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FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHS of 2012 Exhibition Part 5

Jen Kiaba, Travels, New York, NY
Kristy CarpenterMom and Oprah, Bronson, MI
Michael B WoodBeached #707, Ormond Beach, CA
Sharon KainTwirl, Draper, UT
Lori BellQuiet Vineyard, Paso Robles, CA
My photo related New Years resolution is to shoot what I like to shoot and have fun doing it.
Jacqueline Truong, Napping2, Murrieta, CA
Jamie JohnsonUntitled, Los Angeles, CA
Margrieta Jeltema, Alice, Vermezzo, Italy
Bill Chapman, Ana, Northampton, MA
New Year’s resolution: Be the best you can.
 Hans BrooymansSmall closet in small hotel room (Rome, 2012), Rome, Italy
Mary Beth Meehan, Graham I, Providence, RI
Janet Mesic-Mackie, Sunny with Clouds, Pilot Rock, OR 
Will Moss, The Age of Steam, Grand Haven, MI
Ualani Davis, Ku’u Kupuna, Kaimuki, HI
Diane Cockerill, Praying Mantis, Los Angeles, CA


Brandon Ng, Spitting Caves, Hawaii Kai, Oʻahu, HI
Robert Moran, Rabbit Ears, Bar Harbor, ME 
Stan Banos, One, San Francisco, CA
Dennis Church, Laundromat, Bonita Springs, FL
Zoe Perry-Wood, Superheros, BAGLY Halloween Dance, Boston, MA
Linda MorrowKen & Sophia “Prom Night”, Long Beach, CA
Johannes Vaanderbildt, Ghost Dog, Hamburg, Germany
Jim RobertsonHoly Ghost, Lexington, KY
I resolve to take at least one photo a day in 2013 and blog it as well, my effort to boost creativity and, well, blog stuff. It’s what all the kids are doing, right?
Jenn VerrierUntitled, UT
Consuelo Mendez, ZAMURO/buzzard, Caracas, Venezuela  
I want to keep making photographs and show the work nationally and internationally.
Claire Maxwell, Dinosaur (from the series A Tiger, Three Crows and a Dinosaur), Glasgow, UK
Genice Valentino Wickum, Untitled, Concord, CA
New Year’s Resolution- See more, shoot more, think less!
Stan Raucher, On the Launch from Elephanta Island, Mumbai, India
Janice Tieken, Dead Calm, Ventura, CA
Jacqueline Livingston, Bell with “The Vases” by Amedee Ozenfant, MoMA, New York City, NY
Asia Kepka, Will Lauzenheiser, Boston, MA
John Rich,  Alopecia Diptych #2, Norton, MA
Noelle Swan GilbertLast Round
16 year old high school athlete Drew W., two months before he lost his battle with bone cancer.
Orlando, Florida, Sept. 2012
To sleeve my negatives.
Andrew Benson, Parking, Silver Spring, 2012
Betty Press, Departure, Perugia, Italy 
Estelle Disch, Dunes & Variations, Death Valley, CA
Shoot Every Day.
Malina Chavez, GoogleSky, The Internet, Durham, NC
Keep (google)traveling and (google)snapping
Kendall Messick, Untitled, 3500 Feet Above Ohio
 Yvette Meltzer, Days of Summer, Topsail Island, NC
  To find gratitude in every day of the year just as much as I have enjoyed beach days.
Greg Miller, First-Time Voter, Cuyahoga County, 2012, OH
Mark Krajnak, OliviaAllentown, NJ
Claire Mallett, Can’t Take My Soul, Los Angeles, CA
Deena Feinberg, She Flies, Montreal, Canada
Janet SternburgBIRD, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Jessica Pierotti, Lake Michigan (7), Chicago, IL
J.R. Doty, Black Mountain, San Francisco, CA
Siobhan Keleher, Heart Flip, Denver, CO
Cath Rennie, Dad, Klive Beach, UK
To enjoy every moment, as trite as it sounds, and to never take those we love for granted. 
Denis Roussel, Deconstructed Turnip, Broomfield, CO
Stacie Turner, Fiona 2012, Hancock, ME
Shoot more. Shoot more. Shoot more. And go to Pilates twice a week. 
Ann Mitchell, Meditation, San Francisco, CA
Life is short…act like it!
Francesca Solloway, The Blue Bell Wood, The New Forest National Park, UK

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