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The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2022 Exhibition, Part 2


©Jonas Yip, A House is Not a Home #1, Los Angeles

©Paul Kessel, Moon Over Manhattan, NYC, NY

©Paul Kessel, Moon Over Manhattan, Manhattan, NYC


©Russ Rowland, Radio City, New York, NY @russrowland


©Alexa Cushing, Stop Sign Bullet Holes, Middleboro, MA @alexacushing

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

©grollins, Sewer Fog, NY, NY


©Małgorzata Szura Piwnik, In the light of night lanterns, Sighnaghi Georgia. @misha_szura

tyler_hewitt - Tyler Hewitt

©Tyler Hewitt, untitled, Chicago, IL


© 2022 Joseph O. Holmes, Soho, New York City, @josephoholmes

DianaCappadoroReserved - Diana Cappadoro

© Diana Cappadoro, Reserved, Las Vegas, NV

Mysterious dark old forest with fog in the Sintra mountains in P

©Cindy Hansen, Lost, Grafton, WI @cindy_hansen_photo


©Colin Knight, Cascada, Jardín, Colombia @cgk305

Stuart klipper

©Stuart Klipper, The Darlin’ Companion, artesian ice structures, near Bay City, Wisconsin, Feb. 27, 2022

Francisco Gonzalez Camacho - A drop of silence

©Francisco Gonzalez Camacho, A drop of silence, Åland , Finland @franciscongonzalezphoto

verona_bel copy - Dutch Igloo

©dutchigloo, Tears of Theia, Amsterdam (in our studio) @dutchigloo

Kathryn Rodrigues

©Kathryn Rodrigues, All The Things You Needed From Me, Chicago, IL @kathryn.rodrigues

Michelle_Gagnon-Welcome - Michelle Gagnon

©Michelle Gagnon, Welcome, Montreal, QC

Letting Go

©Jane Szabo, Letting Go, Suances, Spain @JaneSzaboPhoto

Christian Martius - Balloon

©Christian Martius, Balloon, Toronto, ON @immartius

Amy_Koenig_2022 - Amy Koenig

©Amy Koenig, Aphelion, Bristol, UK

Apollinariia Ilina. Break. Step II (#1) - Apollinaria Ilina

©Apollinariia Ilina, Break. Step II (#1), Russia, @apolli_li_/

Carolyn Knorr

©Carolyn S. Knorr, Grandmother’s Garden, Massachusetts/Wisconsin @carolyn_s_knorr_photography


©Griffin Kaye, Little Nipple Cacti, San Marcos, Tx

Mahdiyeh Afshar Bakeshloo

©Mahdiyeh Afshar Bakeshloo, spectator, Tehran, Iran  @mahdiyeh_afshar

Semaj Campbell

©Semaj Campbell, HER, Boston, MA @semaj.doc

HeatherJoyLayton - Heather Layton

©Heather Joy Layton, Untitled, Irvine, CA

Judi Iranyi

©Judi Iranyi, Self-Portrait, San Francisco, CA @judiiranyi


©Atis Puampai, Fifteen Seconds, Honolulu, HI @exceptionally.flat


©Russ Morris, Delaney, Georgetown, TX

TarunJindal - tarun jindal

© Tarun Jindal, Brokpa Women, Ladakh, India

girl with strands - Annemarie Jung - Annemarie Jung

©Annemarie Jung, Girl with strands, Nepal

RobelFessehatzion_Present_SFBayAreaCA - Robel Fessehatzion

©Robel Fessehatzion, Present, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

QUEER JOY - Daniela Groza - Daniela Groza

©Daniela Groza, Queer Joy, Cluj, ROMANIA

CaitlinC_261022_ 001

©Caitlin Chescoe, Kenneatha & Keziah, Wanstead Flats, London, UK

KaraElisabethWilson_FamilyPortrait-1 - Kara Wilson

© Kara Elisabeth Wilson, Family Portrait, Pilesgrove, NJ

Sara Bennett favorite 2022

©Sara Bennett, Monica on her wedding day, 2-1/2 years after her release from prison where she served 22 years, Rochester, NY @sarabennettbrooklyn

Emma Boittiaux, She Is Here For Them, Provence, France - Emma Boittiaux

©Emma Boittiaux, She Is Here For Them, Provence, France

@Nadine Levin_Feeling Small and Vulnerable, San Mateo California - Nadine Levin

©Nadine Levin, Feeling Vulnerable and Small, San Mateo, CA


©Paula Rae Gibson, Nearest Dearest, London,@paularaegibson_

matzner_paul_Zoey - paul matzner

©Paul Matzner, Zoey, St. Paul, MN


©Nasti Davydova, portrait of comics artist Natalia Temezhnikova aka NorthxCarolina with her dog Rocky, Russia, Moscow

Kellie O'Donnell

©Kellie O’Donnell, Albus, Benson Beach, WA @kellieodphoto


©Richard Bram, Red Umbrella, Pink Monkey, London, 1 November 2022 @photobram52

©Ani Tung, Untitled, Scottsdale, AZ

©Ani Tung, Untitled, Scottsdale, AZ

©Stephen Marc, Untitled, Tempe, AZ

©Stephen Marc, Untitled, Tempe, AZ

Lovell_Undefeated Divas and Gents_22_jpg

© Charles Muir Lovell, Undefeated Divas and Gents Second Line, New Orleans, Louisiana @chaleslovellart

BarbaraColeman - Barbara Coleman

©Barbara Coleman, Red Tulle, At the Pride Parade, Chicago, IL

Danielle_L_Goldstein - Danielle Goldstein

©Danielle L Goldstein, Lonely City, New York, NY

Venice May 2022

©Lori Hillsberg,Venice, Italy May 2022 “Canals” @Raveninnyc

Carl Glassman, Entering the Sixth Floor - Carl Glassman

© Carl Glassman, Entering the Sixth Floor, New York City

Time Traveler

© wasim Hafez, Time traveler, Hamburg Germany @urban.obsessed.963

michael rababy IMG_6585 - Michael Rababy

©michael rababy, sports bet, las vegas, NV

FAVORITE by David Lykes Keenan

©David Lykes Keenan, Subway Moment, New York City @dlk_photography

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