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Content-Aware: Nick Ballon

Nick Ballon (b.1976) lives and works in London. A rich Bolivian heritage plays a key role in Nick’s subject matter and identity as a photographer, alongside a desire to feel more connected and explore the idea of ‘foreignness’ in his work within a country closely connected to him in spirit although lives 6000 miles away from.

Visually Nick has developed a style and palette that uses muted colours and a neutral tones. These tones and the environment where a particular type of soft lighting exists are sought out during the process of setting up a picture. This often creates a subtle and understated image, which accentuate his intent with ambiguity and at times a playful humor. In order to explore this sense of the ambiguous place, Nick uses a combination of environment, portrait and landscape .
Nick’s ability to examine the familiar yet strange, seeing beauty in our unexceptional and day-to-day experiences, has allowed him to bring a diversity of subjects into his work which translates across his work.





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