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Publisher’s Spotlight: Hassla


©Hassla – David Schoerner, 2007

These past months we have been focusing on books on Lenscratch. In order to understand the contemporary photobook landscape, we are interviewing and celebrating significant photography book publishers, large and small, who are elevating photographs on the page through design and unique presentation. We are so grateful for the time and energies these publishers have extended to share their perspectives, missions, and most importantly, their books.

Hassla is a New York-based publishing project by artist David Schoerner; founded in 2007 with a focus on artists’ books and catalogues.

Today, Daniel George interviews artist and publisher David Schoerner.

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©Hassla – Anne Collier, Woman With A Camera (35mm), 2009

What was the first book you published, and what did you learn from that experience? 

David: A small 16 page book of my own photographs while I was still in undergrad.  

What is your mission as a publisher? 

David: Make books with artists.


©Hassla – Pierre Le Hors, Firework Studies, 2011

How big is your organization?

David: Myself.

What are the difficulties that publishers face?

David: Currently, getting paper.


©Hassla – Torbjørn Rødland, Andy Capp Variations, 2011

Are there any publishing projects that have been particularly meaningful to you? What upcoming projects are you excited about? 
David: They’re all important to me but one early one that stands out is Anne Collier’s Woman With A Camera (35mm). Very excited about upcoming books for this year but all are a little too early to share.


©Hassla – Lucas Blalock, Towards a Warm Math, 2011

How many books do you publish a year, and how do you choose which projects to publish? Do you  have a specific focus? 
David: It varies each year. Projects typically come about organically, often meeting artists through other artists I’ve worked with. I don’t think I have a specific focus.


©Hassla – Ryan Foerster, 2012

How can an artist get their work in front of you? Do you have any advice for photographers? What is the typical timeline of a project, from the beginning to the finished product? 
David: I’ll look at whatever is sent to me but I can’t alway respond. Timelines vary greatly. I’ve done books in as little as a couple weeks. Usually maybe a few months.


©Hassla – Jack Pierson, New Pieces, 2021

How collaborative is the design process with the artist?

David: I usually think its better the more collaborative it is.


©Hassla – Laurie Parsons, 36 Slides 1986–1990, 2021

How is the financial side of the project structured between publisher and artist? Does the artist contribute to production cost? 

David: Varies. If I approach an artist I cover printing costs. If an artist comes to me and its something I’m interested in but don’t have funding for at the moment, we try and figure out where we can get funding from.


©Hassla – Richard Kern, CARS, 2021

What support do you give artists in terms of marketing or distribution? Do you attend book fairs?

David: I do the Printed Matter book fairs in NYC and LA and some other smaller fairs. I also work with Antenne books for distribution in UK and Europe.


©Hassla – Marlo Pascual, 2014


©Hassla – Alejandro Cesarco, The Long Term (A Measure of Intimacy), 2021


©Hassla – Douglas Huebler, Variable Piece #101, West Germany, March 1973, 2015


©Hassla – Seth Fluker, At Water (forthcoming)


portrait of David

David Schoerner is an artist living and working Brooklyn, NY.

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