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Portraits in Contemporary Photography at the Drift Gallery


11, 63 lbs ©Noah David Bau

A terrific exhibition, Portraits in Contemporary Photography, recently opened at the Drift Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire running from June 14th – July 20th, 2014. Curated by gallery director Ali Goodwin, the exhibition features work by award-winning Milan-based artist Alec Von Bargen, PDN Magazine’s 2014 Photo Annual selection Aline Smithson, the 2014 Aperture Foundation Portfolio Award winner Amy Elkins, and 2014 Photolucida Critical Mass Top 50 selection, Bear Kirkpatrick. This unparalleled exhibition of contemporary photography also showcases photographers Cig Harvey, Christa Blackwood, Jennifer McClure and Noah David Bau, with an expanded exhibition, ‘Of Beards and Men’, by Joseph D.R. Oleary in The Loft.

Gallery Director Ali Goodwin states, “I know in a very internal, subconscious way, why I choose the pieces I do, and a lot of the choosing translates into how they are also put together in the space. I am VERY intentional when I hang an exhibition. I would like the viewer to experience the pieces, and I make it difficult for them to just graze over the room. One piece takes you to the next, and a narrative is created between them. It’s subtle, but even the lighting is accounted for.”

“Putting together a show of portraits allows me to reinterpret the meaning of a ‘Portrait.’ While there are traditional “sitting” figures, the context that they are in, or the narrative composition, far exceeds traditional expectations. In this particular exhibition, I was fascinated by the push and pull between strength and beauty, femininity and masculinity in ALL of the portraits, no matter the sex of the subject. I am honored once again to be hosting such a formidable group of contemporary photographers at Drift Gallery,” says Goodwin. “This is our second season offering the opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to experience this astounding caliber of work in such a beautiful and accessible location. This group of international photographers represents the finest in their field in the contemporary art world. It is an unparalleled experience for the seacoast arts community.”

Drift Contemporary Art Gallery was founded in 2010 by Director and Curator, Ali Goodwin. Named “Top Ten Contemporary Art Galleries in New Hampshire” by The Culture Trip magazine, with rotating exhibitions by local, national and international artists, arts programming, special events, and outdoor sculpture garden, its location, in an Edwardian-style carriage house on the banks of Little Harbor at the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion Historic Site, provides an unparalleled cultural experience.

11, 68 lbs ©Noah David Bau


Boys of Collodion, Sam ©Christa Blackwood


Boys of Collodion: Cooper ©Christa Blackwood


Kevin (Wing) ©Amy Elkins


Maurice (Wing) ©Amy Elkins

The Screen Door Warren Maine 2013

The Screen Door, Warren, Maine 2013 @Cig Harvey


Wallportrait Carole ©Bear Kirkpatrick


Wallportrait Marianne ©Bear Kirkpatrick


Untitled (pool) ©Jennifer McClure


Untitled (rope) ©Jennifer McClure


NicholasK_K84 ©Joseph D.R. OLeary


Sam 111 ©Joseph D.R. OLeary

Jacklyn with Mountains

Jacklyn in Blue ©Aline Smithson

Lucy in a Landscape

Lucy in Turquoise ©Aline Smithson


Of Playgrounds and Carnivals and Other Vague Recollections © Alec Von Bargen


Of Playgrounds and Carnivals and Other Vague Recollections (Detail) © Alec Von Bargen

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