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Rainbow Collections

Rainbow Collections is a small zine that focuses on a different color for each issue.  With such a broad subject matter, the zine takes on a multitude of imagery that satisfies the prompt in fun and interesting ways.  The collections are designed to over stimulate with fresh new images, showing work from a pool of fairly young and emerging artists.  Created by Jake Kenny, and co-ran by Luke McClure and Matilda Hill-Jenkins, the zine’s aim is to strip the tensions created by conceptual approaches to photography, and to simply enjoy a great photograph.  Their website, designed by Pete Haynes, goes beyond the images I share here today, and can be found here.

Jake Kenny lives and works in London.  He studied photography at Falmouth University, and is a former editor at Self Publish, Be Happy.  His personal work follows his interests in using still life and portrait work to create narratives. Jake also practices book making and curating. He is currently working on some personal and collaborative photography works.

Luke McClure lives and works as a middleweight designer in London.  He studied graphic design at University of Bolton, and has 3 years of industry experience.  His personal work uses graphics that play with words and images.

Matilda Hill-Jenkins lives and works in London.  She studied photography at London College of Communication.  She is a former editor at Self Publish, Be Happy.  Matilda’s work expresses her interested in portraiture and adolescence. She currently producing an ongoing portraiture project about her sister.

Rainbow Collections – Issue One: Red Zine

Rainbow Collections is a series of 7 zines based on the colours of the rainbow. Each zine will contain photographs from a call for submissions of one particular colour. Our first call for submissions was red, and it is currently in production for release.  We asked people to send images where red is the most prominent colour.  There are no restrictions on the style or genre of photography, resulting in a real mix of photographs.

The whole project is about stripping everything back to the really basic concept of colour.  When it comes to people and art there is a tendency to take things too seriously.  Rainbow Collections’ focus is to be a project people could have a bit of fun with.

 The zine is to be released soon, an a exhibition is set to follow.

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