountered bear, deer, and moose and is constantly on the lookout for squirrel, skunks, or the neighborhood cat. Always there with a smile, she’s our girl.
Hugh TalmanMay, Cat’s Eye, Manassas ,VA
Seth HancockPrince Albert, Studio City, CA
Karen Rose, Cat Backwards, Sydney, Australia
Susan BurnstineTwo Generations of Kelpies,
This past July I lost the love of my life, Blue, at the age of 21. I miss her more every day, but it’s a comfort to know that my puppy Raven carries on some of her spirit (and her nose).
Stacy L. Gardner, Vigilance, Loveland, CO
Somendra S. RathoreBasking in nature, Bangalore, IN
Simonette BustosFirst Christmas Together, Chicago Area, IL
Luka and Zaynie in 2008.  Sadly, due to my health they had to be adopted to new homes in 2011.This was a great assignment because I was able to go through the many many photos and videos of them, reminiscing and narrow down to the most memorable moments.This photo in particular was their first Christmas. Zaynie at 5 months was a handful and loved climbing the tree.  Luka, age 3, never did. I was determined to take a ‘family’ photo for the Christmas card. After several attempts this one turned out the best. It’s my favorite because they are both sitting still and they were looking at each other (until the flash) with Zaynie looking up sweetly at his ‘big bro’.
Christopher RoccoKittie Yawn, Blackwood, NJ
Hank Hauptmannuntitled, Boston, MA
“I would never own a dog myself, but I like other people’s dogs. If I’m out and I see a Boston Terrier, a Shiba Inu, or any kind of Bulldog 9 out of 10 times I’ll ask the owner if I can pet them.”
Rebecca SittlerGoats, Hot Springs, AR
Rosie Knightley, Branston, Hayling Island, UK
Alison TurnerMax Buried In Sand, Gold Beach, OR
Cheryl Kaufman, Our New Dog, Los Angeles, CA
A Staffordshire Bull Terrier (which is a version of a pit  bull) with a cold
and the nipples to show she’s had big experiences in her young life
has little chance of getting out of a shelter. Thanks to many people
we will never know, she made her way from AZ to Venice where our paths crossed on the street less then 2 weeks ago. She’s an amazing dog and she gets to live a good life now. Her time with us will be a constant reminder of  the miraculous people who do rescue work with animals.
Monica OrozcoDaddy, Bergamot Station, Los Angeles, CA
Ann Peterson, Waterdog, Sydney, Australia
Honey Lazar, My Guys, My Bed, Ohio
The cat is 20.  The husband is 73.  I am grateful for both of them and to you, Aline, for another opportunity to share our photographic lives.
Lydia MarcusCali l.a. Eyeworks TriptychEncino, CA
My rescue doggie Cali is a skilled model and a certified therapy dog who brings unconditional love to those in need.  Her many trick skills include walking in slow motion on command, jumping thru hula hoops, and finding items by scent.  She is the smartest & most charismatic dog I have ever had.
Patricia Delker, Kiki Observing, Madison, WI
Kiki fills a void.  I certain she knows I am as devoted to her as she is to me…yes, I’m certain a cat can be devoted.
Coco Chenot, Skin, Fort Collins, CO
Allison Patton, Fast Food, Morehead City, NC
Benjamin Franklin and Eevee are the most hilarious little dogs I have ever met.  They make me incredibly happy, even when they act like jerks.
Sharon KainSam Salt Lake City, UT
Daniel Kramer, Barticus Maximus, Houston, TX
Four days ago Bart’s Budgie companion, Keiko, died. During Keiko’s final days, Bart fed him, groomed him and cajoled him to come out of the cage. Budgies are a communal species and now, all she has is me. We’ve been together since 2006 but she didn’t bond with humans as a baby and so she’s super skittish.
Marla H. Bane, Einsein Has Left the Building, Dallas, TX
Einstein brought so much love and joy into our lives.  We lost a best friend.  It hurts so bad but he will always be in our heart and wagging his tail waiting at our front door.
“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.” – Milan Kundera
David Peterson, Belly Rub Time, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mel Hammonds, Staying Cool, Houston, TX
William R. Anderson, Mellie the Weimaraner, Houston, TX
Mellie is my companion and my very patient model for all things photographic. I am so lucky to have her with me.
Dian Austin, Riley Ray Rascal, Houston TX
Thank you all and a very Happy Thanksgiving to and your pets!

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