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Sarah Rose Smiley

I first became interested in Sarah Rose Smiley‘s work because she is from my hometown Madison, Wisconsin, and I continued to be intrigued by the quality images she is producing at the age of nineteen. I find her work to be young and full of life with the ways that she is experimenting with various styles and techniques in photography.
-Sarah Stankey

I’m Sarah Rose Smiley, currently 19 years young but with a heart much older. I’m a student by day and artist by night, learning to balance the two. Photography has quickly evolved from an outlet to a lifestyle; I picked up my camera five years ago and haven’t put it down since. I’ve found that the release of the shutter allows for a release of much else. What photography has given me, I could never begin to repay.Throughout my five years in the industry I’ve stumbled upon many lucky opportunities. I shot my first international campaign at the age of 16, my photos have been selected for book covers, and my editorials have been published internationally. I currently work as a freelancer in my area, collaborating with local magazines, publications, and agencies.
I strive for a kind of collective consciousness behind my work. My photos are very much a representation of who I am, both in that specific moment of the picture, and as a whole: I like to think that if any story is being told, it’s my own.

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