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Next year, Lenscratch turns 17. Kind of amazing, really. In 2007, I shifted from a personal blog to creating to a daily photo journal, in order to learn about the community I was part of. And learn I did. In over 16+ years of almost daily posts, we have featured the work of thousands of photographers, shining a light on so many amazing artists. At first it was a solo endeavor, but I never wanted this site to be about just what I felt was interesting or compelling, I wanted it to feel like a community. We’ve had hundreds of contributors and editors from all parts of the globe. Everyone who works on Lenscratch is giving back to the community as none of us take any compensation for our efforts. We turn all the monies we make through advertising and donations back into the site, paying for our hosting bills, software, and most importantly, funding our Student Prize Awards. We are proud that there is no barrier for entry for any effort we offer: the Lenscratch exhibitions, the Student Awards and the Art + Science Awards, and the project submissions.

Over the years we have created the States Project, where an editor from every state shared projects from artists in their home state, we provided Mixtapes (which we are starting up again) featuring many of the reviewers seen at portfolio reviews, we conceived the Publisher’s Spotlight series, demystifying the book publishing world, every August we feature photographers interviewing other photographers in our Photographers on Photographers series, and much more.

We have worked hard to support photographic educators and students through our organization of Subjects, Genres, and Processes allowing for research and inspiration. The site is considered one of the best photography resources worldwide and our website and social media pages are used daily by a global audience of photographers, educators, writers, curators, gallerists, and collectors — just like you.

We have big ideas and are looking at ways to support segments of the photo population through additional grants and funding. We would love to fund a part/full time intern. We are working towards a new website. But none of that can happen without you. We have recently partnered with a non-profit, the Moonridge Foundation, to be our fiscal sponsor, allowing us to give you a tax receipt for your donation. A huge thank you to our Art + Science Editor, Linda Alterwitz, for setting that in motion.

And so, as 2022 comes to a close, consider Lenscratch in your annual donations–this year and beyond. No amount is too small or too large. You can donate HERE. We thank you in advance and are excited for what the future holds.

Now back to our regular programming…

Posts on Lenscratch may not be reproduced without the permission of the Lenscratch staff and the photographer.

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