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JayPeg’s Photo Pub: Sandy Revisited

After a disaster, a disaster that devastates a country or community, there is a flood of concern and an outpouring of help.  But as the weeks and months pass and the news vans move on, we tend to forget that the community is still in crisis.  Days after Hurricane Sandy, nine photographers from the ICP Documentary and Photo Journalism program visited the area and created the publication, Jay Peg’s Photo Pub: Hurricane Sandy Issue. Three months later, they have created a second issue of JayPeg, this time as a look at the recovery process.  The second issue, Sandy Revisited, can be found here.

Sandy coverage is as important now as it was five months ago.  The recovery effort seems to have reached a turning point where short term solutions are either being replaced by long term solutions or by nothing at all.  The major cleanup is nearing an end and for so many the long slow road to recovery is only beginning.  Simultaneously there is widespread renewal as businesses reopen their doors and families move back into their homes.  This issue will help make people aware of the continuing struggles Sandy has caused and will serve as an unbiased document of this page in history.

Jay Peg’s in an online publication focusing on unique documentary work from emerging photographers Adrian FussellAndre Malerba,  Cassie GiraldoCory SchwartzDaniel TepperGaia Squarci Johnny MilanoJosh Raab and Vittoria Mentasti.

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