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Nancy Borowick: Cancer Family

New York photographer, Nancy Borowick’s bio states that she is a humanitarian photographer. She certainly has that right, but she is also a powerful storyteller, sharing work that is intimate, personal, and profound.  In additional to personal work, she documents stores about our time, our environment, and our politics.  Her site is worth exploring for insights large and small into the American psyche.  Today I am sharing Nancy’s work about her family’s fight against cancer that is heartbreakingly personal, but also a tribute and testament to love and life.

Nancy  is a graduate of the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography and holds a degree in Anthropology from Union College. Over the last ten years she has narrowed the focus her work, telling stories of illness and personal relationships, using compassion, humility and trust as tools to connect and explore deeper into the lives of her subjects. Nancy is a regular contributor to Newsday, amNY, and Demotix/Corbis and her work has also been featured on CNN,, Washington Post, Edible Manhattan and SF Gate, of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Cancer Family
In 1997, my family was diagnosed with cancer. My mother was the patient, but we all felt the diagnosis. Twelve years later, she felt hardness in the scar tissue of where her mastectomy had been and again, it was breast cancer. First went her reconstructed breast, then her hair, and she began to feel like she wasn’t a woman anymore. Watching her go through these various stages of emotional and physical change, I wanted to find a way to connect with her while allowing myself to process what she and my father were going through in this very sensitive moment in their lives.  My camera seemed like the natural tool with which I could document our lives as they were unfolding as well as share her story through my intimate perspective as both daughter and journalist. I hope that a sense of humility, respect and love for my subjects shines through with each frame and while the battle with cancer does not seem be over for my parents, I hope that our story brings comfort and inspiration to others going through illness.

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