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Daniel Wheeler

Daniel Wheeler is a multi-faceted artist: sculptor, photographer, set designer, performance artist, fine artist, avid collector, writer, and really cool website owner. Mr. Renaissance Man has a series of over 50 large scale images in his series titled, GULP (Generative Urban Landscape Project).

“A gulp of water, a gulp of air, a gulp of reality…

In this photographic project, the ubiquitous Southern California pool becomes a medium through which the surrounding landscape is interpreted. The peculiar garden that is urban Southern California would not exist without water. Here it is viewed through that chlorinated lens. Descending into water, my movement, and the exhalation of my breath, causes distortion of the surface. Pictures are made looking upward. The water is clear, but distorts; the landscape can be intuited but the perspective is indeterminate. The resulting cognitive dissonance forces viewers to sense, rather than read, the images. Verisimilitude has never been my goal: instead it is to provide a sensual springboard for interpretation. My work has addressed issues of self, place, and memory through an appeal to the viewer’s body, using sculptural forms and architecture to do so. This new project takes me back to photography, which was my first love as an artist.”

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