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Heidi Voet: Fruit and Vegetables

Heidi Voet is an artist who lives and works in Brussels and Shanghai. I came across these humorous still lifes, using appropriated images from Chinese magazines combined with fruits and vegetables to create visual puns, but at the same time the work speaks to objectifying women and as Heidi states, women as consumption.  I am also sharing some of her sculptural work, in particular, an amazing rug she has created from watches.
Fruit and Vegetables
Images of naked ladies taken from Chinese magazines are combined with vegetables. The fresh vegetables visually complete the young bodies, highlighting consumption and each other’s limited preservability.

Is six afraid of seven/ ’cause seven, eight, nine/ I’m about to lose the pieces I findis an elaborate carpet woven together from over four thousand, multicolored watches all set to the exact time. (…) at intervals throughout the day, the watch alarms simultaneously ring in a symphony of digital chimes. Over the course of the exhibition, the watches will inevitably malfunction, losing their synchronicity and eventually sounding like an out of rhythm and out of tune orchestra. Thus, as the title of the work implies, the march of time is subtle yet unceasing and its cumulative effect results ultimately in dissolution and increased chaos.

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