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Brooks Jensen

continuing to look at people who are editors, gallerists, curators, etc. who also create their own work….

One will not find a more prolific writer, fine art photographer, photo enthusiast, reviewer, speaker, collector, podcast creator, workshop and e-seminar leader, and editor/ owner/ publisher (along with his wife, Maureen Gallagher) of the black and white bible, Lenswork Magazine, than in Brooks Jensen. Visiting his various sites is like going down a photographic rabbit hole where he offers up a whole host of recipes for making work and finding meaning as a photographer. He currently has 484 free podcasts on the subject of photography available on his site. Brooks is also the author of Letting Go of the Camera: Essays on Photography and the Creative Life and Single Exposures: Random Observations on Art, Photography and Creativity.

Brooks has also found the time to work on the second incarnation of a project titled The New 100 Prints Project, where he makes a new photograph every third day, for a year.
“In 1986, I committed myself to a photography project I called The One Hundred Prints Project. It was, in essence, a motivational construct. I was embarrassed about not having any finished prints to show people when they asked to see my photographs. Being known as “a photographer,” it was too revealing to have nothing to show them. This (current) project —The New 100 Prints Project — was inspired by the first one. Again, it is a bit of a motivational construct. By committing myself to post a new image every third day for a year, I hope to push myself to create 100 new images. “Artistic discipline” is a bit of an oxymoron, but being an artist and not producing work is just plain moronic.”

Images from 100 Prints Project, not in order of capture

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