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The Favorite Photograph You Took in 2022 Exhibition, Part 5

51-ClaireMaen_BoatTour - Claire Tourmen Perron

@Claire Maen, Boat Tour, San Francisco, CA, @clairemaen2

52-JenBacon - Jen Bacon

©Jen Bacon, Summer, Portland, OR, @jenrbacon

53-Cherille Williams - Cherille Williams

©Cherille Williams, Home Is Calling, Mexican Springs, NM

54-Jean Ross_2022 - Jean Ross

©Jean Ross, Mermaid Parade, Coney Island, NY

55-Venu Tummalapalli - Venu Gopal

© Venu Tummalapalli, Confluence, Hana HI

56-NoTimeToGrieve - Gus Sarkodee - Gus Sarkodee

©Gus Sarkodee, No Time To Grieve, Accra, GH, @g.sarkodee

57-Paula_Salinas_2022 - P Salinas

©Paula Salinas, Untitled, Mission, TX, @novusanima

58-DianaNicholette_Jeon_UntitledfromTheRiver_Oahu_2022 - Diana Nicholette Jeon Fine Art

©Diana Nicholette Jeon, Untitled 1 from The River, Oahu, HI

59-©Renat Mansurov, Wasp, Kazakhstan - Renat Mansurov (3DMart)

©Renat Mansurov, Wasp, Kazakhstan, @mansurovrenat


©Trevor Schmidt, Gathering, Vancouver, BC,

61-CA34DD16-CA8B-424C-B45F-A8AF12466861 - Branden May

©Branden May, you’re late, Atlanta, GA, @bamtog

62-KevinFlynn - Kevin Flynn

©Kevin Flynn, The Curvature of Air, Atlantic Ocean

63-Pesci_Jacob - jacob pesci

©Jacob Pesci, Archer’s hands, Monument, CO

64-Enas Sistani - Enas Sistani

©Enas Sistani, A Prayer, Manama, Bahrain, @solovagabond

65-©Robin Tryloff, Prince Pond, Downers Grove, Illinois - Robin Tryloff

©Robin Tryloff, Prince Pond, Downers Grove, Il

Bear stands under the remnants of a double rainbow on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Bear was given to Paul Nosie Jr by his daughter’s fiancé as part of her traditional Apache wedding ceremony. March 29, 2022.

©Molly Peters, Bear, San Carlos Apache Reservation, AZ, @hazardpeters

67-Jane Fulton Alt_ Monarch fever - Jane Fulton Alt

@Jane Fulton Alt, Monarch Fever, New Orleans, LA, @janefultonalt

68-Javier_Piñero - Javier Piñero

©Javier Piñero, End of Day, New York, NY

69-Bonnie Jean Balkowitsch - Winged Victory Of Samothrace 9-17-2022 #4399 (Low Resolution) - Shane Balkowitsch

©Shane Balkowitsch, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Portrait of my Wife, Bismarck, ND

70-YevhenVorozheikin - Євген Ворожейкін

©Yevhen Vorozheikin, Just Friends, Kyiv, Ukraine, @simulo_ergo_sum

71-©dennis keeley, found, Mojave Desert, CA - Dennis Keeley

©Dennis Keeley, found, Mojave Desert, CA

72-Margaret_Fox - Margaret Fox

©Margaret Fox, May your new year be filled with joy and wonder, Sleepy Hollow, NY

73-Todd_Stern - Todd Stern

©Todd Stern, Proprietor, Chiapas, MX, @toddstern

74-Heather Allison - COPIA - Heather Allison

©Heather Allison, Copia, Santa Cruz, CA

75-inbound1878023623635896207 - Stacey Herron

©Stacey Herron, Untitled, Jackson, WY

76-TracyGitnick_SurfSky - Tracy Gitnick Herriott

@Tracy Gitnick, Surf Sky, Santa Monica, CA, @californiainmyeyes

77-Oana M Bakovic_Major Tom_'Desert Days'_Mrv23_East Sussex 2022 - Mrvitze Bakovic

@Oana M Baković, Robertsbridge, East Sussex, UK

78-Rachel_Nixon Room With A View - Rachel Nixon

©Rachel Nixon, Room with a View, Bordeaux, France, @rachelnixon

79-SydneyCohn_waiting - Sydney Cohn

©Sydney J. Cohn, Waiting, Providence, RI

picture of one of my best friends in a field on a hiking trail near his home.

©Alex Ransom, fields, Hendersonville, TN, @alexransom.photographs

81-DSC07507 - Emily Inaba

©Emily Inaba, William, Barstow, CA, @emilyinaba

82-GwynethDowdeeFavPhoto - Gwyneth Dowdee

©Gwyneth Dowdee, Comfort, Hawthorne, CA, @gwynkaii

83-david_kalb_the red door - David Kalb

©David Kalb, The Red Door, Whidbey Island, WA

A Civil War cemetery is seen in contrast to a destroyed Cotton Mill in the American South.

©John Sanderson, Cemetery and Ruins, Rowan County, North Carolina


85-BaileyDold - Bailey Dold

©Bailey Dold, Spending A Lot Of Time In Parking Garages, Wichita Falls, TX

86-The lonely rider - Stojan Saveski

©Stojan Saveski, The lonely rider, Ohrid, Macedonia

87-Eva_Berler - Eva Berler

©Eva Berler, Light, Athens, Greece,

88-Mehrdad_Mosaferi - mehrdad mosaferi

© Mehrdad Mosaferi, we won’t make it to the celebration, Bandarabbas, Iran, @mehrdadmosaferii

89-Daura_Campos - Daura Campos

© Daura Campos, (III) Once Upon a Pink Moon, Belo Horizonte, Brasil

90-kumi_oguro - Kumi Oguro

© Kumi Oguro, Swing, Brussels

91-jeannecarey-brownsislanddawn-Marbleheadma - jeanne Carey

©Jeanne Carey, Brown’s Island Dawn, Marbleheadma.jpg, @carey.jeanne

This was in the 2022 Dec Exhibit

© John Edwin May, Ringside Photographer, Rocky Top, TN

93-Isaac Garner, Locked - Isaac Garner

©Isaac Garner, Locked, London, England, @izicaraus_art

94-Emily Ann Guerra_Shes Kinda Busted but She Works - Emily Guerra

©Emily Ann Guerra, She’s Kinda Busted but She Works, Mission, TX

95-Ino Tanner - Ino

©Ino Tanner, untitled, Brooklyn, NY, @hiimino

96-dennis_stein_trees 1 - Dennis Stein

©Dennis Stein, Trees 1, West Roxbury, MA

97-PabloFanque - Leonid Schitov

©Pablo Fanque, Atenism, Yaroslavl, East European Plain

99=ConnorYoung - Connor Young

© Connor Young, Madonna and Child, Chicago, IL

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