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Amanda James: Fragile Chaos

Amanda James‘ title for the project featured today is Fragile Chaos–a title that might aptly describe life in general.  Our lives filled with ruts and bumps and forks in the road, little wounds and large losses in combination with all the joyful things that being alive brings.  Amanda explores this project with the idea of the past and present and the end of life with curiosity and humor.

Born and raised in Utah, Amanda currently lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She received her Bachelor of Arts from UNLV in 2009 and continues to create fine art projects.  She has exhibited in New York City, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City.  Her work has featured in F Stop Magazine, Humble Arts Foundation, and 1000 Words Magazines.

Fragile Chaos

This series, Fragile Chaos, symbolizes life, death, fragility, vulnerability, and how the present becomes the past.  I see Life and death as intertwined and connected. I didn’t want to portray death in a dark way.  Instead, I wanted to elevate it and make it beautiful.  I wanted to have the subject matter to be precious and delicate while portraying this concept.  Coming from a religious background, I don’t see death despairingly.  Most of my work has a little hint of these things in the photographs.

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