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Olivia Locher

As a recent graduate, I am constantly looking for other young artists that are showing unique and fresh work.  This week will feature seven young artists, both in and out of school.  Today I introduce Olivia Locher, who is recently graduating with a BFA from School of Visual Arts.  I was initially drawn to her images because of the use of color, and the over stimulating nature that each image conveys.  At first they are fun and free, unbound to one particular subject, though Olivia’s work overarches complex ideas by illustrating them in tense and odd scenarios.  Her way of seeing mixes a love of fashion with an undeniable humor.
Olivia Locher was born 22 years ago in the woods of Johnstown, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Manhattan. Olivia’s art is grounded in dreamlands and consciousness, while Olivia herself is generally dreaming.
Making photographs feels very natural to express my ideas. I believe that it is crucial to be constantly producing photographs while also conditioning technique and craft.  All of my images start from a single idea. I was always interested in fashion and art, and as a result, I think the two elements effortlessly combine without much consideration. My ideas are put into motion very quickly. Making work in this way results in a lot of images (some of them which get put on the back burner for some time). Although I believe that when I make images they will all fit together because of the general ascetics. Living with my work helps me clarify my artistic vision. The images that get put on hold become the foundation to create future works.

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